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Average Cost of a Bass Guitar


The bass guitar is the cornerstone of any band. Ubiquitous across rock, jazz and several has crossed your mind as a potential purchase, it makes sense to know the probable price range before you start looking at options in the market. This way, you can set up a budget beforehand and find out how to come up with the funds. 

How Much Does a Bass Guitar Cost? $149

On average, it will cost about $149 for a traditional four string bass guitar. of your A cheap bass will be closer to $100. However, if you are a beginner, you will have to buy more than just the bass itself. You will need to couple that with an amplifier. On average, a bass amplifier will cost an extra $167. This totals to $316. If you are in the market for a new bass guitar, then setting aside $350 should be a comfortable amount.

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Average Cost of a Bass by Type

There are several different types of basses. Notably, the price range will vary depending on whether you fancy an electric bass guitar or an acoustic bass option. The former is often cheaper, and about a $149 budget is what you would need to acquire the electric bass guitar of your dreams.

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How Much Does an Acoustic Bass Cost?

In contrast, an acoustic bass guitars is significantly pricier. The average acoustic will go for $261. Picking between an acoustic and electric guitar will likely depend on your style of play.

How Much Does a Jazz Bass Cost? 

The complexities of playing Jazz may also need the right electric guitar to pull off. Unfortunately, the price range for such is on a different scale compared to the Squier affinity series, regular acoustic, and other types of electric bass guitars. Having about $533 on hand may prove sufficient if you wish to own one of these.

How Much Does a 5 String Bass Guitar Cost?

A five string bass is a more challenging type of bass guitar that opens up a world of new sounds for the musician. Generally it is not recommended for beginners. If you are in the market for a five string bass however, then you can find one for about $300.

How Much Does a Short Scale Bass Cost?

The cheapest short scale bass you can buy starts at around $175. More high end short scale bass guitars go for around $550. Then there are very high end ones that are about $2,000.

Cost of Bass by Brand

Another aspect that leads to considerable price range variations is the bass guitar brand. Fender precision bass guitars would typically be available at a price of about $366. The price range for Ibanez guitars is slightly higher, and the average cost would be $406. 

Yamaha has a seemingly better reputation in producing quality precision bass and scale bass options. It’s not surprising that the price range for their offerings is relatively high. Nevertheless, be prepared with a sum of close to $651 if you want one of their bass guitars shipped to you. 

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BrandAverage Price

How to Buy a Bass Guitar

Purchasing your first beginner bass is exciting. There are a few things you should figure out first. The first thing you should do is think about what type of sound you would want to create.

What does that mean exactly? There are lots of sounds a bass can make and as we said above, lots of different types of basses to choose from. You should have a firm idea whether you want to play hard rock music, groove in a jazz band or whatever else. Here is a good resource to learn more about bass tones.

As for actually shopping for a bass guitar, we recommend shopping online. Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online stores like Guitar Center have a wide inventory of different types of bass guitars. Odds are you will find the type of bass you want, for the price point you’re willing to spend. As long as you stick with what you are comfortable with and are satisfied with the way that your purchase works for you, then you should be able to buy a bass guitar and get started right away.

Is the Bass Easier to Play Than Guitar?

A question as old as rock itself. The answer to this question really depends on who you ask. Many think because the bass has fewer strings and less complex compositions, it is easier to learn.

The truth is, that bass guitar does take a little more effort and training to get the right sound. The main reason for this is that the weight of the strings plus the extra neck size will make the sound you get on the bass much louder than on a normal guitar. The neck of the bass guitar also tends to be longer than that of a normal guitar which will make the notes you make on it much more difficult to hear and emulate. The strings on a bass are thicker, usually double the thickness of a normal guitar string. The higher gauge strings will provide you with a stronger tone because of the thickness. The pressure required to hit the notes on a bass guitar is typically more than twice that of the volume of a normal guitar. You might find it a little hard to get the hang of holding and playing the bass guitar but once you learn it you’ll find that learning to play any other type of guitar is easier to do.



  1. An actual bassist

    what are you talking about? 150 bucks for the “bass of your dreams”?? the cheapest possible bass is about 150. if you want an average bass, be prepared to spend about 500 bucks. not exactly a dream bass, but may get the job done. for a mid-range fender, etc, you’re looking at 1000. a good (not top end) bass is between 1500-2000. verify all this by simply going to the market place and checking prices. 350 won’t get you squat.

  2. Martin Cooper

    This post is a handy guide for anyone thinking about getting into bass guitar. It breaks down costs, types, and even offers online shopping tips. Plus, it tackles the age-old question of bass vs. guitar. A must-read for aspiring bassists!

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