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Average Cost of a Digital (DSLR) Camera


For many, camera price will be a determining factor in the kind of digital camera or DSLR they buy. We wanted to create a resource to help people understand the different brands and types of digital cameras available that could also act as a guide for those actively looking to make a purchase. In this guide we discuss the average cost of a dslr across different brands and types.

Average DSLR Camera Price: $719

On average, the cost of DSLR cameras is around $719, however, the price ranges from around $100 to as high as $6,000. A digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR/Digital SLR camera) is a common digital camera type that projects a reflection into the viewfinder and has changeable lenses. This is a broad category that encompasses a wide range of options with pros and cons. This will depend on whether it’s professional-grade and if you buy it new or used.

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What Affects the Price of DSLRs?

The level of sophistication of your DSLR will ultimately influence who much you pay. An entry level camera will generally be good enough for most amateur photographers without coming with some more sophisticated features. Here is a list of things that will jack up the price of a digital camera:

  • Live view
  • Video capture
  • Full frame vs half frame (dx vs fx)
  • If its 4k
  • How many megapixels the camera has
  • Autofocus capabilities
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How Much Do Mirrorless Cameras Cost? $868

Mirrorless cameras are slightly more expensive than the average DSLR, sitting at about $868. Mirrorless digital cameras are similar to DSLRs but as the name implies, do not have a mirror reflecting the light from your photos. Instead the light goes directly to the sensor. Since these cameras don’t have a mirror, they are more compact, lighter and take faster photos. Mirrorless and DSLR cameras have their pros and cons.

How Much Do Canon’s Cost? $862

Canon cameras range in price depending on the type and whether it’s professional-grade, costing an average of around $862. Canon maintained a reputation for manufacturing quality amateur and professional cameras since 1934. They’re still considered a top camera brand today.

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Average Cost of a Nikon $992

Nikon is another top-tier camera brand with a similarly wide range of options. The average cost of a Nikon is about $992. They, too, make quality cameras for all skill levels and continue to be a leading digital camera brand.

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How Much Are Leica Cameras? $3,020

Leica cameras have a much higher price range with an average cost of about $3,020. This may seem high, however, there are reasons for the large price difference. Leica cameras aren’t mass-produced. They’re hand-assembled in Germany. Each element is carefully constructed in this artisanal manner. They make far fewer of them as well, and they have a 100-year history of crafting them with only quality in mind. The painstaking detail and limited number drive up the cost.

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Cost of Instant Polaroid Cameras $97

Polaroid instant cameras only average $97 making them a very economical option. Instant cameras are making a comeback across generations for the novelty of using a throwback model, the nostalgia of the photo format, and the convenience of instant results.

How Much Does an 8K Camera Cost? $3,500

8K cameras are cameras that photograph or record in 8K resolution. These cameras cost around $3,500 on average. The reason for the expensive price tag is the huge jump in image and video quality that 8K represents. To put it into perspective, the video resolution of a 8K camera has four times as many pixels as 4K and the resolution is 16 times better than 1080p. These cameras are used for television or scientific quality images and aren’t necessary for the average person.

Average Cost of Film Cameras

Film cameras are far less widely used and produced today. Since digital has become the standard, they’ve grown less common. You can still find them on resale sites like eBay for around $100 or less if you wanted one.   

How to Choose Which Camera to Buy? 

What kind of camera to buy depends on several factors. Each model has features best suited for different things. Most cameras have similar basic features and varying specialty uses. If you take pretty basic photos just outside the capability of your smartphone then a compact camera may be enough. If you want to learn how to take professional-grade images in the future or intend to take very detailed or artistic photos, then a DSLR may be a better fit.

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Buy a Kit Lens + Camera Set to Save Money

You will often find DSLRs come bundled with lenses. For those looking for their first DSLR this is a great deal. Lenses generally cost at least $300. With a bundle you will usually get a good discount on the lens, plus other accessories such as SD cards, carrying cases and a tripod.

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Also Consider Buying Used

Another huge consideration is the price. When factoring in the cost, remember that used cameras are cheaper. Other factors to consider include your hand size, weight and size for travel, and file size capabilities. These are some details you’ll want to consider when deciding on what camera is right for you but make sure you research your options carefully for more specific factors and consult professional buying guides.

Best Places to Buy a Digital Camera 

Regarding the best places to buy a camera, there are advantages and limitations to each option. Some people prefer buying expensive items at reputable local stores with knowledgeable staff to demonstrate how to use the options. Many like using the camera before purchasing it and having it immediately. Alternatively, online stores often have better deals and return policies, they don’t have commission-based incentives to push expensive models, and the reviews are often detailed. Either way, make sure your choice is trustworthy with a long history of selling reliable products.



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  2. Daniel

    you open up my ways of searching to buy and good condition camera and how to develop skill
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