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Average Cost of Vision Insurance


In this article, we look at the average cost of vision insurance. Purchasing vision insurance could make it cheaper to deal with problems related to the eyes. In exchange for a monthly premium, eye insurance plans will typically lower the cost of doctor visits, eye glasses, and contacts. To find out the cost of game consoles, computers, and other items and experiences, check out our other articles!

Average Cost Of Vision Insurance By State

VSP Vision Care is the largest vision insurance provider in the U.S. Their estimated plan cost is for the most part standard across the United States. We show the average cost below. This plan calls for a $15 copay on eye exams, $24 copay on RX glasses, and no copay on contacts. You are entitled to these every 12 months, except frames for glasses are every 24 months. 

StateSingleSingle + One PersonFamily
New York$14.51$24.60$37.74
California $14.51$24.60$37.74
New Jersey$14.51$24.60$37.74
North Carolina$14.51$24.60$37.74
South Carolina$14.51$24.60$37.74

What Is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is bought as a monthly premium. In exchange for this premium, the insurance company will subsidize the cost of the doctor visit and the accompanying items such as glasses and contact lenses. Vision insurance is often included as part of an employer’s benefits. The premium is either paid every month or often automatically removed from an employee’s paycheck. It is also possible and encouraged for self employed or hourly rate workers to purchase vision insurance for themselves. 

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What Is Covered Under Vision Insurance?

The largest cost saver is the subsidizing of eye appointments. While younger people may feel that eye exams are unimportant, having regular eye exams are a good way of catching potential problems early. These earlier checkups could save people massively in long term surgeries and improve the quality of life by catching potential disease before it deteriorates heavily. In addition to these check-ups, vision insurance will help pay for the cost of any eye glasses or contact lenses that may be prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the insurance will determine if it can be used for both reading and everyday glasses or whether there may be any restrictions. 

Average Cost Of An Eye Exam Without Glasses

Without vision insurance, the out of pocket cost for an eye exam is typically about $175-$200. This figure could also increase if any special procedures must be done over the course of the visit. As for eyeglasses, our cost bot found that the average cost of glasses to be about $20. Contact lenses were found to be similarly priced. 

Is Vision Insurance Worth It?

For those that are older or may need to go to the doctor more often due to vision problems, it will likely be cheaper in the long run to purchase vision insurance. This is because it will prevent large, unexpected costs from accumulating. For younger people who do not wear glasses, it could be cheaper to eschew purchasing vision insurance and instead pay the doctors visit. However, this is risky as one would need to be confident they will not face any ey complications to make it cheaper.


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