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Average Cost of a Weighted Blanket


While weighted blankets have only infiltrated the mainstream market recently, they’ve been used in the medical community for decades. Basically, weighted blankets are heavier covers that put uniform pressure on the body. They work for the same reason a hug is calming and relaxing.

The human body releases serotonin in response to physical pressure–known as deep pressure stimulation–to relax the nervous system, causing a calming effect. Doctors treating children with conditions linked to emotional stress, like anxiety or autism, developed the first weighted blankets to help them feel calm and safe with this idea in mind. In this guide we discuss what the average cost of a weighted blanket is.

How Much Do Weighted Blankets Cost?

While the average price for a weighted blanket on Amazon is around $66, in general, they can range anywhere from around $50-$250 depending on the brand, quality, features, materials, size, and retailer. The higher-end weighted blankets tend to be well-constructed as well as being more comfortable than other options. The weighted blankets with specialty features, like a cooling cover for those who tend to get hot while they sleep, can be near the higher end as well.

If those prices seem a bit too steep for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of options that are more reasonably priced for people who are on a budget. There’s a wide range of weighted blankets priced from $60-$130 that might also be more appealing if you’re trying to be more practical about how much money you want to invest before knowing how a weighted blanket will benefit you.

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Make sure to approach your purchase decision with caution. Despite the saying, “You get what you pay for” the prices of different weighted blankets don’t always exactly reflect quality or comfort. Some options are priced higher than others even though the craftsmanship, material, comfort, and/or ease of use isn’t better.

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Average Cost of a Weighted Blanket by Brand

Let’s go over the pros and cons, stand-out features, and average Amazon listing price for some top weighted blanket brands before investing in one for your bed and mattress.

Gravity Blanket

Average Price: $79

This internet sensation gets great reviews from customers and review sites alike. They score extremely high for almost every factor except the higher prices–some above $250–and limited size and color options.

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Average Price: $64

This budget-friendly brand is on par with some that are twice as expensive, and they have plenty of options. The outer material isn’t the most comfortable, but you can buy a duvet cover to put over it.

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Average Price: $82

While this brand has soft, comfortable, and effective options, plus a cooling version for hot sleepers, size and color options are limited and it’s more expensive than higher-rated brands.

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Average Cost of a Weighted Blanket by Weight

Weight options range from 5-30 lbs. so people often wonder, “How heavy should my weighted blanket be?” Experts generally recommend a blanket that represents around 10 percent of your body weight for the best therapeutic results. There’s a weight margin of plus or minus a pound or two for children and the elderly and up to three pounds for adults. There’s also some wiggle room for personal preference.

Here’s a list of average prices by weight:

  • Five Pound Weighted Blankets: $43
  • 10 Pound Weighted Blankets: $53
  • 15 Pound Weighted Blankets: $51
  • 20 Pound Weighted Blankets: $63
  • 25 Pound Weighted Blankets: $86
  • 30 Pound Weighted Blankets: $105
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Why are Weighted Blankets So Expensive?

You may have noticed that these prices are higher than one typically expects to spend on a regular blanket. There are good reasons for this though. Firstly, weighted blankets consist of more components and materials. Not only do they have the outer fabric and filling like a regular blanket, but they also have the addition of weighted materials like glass beads. The price usually increases as the weight increases as well since more weight means more weighted material. Plus, the construction requires more time and effort to fill the blanket with the weights and ensure even distribution. These factors raise the final cost.

Are Weighted Blankets Worth it?

Countless people swear by weighted blankets and many studies have shown substantial improvements in the symptoms of conditions like:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • & More

For those who struggle with them, using a weighted blanket can be life-changing. Since it was developed by doctors, it’s backed by proven science. Using a weighted blanket doesn’t just help people with health issues either. People looking to improve sleep quality have tried weighted blankets too. While they aren’t for everyone, many people say they’ve never had more comfortable, restful sleep in their life.

Are Weighted Blankets Covered by Insurance?

Often times, when people discover that weighted blankets were developed by doctors as a treatment for medical conditions and studies have shown them to be successful at doing so, they naturally wonder if their medical insurance would cover the cost. Some insurance plans cover weighted blankets if your doctor prescribes it. To know for sure if your plan covers it, you’ll have to contact your provider. It may also be possible to deduct the cost from your taxes as a medical expense.

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Final Thoughts

Weighted blankets are worth a try, but most brands are sold exclusively online so read plenty of reviews and do thorough research before making a purchase to ensure that you end up with a quality option that suits your needs. Also, while most people have success with a blanket that’s around 10 percent of their body weight, personal preference varies so your ideal comfort level may require one that’s a few pounds more or less. Try to find one with a good return policy in case you need to try a different weight.

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