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Average Cost of a Mattress and Mattress Accessories


People spend about a third of their lives sleeping, so it’s important to sleep on a quality mattress to make the best use of that time. People on average will hold on to their mattress for at least 10 years, so it is important to find what is most important when purchasing. Mattresses come in a wide variety of different shapes and types, so this article will walk through how much you should be spending on each type on average. There are several different retailers and stores to buy mattresses. The most popular retailers are, The Mattress Factory, Saatva, Sleepy’s and Casper. To find out the cost of game consoles, computers, and other items and experiences, check out our other articles!

Average Cost of Mattress: $268 

According to our bot, the average price of a mattress on Amazon is $268. Shoppers most make many different considerations when purchasing a mattress. They must think about the size of the room they will sleep and what type of advantages they look for in a mattress. We will divide the cost of mattress by three main categories below: size, type, and brand. 


Average Cost of Mattress by Size

Mattresses come in several sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king size mattresses. Unsurprisingly, the larger the bed the higher the cost. When deciding on what size mattress to get, you should measure the size of the room you woll be sleeping in. You should also consider how often you will use it. If you only like to be in bed to sleep, you could get away with a twin or full sized mattress. However, if you plan on hanging in bed or sharing a bed with another person, it makes more sense to purchase a queen or king sized mattress. Our cost bot found the best average value in queen size mattresses. 

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Size Price Link
Twin $146
Full $214
Queen $291
King $431

Average Cost of Mattress by Type

There are several different types of mattress available on the market. Innerspring is the traditional mattress form and is made with interlocked spring coils. Memory foam mattresses molds to the shape of the body, while Hybrid mattresses have a combination of the two. Encased Coils are individually wrapped in fabric to provide localized body support. Gel memory foam combines the body forming properties of memory foam with temperature balance. Pillow Top mattresses offer an additional layer of comfort over innerspring and foam mattresses. Overall, Hybrid mattresses tended to be the most expensive while traditional innerspring mattresses are the cheapest.

Type Price Link
Innerspring $233
Memory Foam $256
Hybrid  $330
Encased Coil $274
Gel Memory Foam $237
Pillow Top  $251

Average Cost of Mattress by Brand

Our cost bot looked at the average cost of the most popular mattress brands. These brands typically are more expensive than some of the more cheaper, generic brands. However, they often will have better quality. On average, people use the same mattress for about 10 years. This makes it worth it to spend a higher premium on a mattress as a good night’s sleep can pay major dividends throughout the day, Olee tends to offer the cheapest mattresses by a significant margin. Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic tend to be the most expensive brands. 

Brand Price Link
Casper $563
Beautyrest $705
Tempur-Pedic $786
Olee $207
Ashley Furniture $309

Average Cost of a Pillow

Buying pillows is an important part of the entire sleeping experience. When looking at pillows for beds, there are three main types: feather, down, and memory foam. Feather pillows include the quills from birds, while down pillows only use the soft underbelly feathers that lack quills. Memory foam pillows adjust their shape to your head.

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Average Cost of Mattress Frame: $161

When buying a mattress, it is also smart to purchase a quality bed frame to go along with it. When looking at the frames, buyers are left with a few different options. Typically, metal frames will be the cheapest ones to buy. There are less styles of metal frames and tend to be more bare-boned. Wooden frames can come in a variety of different designs such as Captain’s an four post frames. Adjustable frames are the most expensive but give users the most control as they can change shape for different situations such as reading in bed or sleeping.

Brand Price Link
Metal $179
Wood $263
Adjustable $405




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