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We leverage technology to crawl the web and find the best prices on a variety of products and services. Our analysts crunch the numbers to figure out what you should be paying, and help you avoid getting ripped off.
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Average Cost of Umbrella Insurance

One of the most helpful yet poorly understood types of insurance. While umbrella insurance may seem as though it is simply extra personal liability insurance,…
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Average Cost of General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance–sometimes called commercial general liability insurance–is a type of business insurance that provides protection against legal liabilities to the company or individual that…
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Best Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation or workman’s comp is one of the most integral forms of business insurance in the U.S. Workers Comp is a way for both…

Average Cost of a Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA have been used by pet shops since the1980s, but have gained mainstream popularity in recent days. Dog DNA tests allow you to get…
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Average Cost of E&O Insurance

Despite all the obvious upsides to owning your own business, there are also some significant risks as well. Hiccups are often part of the process.…