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Average Cost of a Chainsaw


Like all home and garden products, when it comes to chainsaws you have several brands to choose from of varying quality. Before you begin to shop for a chainsaw however  you will want to keep an average price in mind to avoid overpaying or underpaying for a low quality product. In this guide we walk you through the average cost of a chainsaw.

How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost?: $216.20

The Cost Guys’ Bot found the cost of a chainsaw to be $216.20. The biggest factor when it comes to the price of a chainsaw is its length, power and its power source. Cheaper saws, $80 to $200, are generally 10 to 14 inches and meant for lawn jobs and light hedge trimming. High end chainsaws will cost about $400 to $600 and should only be purchased for those intending to chop down large trees or use the saws for extended periods of time. You can find mid-range saws as well from $200 to $400 for activities like cutting lots of firewood. The majority of shoppers should be able to find a high quality chainsaw to satisfy their needs in the $100 to $200 range.

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Average Cost by Brand:

The biggest brands when it comes to chainsaws are Black and Decker, Dewalt, Husqvarna and Stihl. Lesser brands are Greenworks and Remington. Husqvarna and Stihl brand chainsaws are the more expensive kind, usually running at from $300 to $600. You cannot doubt their quality however, frequently featuring on “best chainsaws” roundups. For shoppers looking for a chainsaw to just do a little work around your yard, the Dewalt and Black and Decker chainsaws are probably your best bet. Black and Decker chainsaws usually go for $80 to $150 depending on the length of the saw.

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Average Cost by Size of Chainsaw

The cost of the chainsaw depends on its size. 10 inch chainsaws (generally the smallest) have an average price of $97.90. On the other side of the spectrum are 20 inch chainsaws which have an average price of $206.90. To decide which size you need comes down to being honest about what type of cutting you’re planning on doing. If you’re just doing some modest lawn modifications then go for a 14 inch or under chainsaw. If you’re planning on cutting down some big trees, then you will need at least a 16 inch saw.

Chainsaw Size Average Cost  Where to Purchase
10 Inch $98
12 Inch $145  
16 Inch $163  
20 Inch $207  

Average Cost by Power Source

You have two options for chainsaws – electric or gas. Gas chainsaws have an average price point of $214 compared to just $81 for electric ones. Husqvarna, Stihl, Black and Decker and Dewalt make gas chainsaws while the best brand for electric will be Worx. Again, this all comes down to what you need. Electric chainsaws are good for quick, lawn keeping jobs. If you’re planning more extensive projects, then you should really go with a gas chainsaw. We would recommend an electric chainsaw if you’ve never had a chainsaw before and have little experience with gas operated machinery. An electric chainsaw will save you the hassle of starting gas powered chainsaws and mixing oil and gas. The ease plus the price make it an attractive option.                           

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Cost of Chainsaw Accessories

If you decide to buy a chainsaw, you will likely also need to shell out for some accessories at some point  in order to maintain your machine. One of the most common accessories are replacement chains. After several uses your chain will being to wear and potentially break. Luckily replacement chains are fairly cheap relative to the price of the chainsaw itself. You can buy replacements for $10 to $20.

Another accessory chainsaw owners buy often are sharpeners for the saw blades. Like how the chains will wear and tear, the blades themselves will also dull. Having a high quality chainsaw sharpener will ensure you get the most use out of your machine over several years. Sharpeners are a bit more expensive than replacement chains, however, they are still relatively cheap compared to the chainsaw itself. Sharpeners are generally $40 to $50.

Our Favorite Chainsaws: 

Our research came across a handful of really great chainsaws. These five chainsaws are the ones we’d recommend if you’re looking to add a chainsaw to your home tool set. 

Husqvarna 460
WORX WG304.1
Greenworks 16-Inch 40V
Stihl MS 261 C-M View on Home Depot


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