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Average Cost of a Hot Tub


The average cost of a hot tub in the United States is approximately $6,000. However, this price will differ based on several key factors, including the brand, how many people the hot tub will seat and the type of tub it is (in-ground vs above-ground). This article will break down all the costs associated with purchasing and installing the hot tub so that you may know what prices to expect and how to avoid getting ripped off.

Hot Tub Cost Breakdown

As stated above, the typical cost of a hot tub ranges between $5,000 and $7,000. The most popular brand, ThermoSpas, can run you as much as $11,000 on the higher end (this for their ThermoSpas Sparta Spa Triton Luxury model). Some of the most affordable hot tub prices we were able to find online were as low as $3,000. With such a high variability in cost, it’s important to first know exactly what type of hot tub you’re looking to buy. Knowing some rough parameters will help you understand what costs you should expect and when to know if you’re presented with a good deal.

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Hot Tub Prices by Size

The biggest driver behind a hot tub’s price is its size. Commonly, people buy hot tubs that can seat up to 6 people (though some reports show that 2-person tubs are sold most frequently). However, if you’re throwing big parties and want a tub that fits up to 8 or 12 people, it will run you as much as $12,000. The table below shows the size of a hot tub and corresponding prices.

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Hot Tub Size Typical Cost
2 Person $4,000
4-5 Person $6,074
8 Person $10,000

Again, it’s important to stress what you’re seeing above are averages. These prices will vary depending on what brand you choose.

Hot Tub Costs by Brand

 ThermoSpas were the most expensive tubs we were able to find online, while USA Spas were generally the cheapest. That said, price can sometimes be a factor of quality – so we urge shoppers to consider user reviews before settling on a product. While one hot tube may be cheaper initially, you may find it breaks down more easily and you will pay a fortune in repair and maintenance costs over a lifetime. That’s why we urge everyone to consider reading at least some reviews on Amazon and other sources before committing to a purchase. If you have friends who own a hot tub, solicit their advice and their thoughts on whichever brand of hot tub they own.

Brand Hot Tub Cost
Lifesmart LS700DX $7,999
American Spas 6-Person 30-Jet Premium $4,865
Canadia Spa Company ThunderBay $6,907
AquaLife Adulation $5,600
USA Spas 6-Person Standard $4,999

Hot Tub Installation Costs

Installing a hot tub will typically cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000. We strongly recommend working with a professional to do this installation as bad plumbing work may lead to problems down the line that will cost you more. Most places that allow you to buy a hot tub will also include the option to bundle in the installation costs. However, you may also hire your own plumber or help through third-party services, like Task Rabbit.

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 Other Hot Tub Costs

The lifetime cost of a hot tub also includes maintenance and cleaning. You should factor these in when you decide to purchase one. Keep in mind that if you have an in-door hot tub, water damage becomes a real possibility – this can tremendously increase costs in case things go wrong. If things go bad, however, your homeowners insurance should be able to cover any extensive damages.

Should You Finance the Purchase of a Hot Tub?

We don’t recommend taking out loans to purchase a hot tub. For virtually all people, hot tubs are a needless expense and interest rates on loans can get as high as 50%. The interest you pay over time can, in some extreme cases, double the cost of your hot tub. Put simply, this is an awful deal. You’re paying over double the face value of an item which will only depreciate in value over time (almost instantly upon purchase).

What about 0% interest financing? Some stores will offer you 0% interest for some promotional period of time (like 36 months) on the purchase of a hot tub. This is still a bad deal and we recommend against it. That’s because deals such as this are usually filled with traps.


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