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Average Cost of a Keyboard


Buying an electronic keyboard can be a hassle whether you are a beginner or a professional keyboardist. The price you pay for a keyboard depends on which type of keyboard you need and from which brand you are buying it from. In this guide we discuss the average cost of a keyboard.

How Much Does a Keyboard Cost? $107

On average, you should expect to pay about $107 for a keyboard. The range of costs however can go from as low as $80 to well into the thousands of dollars. Keyboards–also known as keyboard pianos or digital pianos–come in different types and can vary widely in quality and cost to produce. For that reason, they tend to have wide price ranges as well. Big, high quality, name brands will usually cost more than lesser-known manufacturers.

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Price of a Keyboard by Type

There are several types of keyboards. Each has its own purpose and function. Some are good for beginners while others are better for aficionados. They all have their own price ranges.

Beginner Keyboard Piano–$93

Beginner keyboards only have 66 keys rather than 88 to facilitate learning. Fewer keys and fewer complexities lower the price of this keyboard. At an average price of $93, it is just below the average for keyboards overall.

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Digital Piano–$431:

Digital pianos offer more features than the standard piano. For instance, there are ones that can play classical piano scales while others can play jazz. They are often made to replicate the sound of acoustic pianos with weighted keys Most digital pianos come with a MIDI program which allows the user to store any kind of music on their piano and synchronize the notes from the keyboard. This means you can learn a new song or change your playing style from time to time. The average digital piano will run your $431.

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MIDI Keyboard–$134

A Midi (musical instrument digital interface) Keyboard is an electronic device that plugs directly into the computer to help you create music using the keyboard. A Midi Keyboard can also be plugged into an audio interface and used as a regular keyboard to help you create music. There are also some smaller handheld keyboards which can be played on a mobile phone or tablet.

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Organ –$453

The sound of an organ can be replicated on most electronic keyboards, including a digital piano.

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How Much Does a Synthesizer Cost? >$360

A synthesizer looks like a digital piano or organ but it can replicate or create almost any possible sound. They are meant for serious musicians looking to create their own sounds.  The sound generated by a synthesizer can be controlled by the keyboard or the mouse. There are two types of synthesizers, those that are monophonic and polyphonic. In the case of monophonic synthesizers, only the one note is produced. The output of a monophonic synthesizer will be the same sound as that of the original synthesizer. Synthesizers are generally for professionals and thus expensive. At minimum you should expect to pay at least $360.

Cost of Electronic Keyboard by Brand

Different keyboards will cost varying prices based on the brand that manufactures them as well as what type they are. The reason for this is how high quality it is. Durability, sound quality, versatility, and technology among other features will all affect price. Even two keyboards that are the same type with the same features might have vastly different prices due to the quality of the materials and the sound they produce. For that reason, many people who create and record their own music will be willing to spend more money on an electronic keyboard if it means that it will sound better and last longer. Here are some popular brands and their average cost:

Keyboard BrandAverage Price

How to Buy a Keyboard

Purchasing a keyboard is like purchasing any expensive item. You have to assess your needs and your budgetary constraints. When it comes to assessing your needs as a keyboardist you should keep the following in mind:

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Action is a piano specific term which basically describes how the piano keys respond to force. Generally pianos with weighted keys (which require less force) are better for beginners.

Computer Combability

Selecting a keyboard that can connect to your computer will be advantageous for novice players. It will ultimately give you more flexibility to use online music composition programs.

Keyboard Size

Keyboards with fewer keys are generally easier to learn for beginners. However, if you want the full experience then you should start with a 88 key piano. If your main interest is in electronic music however, your keyboard may be default be smaller and have fewer keys.

Type of Sound

You will want to assess which sounds your keyboard is capable of creating. The best keyboards will be able to replicate a piano sound seamlessly. Keyboards can also create the sounds of other instruments like a guitar or bass or drums.

Bottom Line

While all of these keyboards may seem very similar, their specialized purposes, versatility levels, durability, sound quality, and construction may be wildly different. It’s best to get the keyboard that meets your needs most closely, however, expect to pay a price that represents the features and quality that you want.   


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