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Average Cost of a Nintendo Switch Lite


The Nintendo Switch Lite’s popularity has peaked at the best time- when everyone is locked down in quarantine due to COVID-19. The normal Nintendo Switch has been a huge seller during this time, and the new, Lite version is no different – except when it comes to price. How much may you expect to pay for an Nintendo Switch Lite if you choose to buy one? We break it down in this guide.

Average Cost of an Nintendo Switch Lite: $200 MSRP, $265 on Amazon

An Nintendo Switch Lite has an average price of  $265 across its four different color models if you buy from Amazon which if you are a Prime Member will include the shipping and handling costs. Buying directly from a store like Gamestop will run you about $200, however during the pandemic it may be difficult to get to a store or they may be sold out.

Depending on which color you want, the price may fluctuate on Amazon. We found that Coral was the most expensive color on Amazon, likely due to demand, while the gray colored system was the least expensive.

Nintendo Switch Lite Color Cost Price
Coral $305
Turquoise $252
Yellow $249
Gray $246

Average Cost of Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

The Nintendo Switch Lite can come with a handful of accessories to go along with the system. There are several items that can help protect and store your Nintendo Switch Lite when you are not using it. For example:

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Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case: $20 to $30

If you travel frequently, but do not want to just stash your Nintendo Switch Lite inside of your suitcase, there are a handful of carrying cases that come with screen protectors to keep your system safe from harm. Generally these cases are not too expensive, and only cost between $20 and $30 on Amazon or Gamestop.


Nintendo Switch Lite Protective Grip Case:

You can also find silicon based protective grip cases to put on your Switch Lite. Just like you would put a case on your iPhone or Android, you can also protect your Switch from accidental falls. You will also likely want a case if you intend on having your children, especially young children, use the console often.


Average Cost of Memory for Nintendo Switch Lite: $20 to $50

Nintendo Switch Lite’s uses an SD memory card just like most digital cameras and numerous other electronic devices. To be able to play lots of video games, you should have at least 128 GB of memory. Generally memory will cost you about $20 for 128GB of memory and about $50 for 256 GB of memory. It really just depends on how many games you intend to store on your system.


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