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Average Cost of a Rowing Machine


A rowing machine is a great part of any home gym set up. Both a cardio and muscle workout, the low impact nature of the machine makes it ideal for those with bad knees or hips. In this guide we run through the average cost of a rowing machine, the different types of machines, and the different brands. We even recommend some of our favorite rowing machines at the end.

Average Cost of a Rowing Machine: $362

Our bot found the average cost of a rowing machine to be about $362 on Amazon. The price you ultimately pay for your machine depends on how many bells and whistles it comes with. Simpler machines, those without multiple settings or interactive components will be on the cheaper side, perhaps less than $200. More intricate machines can cost upwards of $900 however. Oar rowing machines tend to be cheaper than pull machines.

Average Cost of a Rowing Machine by Type

When it comes to selecting a rowing machine, you essentially have two main types: single pull and oar rowing machines. The core differences between the two types are the range of motion each one affords. Single pull machines are the most common, and the ones you’ve most likely seen in a gym. Oar machines more closely mimic the motion of rowing a canoe and target the back muscles more intently.

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When it comes to price, oar machines tend to be slightly cheaper than single pull machines. We find it difficult to get a high quality single pull machine for less than $200 while you may find an oar machine for about $150. Oar machines generally aren’t more expensive than $500 as well, compared to single pull machines which can cost as much as $1,000. In the carousel below you can see two examples of oar machines and two examples of single pull machines.

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Average Cost of a Rowing Machine by Brand

There are numerous brands to choose from when buying your rowing machine. Our most recommended brands are Concept2, Sunny Health, Nordictrack, Stamina and Water Rower. How do these brands compare when it comes to price?

Rank Brand Average Price
1 Stamina $269
2 Sunny Health $279
3 Concept2 $518
4 WaterRower $953
5 Nordictrack $1,132

There is clearly a huge difference in which brand you go with. Stamina and Sunny Health both cost below the average price of $362. Both of those brands are also readily available on Amazon for purchase. WaterRower and Nordictrack are on the opposite ends of the spectrum as the more expensive brands.

All of these brands produce high quality rowing machines, so you’re not skimping on quality by going with a cheaper option. What you are losing between each brand is a grander, immersive experience. The Sunny Health and Stamina rowing machines are fairly basic in terms of the outputs the machine gives you back. If you went with a WaterRower on the other hand, you’re getting an incredibly sturdy product with lots of outputs. Concept2 is the biggest rowing machine brand in terms of marketshare, which speaks to the quality of their product. Which is best for you? It really depends on what your goals are.

If you are planning on making a rowing machine the cornerstone of your workout routine, then we’d recommend going with a Nordictrack or WaterRower. The price will be worth it when you account for the incredible durability of those rowers, as well as all the outputs they give. On the other hand, if you are just using your rower intermittently, going with the cheaper brands will probably be more bang for your buck.

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Our Top Picks

While researching this article we came across several top notch rowing machines. The following we would consider the top 5. If you are designing a home gym, we would recommend picking from this crop.

Model Where to Buy
Sunny Health Magnetic Row Machine
Stamina ATS Rower
Concept2 Model D

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