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The Cost to Live Next to Every NYC Subway Station


In NYC one of the most sought after places to live is next to a subway station. Despite the all too common delay, the subway still remains the fastest and most efficient way of getting around Manhattan. As a result, living next to the most prime subway stations – those with lots of trains and transfers – usually comes at quite the price. We decided to take a look at the cheapest and most expensive subway stations in New York City.

The Ten Most Expensive Subways to Live Near

Looking at Zillow Zestimate Rental data on the zipcode level we found the following were the most expensive subway stations to leave near.

This infographic compares the most expensive subway stations to live near in NYC

If you are from New York, it won’t be totally surprising to find out the most expensive subways are the ones in lower Manhattan. What may surprise New Yorkers is which stations rank above the others. Apartments around the handful of stations located within a few blocks of each other around Wall Street and World Trade have average monthly rents of nearly $7k. Most other stations with the exception of those in nearby Tribeca, are nearly 50% less expensive. The rest of the top 10 most expensive stations are located in a mix of areas – mostly the Upper West Side and the East Village. The two main subways of the West Village also rank highly on the list. Notably, there are no Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx subway stations on the list.

Most Affordable Subway Stations to Live Near

On the other side of things, rather than look at the stations where rent is cheapest, we want to look at places where rent is cheapest relative to the median income of the same area. Areas in the city where income is large relative to rental cost will have the most affordable places to live near a subway.

Stations Median Rental Price Median Income % of Income
Fourth Avenue & Ninth Street (F,G),Seventh Avenue & Ninth Street (F,G),15th Street near Prospect Park West (F,G),Prospect Avenue & Fourth Avenue (D,N,R,W) $2,715 $108,178 30.12%
West 242nd Street & Broadway (1) $2,123 $81,594 31.22%
Bergen Street (F,G),Court Street (E,M,7,G),Clark Street (2,3),DeKalb Avenue (B),High Street (A,C),Hoyt Street & Fulton Street (A,C),Hoyt Schermerhorn (A,C,G),Jay Street – Metro Tech (A,C,F),York Street (F) $3,031 $109,472 33.22%
Beach 98th Street (A,S),Beach 105th Street (A,S),Beach 116th Street (A,S),Flushing – Main Street (7) $2,241 $79,145 33.98%
Wall Street (4,5) $3,567 $125,364 34.14%
WTC Cortlandt (1),Chambers Street (A,C),Fulton Street (A,C),City Hall (N,R,W),Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall (6,J) $6,861 $234,958 35.04%
77th Street (6) $3,401 $114,881 35.53%
86th Street (6),86th Street (Q) $3,344 $111,302 36.05%
67th Avenue (E,M,R),75th Avenue (E,F),Forest Hills – 71st Avenue (E,M,F,R) $2,195 $72,982 36.09%
Wall Street (1,2,3),Broad Street (J,Z) $3,947 $130,116 36.40%

How Every Subway Station Ranks in NYC

We rank every subway station in NYC (beside a handful where no data existed) to create the ultimate list of the most expensive subway stations to live near. There are over 350 subway stations scattered throughout the 302 sq miles that is NYC. Comb through our ranking to see where your subway station sits.

RankStationMedian Rental CostMedian IncomeAffordability Margin
1WTC Cortlandt$6,861$234,95835.04%
1Chambers Street–World Trade Center/Park Place/Cortlandt Street (New York
City Subway)
1Fulton Street$6,861$234,95835.04%
1City Hall$6,861$234,95835.04%
1Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall/Chambers Street$6,861$234,95835.04%
6Spring Street$6,440$104,16774.19%
6Franklin Street$6,440$104,16774.19%
6Chambers Street$6,440$104,16774.19%
6Canal Street$6,440$104,16774.19%
10Spring Street$4,497$101,81553.00%
10Prince Street$4,497$101,81553.00%
10Broadway–Lafayette Street/Bleecker Street$4,497$101,81553.00%
10Broadway–Lafayette Street/Bleecker Street$4,497$101,81553.00%
14West Fourth Street–Washington Square$4,420$119,02644.56%
14Houston Street$4,420$119,02644.56%
14Christopher Street–Sheridan Square
1714th Street/Sixth Avenue$4,336$114,13445.59%
1714th Street/Eighth Avenue$4,336$114,13445.59%
1723rd Street$4,336$114,13445.59%
1718th Street$4,336$114,13445.59%
2186th Street$4,208$118,59442.58%
2181st Street–Museum of Natural History$4,208$118,59442.58%
2179th Street$4,208$118,59442.58%
21Lexington Avenue–63rd Street$4,208$118,31042.68%
25South Ferry/Whitehall Street$4,201$123,05640.97%
25Bowling Green$4,201$123,05640.97%
2714th Street–Union Square$4,153$100,79149.44%
27Third Avenue$4,153$100,79149.44%
27First Avenue$4,153$100,79149.44%
27Eighth Street–New York University$4,153$100,79149.44%
27Astor Place$4,153$100,79149.44%
32Fifth Avenue–59th Street$3,982$115,08041.52%
3272nd Street$3,982$115,08041.52%
3266th Street–Lincoln Center$3,982$115,08041.52%
3259th Street–Columbus Circle$3,982$115,08041.52%
36Lexington Avenue/51st Street$3,961$123,69338.43%
36Lexington Avenue/59th Street$3,961$123,69338.43%
38Wall Street$3,947$130,11636.40%
38Broad Street$3,947$130,11636.40%
4034th Street–Penn Station$3,929$85,16855.36%
4034th Street–Hudson Yards$3,929$85,16855.36%
4034th Street–Herald Square$3,929$85,16855.36%
4028th Street$3,929$85,16855.36%
4423rd Street$3,907$110,14242.57%
45Seventh Avenue$3,885$94,47749.35%
45Fifth Avenue/53rd Street$3,885$94,47749.35%
4557th Street–Seventh Avenue$3,885$94,47749.35%
4557th Street$3,885$94,47749.35%
4550th Street$3,885$94,47749.35%
4549th Street$3,885$94,47749.35%
51Second Avenue$3,764$35,594126.90%
51Grand Street$3,764$35,594126.90%
51Delancey Street/Essex Street$3,764$35,594126.90%
51East Broadway$3,764$35,594126.90%
5633rd Street$3,739$102,70343.69%
5628th Street$3,739$102,70343.69%
58Times Square–42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal
5842nd Street–Bryant Park/Fifth Avenue$3,694$83,81252.89%
6072nd Street$3,672$115,68138.09%
6068th Street–Hunter College$3,672$115,68138.09%
62Cathedral Parkway–110th Street
6296th Street$3,592$80,02553.86%
62103rd Street$3,592$80,02553.86%
65Grand Central–42nd Street$3,570$106,79540.11%
66Wall Street$3,567$125,36434.14%
6777th Street$3,401$114,88135.53%
6886th Street$3,344$111,30236.05%
69Central Park North–110th Street$3,336$52,08276.86%
69Cathedral Parkway–110th Street$3,336$52,08276.86%
69116th Street$3,336$52,08276.86%
7296th Street$3,310$103,81738.26%
73Roosevelt Island$3,303$86,48345.83%
74125th Street$3,137$42,75488.05%
74116th Street–Columbia University
76Carroll Street & Smith Street$3,056$84,22343.54%
76Smith Street & Ninth Street$3,056$84,22343.54%
78Bergen Street & Smith Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78Court Street between Joralemon Street & Montague Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78Clark Street & Henry Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78DeKalb Avenue & Flatbush Avenue$3,031$109,47233.22%
78High Street & Cadman Plaza East$3,031$109,47233.22%
78Hoyt Street & Fulton Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78Hoyt Street & Schermerhorn Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78Jay Street, Lawrence Street & Willoughby Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
78York Street & Jay Street$3,031$109,47233.22%
87Seventh Avenue, Park Place & Flatbush Avenue$2,894$94,97036.57%
87Bergen Street & Flatbush Avenue$2,894$94,97036.57%
87Fulton Street & Lafayette Avenue$2,894$94,97036.57%
87South Portland Avenue & Fulton Street$2,894$94,97036.57%
87Nevins Street & Flatbush Avenue$2,894$94,97036.57%
87Union Street &$2,894$94,97036.57%
9396th Street$2,886$32,500106.56%
93110th Street$2,886$32,500106.56%
93103rd Street$2,886$32,500106.56%
96145th Street$2,864$41,84882.13%
96137th Street–City College$2,864$41,84882.13%
98Classon Avenue & Lafayette Avenue$2,838$47,43771.79%
98Lafayette Avenue between Clinton Avenue & Washington Avenue$2,838$47,43771.79%
100Bedford Avenue & North Seventh Street$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Graham Avenue & Metropolitan Avenue$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Grand Street & Bushwick Avenue$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Halsey Street & Broadway$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Hewes Street & Broadway$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Metropolitan Avenue between Lorimer Street & Union Avenue$2,824$59,19057.25%
100Marcy Avenue & Broadway$2,824$59,19057.25%
107125th Street$2,790$26,893124.49%
107116th Street$2,790$26,893124.49%
109Fulton Street between Clinton Avenue & Washington Avenue$2,727$75,75743.20%
109Washington Avenue & Eastern Parkway$2,727$75,75743.20%
109Plaza Street West, St. Johns Place, & Flatbush Avenue$2,727$75,75743.20%
109Park Place & Franklin Avenue$2,727$75,75743.20%
109Empire Boulevard & Flatbush Avenue$2,727$75,75743.20%
114Fourth Avenue & Ninth Street$2,715$108,17830.12%
114Seventh Avenue & Ninth Street$2,715$108,17830.12%
11415th Street near Prospect Park West$2,715$108,17830.12%
114Prospect Avenue & Fourth Avenue$2,715$108,17830.12%
118145th Street$2,711$33,72096.48%
118135th Street$2,711$33,72096.48%
120Greenpoint Avenue & Manhattan Avenue$2,706$73,39144.25%
120Nassau Avenue & Manhattan Avenue$2,706$73,39144.25%
12221st Street & 41st Avenue$2,694$51,96462.21%
12236th Street & Northern Boulevard$2,694$51,96462.21%
12239th Avenue & 31st Street$2,694$51,96462.21%
122Court Square–23rd Street$2,694$51,96462.21%
122Court Square–23rd Street$2,694$51,96462.21%
12249th Avenue &$2,694$51,96462.21%
122Queens Plaza$2,694$51,96462.21%
12227th Street & Queens Plaza$2,694$51,96462.21%
12250th Avenue between Vernon Boulevard & Jackson Avenue$2,694$51,96462.21%
131168th Street$2,612$40,05478.25%
131163rd Street–Amsterdam Avenue$2,612$40,05478.25%
131157th Street$2,612$40,05478.25%
131155th Street$2,612$40,05478.25%
135Harlem–148th Street$2,583$32,25796.09%
135155th Street$2,583$32,25796.09%
137Broadway & Union Avenue$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Flushing Avenue & Union Avenue$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Flushing Avenue & Broadway$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Lorimer Street & Broadway$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Montrose Avenue & Bushwick Avenue$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Myrtle Avenue & Broadway$2,579$31,54998.10%
137Myrtle Avenue$2,579$31,54998.10%
144181st Street$2,505$46,34964.86%
144175th Street$2,505$46,34964.86%
146Lafayette Avenue between Nostrand Avenue & Bedford Avenue$2,497$52,23957.36%
146Franklin Avenue & Fulton Street$2,497$52,23957.36%
146Fulton Street between Kingston Avenue & Throop Avenue$2,497$52,23957.36%
146Nostrand Avenue & Eastern Parkway$2,497$52,23957.36%
146Nostrand Avenue & Fulton Street$2,497$52,23957.36%
151Cedar Street & Myrtle Avenue$2,463$43,36168.16%
151Gates Avenue & Broadway$2,463$43,36168.16%
151Kosciuszko Street & Broadway$2,463$43,36168.16%
154DeKalb Avenue & Wyckoff Avenue$2,447$46,35163.35%
154Halsey Street & Wyckoff Avenue$2,447$46,35163.35%
154Jefferson Street & Wyckoff Avenue$2,447$46,35163.35%
154Knickerbocker Avenue & Myrtle Avenue$2,447$46,35163.35%
154Morgan Avenue & Harrison Place$2,447$46,35163.35%
154Myrtle Avenue & Wyckoff Avenue$2,447$46,35163.35%
160Utica Avenue$2,381$37,55676.08%
160Kingston Avenue & Eastern Parkway$2,381$37,55676.08%
162Franklin Avenue & Eastern Parkway$2,355$48,59758.15%
162Parkside Avenue & Ocean Avenue$2,355$48,59758.15%
162President Street & Nostrand Avenue$2,355$48,59758.15%
162Sterling Street & Nostrand Avenue$2,355$48,59758.15%
162Winthrop Street & Nostrand Avenue$2,355$48,59758.15%
167191st Street$2,341$45,81161.32%
167190th Street$2,341$45,81161.32%
169Van Sinderen Avenue & Fulton Street$2,338$35,68678.62%
169Ralph Avenue & Fulton Street$2,338$35,68678.62%
169Rockaway Avenue & Fulton Street$2,338$35,68678.62%
169Utica Avenue & Fulton Street$2,338$35,68678.62%
1736728 Metropolitan Avenue$2,294$75,32036.55%
174169th Street &$2,291$52,27752.59%
174179th Street &$2,291$52,27752.59%
174Parsons Boulevard &$2,291$52,27752.59%
177Flatbush Avenue & Nostrand Avenue$2,278$59,52045.93%
178Inwood–207th Street$2,277$45,64359.86%
178Dyckman Street$2,277$45,64359.86%
178215th Street$2,277$45,64359.86%
178207th Street$2,277$45,64359.86%
182Parsons Boulevard & Archer Avenue$2,269$45,82059.42%
18377th Street &$2,266$65,18141.72%
18386th Street &$2,266$65,18141.72%
18395th Street & Fourth Avenue$2,266$65,18141.72%
18618th Avenue &$2,265$60,82144.69%
186Church Avenue &$2,265$60,82144.69%
186Ditmas Avenue &$2,265$60,82144.69%
186Fort Hamilton Parkway & Prospect Avenue$2,265$60,82144.69%
190Ninth Avenue & 39th Street$2,264$47,78556.85%
19025th Street & Fourth Avenue$2,264$47,78556.85%
19036th Street & Fourth Avenue$2,264$47,78556.85%
1931243 Surf Avenue$2,261$31,37186.49%
193Neptune Avenue & West Sixth Street$2,261$31,37186.49%
193West 8th Street near Surf Avenue$2,261$31,37186.49%
196Alabama Avenue & Fulton Street$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Atlantic Avenue & Snediker Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Bushwick Avenue & Aberdeen Street$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Chauncey Street & Broadway$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Liberty Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Livonia Avenue & Van Sinderen Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196New Lots Avenue & Van Sinderen Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Pennsylvania Avenue & Livonia Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Sutter Avenue & Van Sinderen Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Van Siclen Avenue & Pitkin Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Van Siclen Avenue & Fulton Street$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Van Siclen Avenue & Livonia Avenue$2,258$35,84975.58%
196Wilson Avenue & Moffat Street$2,258$35,84975.58%
20936th Avenue & 31st Street$2,256$56,44247.96%
209Broadway & 31st Street$2,256$56,44247.96%
211Beach 25th Street & Rockaway Freeway$2,254$41,19065.67%
211Beach 36th Street & Rockaway Freeway$2,254$41,19065.67%
211Beach 44th Street & Rockaway Freeway$2,254$41,19065.67%
211Mott Avenue & Beach 22nd Street$2,254$41,19065.67%
21550th Street & New Utrecht Avenue$2,253$36,57373.92%
21555th Street & New Utrecht Avenue$2,253$36,57373.92%
215New Utrecht Avenue & 62nd Street$2,253$36,57373.92%
215Fort Hamilton Parkway & 62nd Street$2,253$36,57373.92%
215Fort Hamilton Parkway & New Utrecht Avenue$2,253$36,57373.92%
220Main Street$2,248$43,66061.79%
221near 11000$2,247$61,48443.86%
22230th Avenue & 31st Street$2,244$56,67447.51%
222Astoria Boulevard$2,244$56,67447.51%
224Eighth Avenue & 62nd Street$2,242$40,57666.31%
22445th Street &$2,242$40,57666.31%
22453rd Street &$2,242$40,57666.31%
22459th Street &$2,242$40,57666.31%
224Bay Ridge Avenue &$2,242$40,57666.31%
229Beach 98th Street &$2,241$79,14533.98%
229Beach 105th Street &$2,241$79,14533.98%
229Beach 116th Street between$2,241$79,14533.98%
229Main Street$2,241$79,14533.98%
233159th Avenue & 103rd Street$2,239$70,49038.12%
23371st Street & New Utrecht Avenue$2,239$63,64142.22%
233Beach 60th Street &$2,239$42,33363.47%
233Beach 67th Street &$2,239$42,33363.47%
237111th Street & Liberty Avenue$2,237$62,01443.29%
237Lefferts Boulevard &$2,237$62,01443.29%
239Junius Street & Livonia Avenue$2,234$28,49594.08%
239Rockaway Avenue & Livonia Avenue$2,234$28,49594.08%
239Saratoga Avenue & Livonia Avenue$2,234$28,49594.08%
239Sutter Avenue / Rutland Road & East 98th Street$2,234$28,49594.08%
243Rockaway Parkway & Glenwood Road$2,231$60,88543.97%
243East 105th Street & Farragut Road$2,231$60,88543.97%
245Cleveland Street & Fulton Street$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Crescent Street & Fulton Street$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Hemlock Street & Jamaica Avenue$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Euclid Avenue & Pitkin Avenue$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Grant Avenue & Pitkin Avenue$2,228$37,64071.03%
245New Lots Avenue & Livonia Avenue$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Norwood Avenue & Fulton Street$2,228$37,64071.03%
245Shepherd Avenue & Pitkin Avenue$2,228$37,64071.03%
253Sutphin Boulevard & Archer Avenue$2,225$55,26848.31%
25423rd Avenue, Ditmars Boulevard and 31st Street$2,224$62,84142.47%
255Forest Avenue & Putnam Avenue$2,223$60,52644.07%
255Fresh Pond Road opposite 67th Avenue$2,223$60,52644.07%
255Seneca Avenue & Palmetto Street$2,223$60,52644.07%
255Avenue U$2,223$55,18748.34%
255Kings Highway & East 16th Street$2,223$55,18748.34%
255Gravesend Neck Road & East 16th Street$2,223$55,18748.34%
26180th Street & Liberty Avenue$2,222$66,97839.81%
26188th Street & Liberty Avenue$2,222$66,97839.81%
261104th Street & Liberty Avenue$2,222$66,97839.81%
261North Conduit Avenue$2,222$66,97839.81%
261Rockaway Boulevard & Liberty Avenue$2,222$66,97839.81%
261103rd Street & Roosevelt Avenue$2,222$45,98057.99%
261111th Street &$2,222$45,98057.99%
261Junction Boulevard$2,222$45,98057.99%
261near 126th Street &$2,222$45,98057.99%
27052nd Street & Roosevelt Avenue$2,218$51,67551.51%
27065th Street & Broadway$2,218$51,67551.51%
27069th Street & Roosevelt Avenue$2,218$51,67551.51%
270Northern Boulevard & Broadway$2,218$51,67551.51%
27061st Street & Roosevelt Avenue$2,218$51,67551.51%
276Beach 90th Street &$2,214$53,82949.36%
276Noel Road & West Road$2,214$53,82949.36%
27846th Street & Broadway$2,213$62,77542.30%
278Steinway Street & Broadway$2,213$62,77542.30%
27890th Street, Elmhurst Avenue & Roosevelt Avenue$2,213$45,67758.14%
278Elmhurst Avenue, 45th Avenue, & Broadway$2,213$45,67758.14%
278Grand Avenue, Broadway & Queens Boulevard$2,213$45,67758.14%
278Woodhaven Boulevard$2,213$45,67758.14%
284Avenue H & East 16th Street$2,212$43,34461.24%
284Avenue I &$2,212$43,34461.24%
284Avenue J & East 16th Street$2,212$43,34461.24%
284Avenue M & East 16th Street$2,212$43,34461.24%
284Avenue N &$2,212$43,34461.24%
284Bay Parkway$2,212$43,34461.24%
290104th Street &$2,209$63,07942.02%
290111th Street &$2,209$63,07942.02%
290121st Street &$2,209$63,07942.02%
290West side of$2,209$63,07942.02%
29475th Street & Jamaica Avenue$2,207$64,54441.03%
29485th Street & Jamaica Avenue$2,207$64,54441.03%
294Woodhaven Boulevard &$2,207$64,54441.03%
297Beverly Road & East 16th Street$2,199$45,03158.60%
297Beverley Road & Nostrand Avenue$2,199$45,03158.60%
297Church Avenue & East 18th Street$2,199$45,03158.60%
297Church Avenue & Nostrand Avenue$2,199$45,03158.60%
297Cortelyou Road & East 16th Street$2,199$45,03158.60%
297Newkirk Avenue & East 16th Street$2,199$45,03158.60%
30367th Avenue &$2,195$72,98236.09%
30375th Avenue &$2,195$72,98236.09%
30371st Avenue &$2,195$72,98236.09%
30618th Avenue & 64th Street$2,188$47,13555.70%
30620th Avenue & 64th Street$2,188$47,13555.70%
308Brighton Sixth Street & Brighton Beach Avenue$2,187$45,57857.58%
308Ocean Parkway & Brighton Beach Avenue$2,187$45,57857.58%
308Sheepshead Bay Road & East 16th Street$2,187$45,57857.58%
31140th Street & Queens Boulevard$2,184$57,15545.85%
31146th Street & Queens Boulevard$2,184$57,15545.85%
313Roosevelt Avenue, 74th Street & Broadway$2,174$52,79249.42%
31382nd Street & Roosevelt Avenue$2,174$52,79249.42%
31586th Street & West Seventh Street$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Avenue P & McDonald Avenue$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Avenue U &$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Avenue U & West Seventh Street$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Avenue X &$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Bay 50th Street & Stillwell Avenue$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Bay Parkway & West Seventh Street$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Kings Highway$2,168$44,64758.27%
315Kings Highway & West Seventh Street$2,168$44,64758.27%
32418th Avenue & New Utrecht Avenue$2,163$52,11949.80%
32420th Avenue & 86th Street$2,163$52,11949.80%
32425th Avenue & 86th Street$2,163$52,11949.80%
32479th Street & New Utrecht Avenue$2,163$52,11949.80%
324Bay Parkway & 86th Street$2,163$52,11949.80%
329Union Turnpike$2,145$64,05540.18%
330West 242nd Street & Broadway$2,123$81,59431.22%
331East 167th Street & Grand Concourse$2,065$25,86895.79%
332Freeman Street & Southern Boulevard$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Hunts Point Avenue & Southern Boulevard$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Intervale Avenue & Westchester Avenue$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Longwood Avenue & Southern Boulevard$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Prospect & Westchester Avenues$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Simpson Street & Westchester Avenue$2,013$24,80597.38%
332Whitlock Avenue & Westchester Avenue$2,013$24,80597.38%
339Wakefield–241st Street$1,990$58,83940.59%
340Grand Concourse between East 174th Street & East 175th Street$1,980$25,96791.50%
341Middletown Road & Westchester Avenue$1,959$55,33242.49%
341Bruckner Boulevard$1,959$55,33242.49%
341East Tremont Avenue & Westchester Avenue$1,959$55,33242.49%
341Zerega Avenue & Westchester Avenue$1,959$55,33242.49%
345Marble Hill–225th Street$1,958$56,56841.54%
345East 138th Street & Grand Concourse$1,958$26,41988.94%
345149th Street–Grand Concourse$1,958$26,41988.94%
345East 161st Street & River Avenue$1,958$26,41988.94%
349Dyre Avenue & East 233rd Street$1,955$44,35452.89%
349Nereid Avenue & White Plains Road$1,955$44,35452.89%
351East Gun Hill Road & Seymour Avenue$1,938$57,12440.71%
351Pelham Parkway, Williamsbridge Road & Esplanade$1,938$57,12440.71%
353East Gun Hill Road & White Plains Road$1,890$34,96464.87%
353Mosholu Parkway & Jerome Avenue$1,890$34,96464.87%
353East 205th Street & Perry Avenue$1,890$34,96464.87%
353Pelham Parkway$1,890$34,96464.87%
353Bainbridge Avenue & Jerome Avenue$1,890$34,96464.87%
353East 219th Street & White Plains Road$1,890$34,96464.87%
359Paulding Avenue & Esplanade$1,769$48,31543.94%
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