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ThermoSpas Hot Tub Prices List: 2023 Cost Comparison


ThermoSpas® is a US company that has directly supplied to their customers since 1995. With annual revenue of $34.5 million, the company is now a division of the Jacuzzi Group, one of the big four manufacturers worldwide.

It has eight basic hot tub models with different levels of sophistication and various built-in features, but you can customize your own product, which is what they’re renowned for.

ThermoSpas hot tubs cost from $7,500, rising to more than $24,000 depending on your chosen features and the required model. However, generally, the prices of ThermoSpas hot tubs increase substantially with added non-standard features. Therefore, be aware of what you want and how this affects the price before buying.

How Much Is a ThermoSpas Hot Tub?

ThermoSpas hot tub prices are mainly dependent on the features you choose, plus the size and model of the tub. Because of this, we can only give a general cost of ThermoSpas products in this guide. For a full and up-to-date quotation, complete the form on this page.

The significant benefit for consumers is that the company doesn’t sell to retailers. Therefore, cutting out the middleman and the commission they place on top.  Generally, low-end basic ThermoSpas hot tubs sell for around $7,500, while the high-end and customized units cost around $20,000. In comparison, the average prices of other hot tubs from retailers are from $10,000 to $19,000. So, you can see that Thermospas prices compare well across the marketplace. Furthermore, the company provides reasonably priced, good quality spas, which we’re sure, is what everyone wants.

We’ll talk about the various ThermoSpas models later in this guide. But, for now, we’ll only mention some popular generic hot tubs.

  • Suppose you want to buy a typical medium-sized mid-range hot tub with a purification system, built-in LED lights, and a hard top cover. In that case, you could pay around $14,000.
  • The luxury version of the above with lounge seating and 51 massage jets would cost around $18,000.
  • Finally, an exercise hot tub with a steel frame, two hardtop covers and lifts, eight LEDs, and eight jets cost $24,000.

Remember, these are the basic unit prices. Additional features always cost more. But, you only buy what you want.

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Additional Cost Factors

We’ve already said that additional features increase the price of ThermoSpas products. But, we haven’t yet said which additional features and accessories you can choose from.

Number of Jets

Your comfort and level of relaxation often revolve around the number of jets your hot tub has. ThermoSpas allows you to customize the number of jets to suit your hydrotherapy or relaxation requirements.

Cabinets steps

ThermoSpas offers a choice of step and step packages options. They will enhance the spa’s function and beauty and make the unit safer to use.

The optional Two-Tier steps have non-slip treads and a rust-resistant aluminum frame. Moreover, they measure 30″ wide x 20″ deep x 14″ high and weigh 15 lbs. This accessory costs $199.

Automatic Cover Lifters

There are three types of cover lifters designed to move the cover on or off the cabinet quickly and with minimum effort. Moreover, they fit most ThermoSpas models.

  • The ThermoMount Lifter fits all ThermoSpas hot tub models and costs $279.
  • The ThermoScreen Lifter has hydraulic gas springs to make life easier when opening and closing the tub by counteracting the weight of the cover. Furthermore, it fits all ThermoSpas models. This accessory costs $309.
  • The ThermoView Lifter lifts the cover and places it out of the way, thus giving an unobstructed view. This one fits all ThermoSpas models except for the Swim Spas. Moreover, this accessory costs $409.

Safety Rails

Safety rails assist with entering and leaving the spa via the steps. Rails quickly fix onto the spa cabinet with the supplied brackets and cost $199.

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The lighting effects you can buy will transform your hot tub’s seats and pillows into a unique entertainment experience. You can choose from illuminated grab bars, underwater LED lights, and backlit pillow jets. The lighting accessories provide a touch of elegance, and they also give essential safety when using the hot tub at night. Moreover, the lights operate from a control button where you can choose from one of eight different color effects or choose to cycle from one color to another.

If you decide to choose the lighting option, the prices vary between $100 to $300.

Other Accessories

The company also sells a full range of accessories designed to keep your spa in top condition and improve your experience.

  • Cover Conditioner – $10.99.
  • ThermoCover replacement clips – $18
  • Replacement ThermoCovers – Prices depend on the model so call the company for prices.
  • There is a complete range of water care products from chlorine test strips at $8.99 to the water care chorine package (6 months supply) – $159.99.
  • Replacement filters ranging from $17.99 to $58.99 depending on the ThermoSpas model.
  • Replacement pillows ranging from $33 to $95.
  • Ozone generator costing $249.


ThermoSpas’ pricing of its hot tubs includes a Premium Warranty on all Fitness, Aquatic, and Designer Series models. Whereas most other spa manufacturers offer a warranty for up to five years, ThermoSpas offers a range of different warranties included within the Premium package. Each one focused on the various parts of its spas. The Premium Warranty package includes:

  • Structural Warranty, 20-Year limited – This covers the shell against replacement or repair if it’s defective.
  • Shell Surface Warranty, 10-Year limited – This covers the acrylic shell surface.
  • Equipment Replacement Warranty, 10-Year limited – This covers pumps, jets, heaters, grab bars, blowers, and plumbing.
  • Electronics Replacement Warranty, 10-Year limited – This warranty covers all electronic controls and circuit boards.
  • Cabinet Warranty, 3-Year limited – This warranty covers all the ThermoBoard panels which make up the cabinet.
  • Labor Warranty – provides 1-year cover on labor.
  • Accessories Warranty, limited – This covers all accessories to be free of defects.

Remember that conditions and exclusions apply on ThermoSpas warranties, so check the details before purchase.

ThermoSpas Hot Tub Range

ThermoSpas manufactures its spas using only high-quality materials. The manufacturing process uses high-density insulation panels rather than standard foam insulation. Therefore, the panels ensure you keep your energy bills down by keeping the water hotter for longer. Furthermore, the company prefers to use durable titanium rather than stainless steel when making the heaters.

Let’s look at ThermoSpas hot tub range.

Aquatic Series

The Aquatic Series offers sleek designs plus the latest innovations in its models. The Maui is small and compact, seats 2 to 3 adults, has 24 to 62 jets, and has features you’d usually find on a family-sized hot tub. More options include stainless steel jets, an ozone maker, a safety handrail, and a full-size step.

Designer Series

The Designer Series includes four basic hot-tub models:

  • Concord – This medium-sized hot tub seats four adults and has 51 to 99 jets. Furthermore, it has luxurious therapy seats with armrests, plus a two-person love seat, all fitted with pillows. Also, there is a removable ice bucket for that extra bit of sophistication and fun, especially for the wine or beer bottles. This also doubles as a serving tray. Overall, the Concord is one of ThermoSpas best sellers.
  • Atlantis – This medium-sized spa, with 31 to 42 jets, has five seating areas, including a roomy lounge, therapy seat, a bench, and a cool-down seat. Also, it has a control panel designed so you can view and operate it from the tub.
  • Park Avenue – This full-size hot tub, with 42 to 118 jets, seats five adults in various contoured seats ranging from the fun and relaxing type to two more serious therapy seats. Moreover, there is a deep foot well in the center of the spa, plus a seating area facing a strong Whirlpool jet. This tub is also one of the company’s best sellers as it combines romantic rendezvous, party entertaining, and personal therapy.
  • Chesapeake – This full-size hot tub seats five adults and has 41 to 57 jets. It has a large and comfortable seating area designed not only for entertaining but also for aquatic exercise. Also, this model is great for family gatherings as everyone can sit around the edge and chat. Moreover, the corner therapy seat offers a marvelous back and shoulder massage, ideal for unwinding at the end of the day.
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Executive Series

The Manhatten II hot tub seats 6 to 8 adults and has 45 to 125 jets. Its unique design allows each of the eight seating positions to have a complete massage experience, with each seating position having a grab bar for extra safety. Moreover, the oversized footwell is entirely slip-resistant. This hot tub is almost the last word in luxury.

Options include deluxe LED lighting, LED lighting around the outside cabinet, a touchscreen control panel, and the ability to access the controls and diagnostics from your smartphone.

Exercise Spas

Exercise spas combine relaxing and therapeutic body massage provided by the fully controllable water jets with a powerful current jet for swimming. The swim current is a moving body of water against which anyone can swim while remaining motionless in the spa. Usually, a controllable airflow blends with the water current to provide buoyancy for just about any stage swimmer. ThermoSpa offers the following exercise spas to provide a perfect blend of workout and hydrotherapy relaxation.

Fitness Series

The Fitness range offers four basic hot tub models:

  • Aquicisor – This model, seating up to 7 adults and with 38 to 72 jets, is probably the world’s deepest hot tub at 53″. Not only is this tub a luxury heated spa, but it’s also an underwater resistance trainer. It has a powerful water current feature, plus there are attachments for rowing, strength training, and jogging. Furthermore, after your workout, you can relax with a deeply relaxing body massage. Plus, you can choose from a deluxe stereo and LED lighting.
  • 12′ Aquicisor – This Aquicisor seats 9 to 12 adults and has 34 jets. This model is the 12′ version of the original Aquicisor, so you can use workout attachments with the added advantage that it’s big enough to swim against the strong current. Once again, after your workout, you can relax and have the perfect massage.
  • 14′ Swim Spa – This model seats 5 adults and has 25-27 jets. Being 14′ in length, this model is ideal for swimming against the adjustable swim current, which has added air injected to help elevate the swimmer to optimal buoyancy. Therefore, the airflow and current are fully adjustable for any level swimmer. And of course, afterward, you can relax with its full body massage.
  • 17′ Swim Spa – If you’re an extra tall person or you just like the extra room to swim, the 17′ Swim Spa is ideal. It seats 5 adults and has 25 to 27 jets. At one end, the powerful swim jets provides a fully adjustable current ideal for a swimmer of any skill level. Moreover, you have two ergonomically shaped massage seats at the other end, perfect for a relaxing jet massage after your workout.

ThermoSpas Features

There are many features incorporated into ThermoSpa hot tubs. These make the company’s products renowned as one of the best engineered hot tub products available.

Water and air jets

Generally, the company offers an average of more than 70 jets across its ranges, while most competitors offer only 20 jets. Furthermore, each user can control the jets operating on their seat and pillow using the Total Control Therapy® feature. Not only can the user control multiple massage water jets, but they can also control the amount of air mixed with the water. This feature allows the complete customization of the massage effect.

Titanium heater components

You can’t get away from the fact that the hot tub heater takes a lot of pounding. They are constantly exposed to sanitizing chemicals and hot water, which leads to pitting, corrosion, and eventually failure if made from stainless steel.

That’s why ThermoSpas uses titanium for the heaters’ exposed parts, making them almost indestructible. The specially designed titanium heaters have a lifetime ten times longer than stainless steel and increased efficiency. The warranty offered by ThermoSpas also backs up the long life.

The specially designed titanium heaters come as standard with the Aquatic, Designer, and Fitness Series models.

Hot Tub Pumps

The engineers at ThermoSpa developed the pumps that go into the company’s hot tubs to withstand the rigorous use they suffer. Therefore, they have the same durability as the hot tub heaters, so you, the customer, will enjoy many years of problem-free operation.

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The pumps use high-tech Viton® seals. These specialized seals were initially designed to withstand corrosive fluids and extreme conditions on the North Sea oil rigs.

The larger capacity of ThermoSpas water pumps provides a higher flow rate than standard hot tub pumps. Furthermore, they deliver more water and run at a much cooler temperature, so your spa doesn’t overheat during the summer months, even if you live in a hot region.

ThermoFiltration™ provides Clean Water

If you have more than one person using a hot tub, it’s essential to fit effective filtration. Dead skin, hair, and the occasional drowned insect contaminate the water in which you and your friends relax. That’s why you need to filter out large particles, so you always have clean water ready for the next time you want to relax in your hot tub.

Other hot tub manufacturers use Dual Speed Pumps that activate twice daily and are pretty noisy, or slow Independent Pumps that often overheat and automatically shut themselves down. In contrast, ThermoSpas uses its proprietary filtration method, ThermoFiltration™, to clean the hot tub water. ThermoFiltration™ filters 100% of the water in the spa up to 144 times daily. Moreover, the removable filters are situated in an easily accessible location to make your regular cleaning regime really easy. Moreover, the water that flows through the pump is free from large particles and doesn’t contribute to pump blockages. Therefore, there is very little chance of the pump overheating, which means it lasts longer too.

ThermOzone™ for Ultimate Water Purification

Ozone naturally kills bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, yeasts, and many other nasties found in untreated hot tub water. Many manufactures use chlorine to sterilize the water, but ozone is harmless to humans in the concentration used here and has no harmful byproducts. In case you were wondering, ozone decomposes into harmless oxygen.  Moreover, for those that might still be worried about ozone’s aftereffects, 90% of bottled water companies use ozone in the sterilization process. Furthermore, for over 140 years, municipal water supply companies have used ozone to sterilize domestic drinking water. These are the reasons why ThermoSpas uses its proprietary ThermOzone™ to give you a perfectly safe and odorless hot tub. At the same time, giving you less maintenance and more time relaxing in your spa.

The automatic ThermOzone™ Ozonator has a built-in de-gasser tank approved by the EPA. The system removes all potentially dangerous and offensive gases, so it’s quite safe to use while enjoying yourself in the hot tub. ThermOzone™ is also the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and safe Ozonator across the entire hot tub industry.

The Industry’s Best Bubbling System

If you ask someone what they find the best feature of hot tubs, the chances are that they’ll say it’s the bubbles.

ThermoSpas bubbling system features a regulator valve allowing you to adjust the amount of air flowing into the system, giving you, at a minimum setting, bubbles like a glass of sparkling wine, or at full blast, an exhilarating frothy surge.

Another thing that many manufacturers don’t bother about is the sound of the air pumps. Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear only the soothing chatter of the bubbles rather than the pump? Well, ThermoSpas provides quiet pumps for this very purpose. Moreover, the air filters make sure the bubbles are clean and clear as well. And, the air is heated, making the bubbles warm even on the coldest of nights.

More features

These are only a few of the features ThermoSpas offers you from its hot tub ranges. More features will indeed increase the ThermoSpas hot tub prices, but the ability to customize your tub allows you to only pay for the features you want. However, the best way to get the full benefit of these spas is to speak to a professional who can advise you.

ThermoSpas Summary

ThermoSpas hot tubs for relaxation, hydrotherapy, and exercise are among the best available. However, to get the best possible deal, you should customize your purchase with the features you want, rather than those the manufacturer thinks you want. Wading through the many available features together with the prices of ThermoSpa hot tubs is a mammoth task. That’s why you need to take professional advice.

Complete the form on this page, and you will receive quotes from people who want to help you buy the right hot tub for your purposes at a price you can afford.