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Average Cost of 3D Printers


The average price of a 3D printer today is about $2,500. This cost will vary depending on the type of 3D printer you get — that is to say the type of technology it uses, filament and size. More high-end 3D printers can cost as much as $10,000. When considering the price of 3D printers, you should also consider how it will be used. Commercial-use 3D printers or ones used for Schools can run up to $100,000 or more.

Table of Contents

  • Average cost of 3d Printers
  • Cost of 3D Printers from Different Stores
  • Cost by Use-Case
  • 3D Printing Filament Cost

How Much Do Different 3D Printers Cost?

We surveyed over 200 different 3D printers from a variety of online stores. On the lower-end of the spectrum, we found some 3D printers for as little as $200-$300. High-end 3D printers, however, could cost you as much as $10,000. Below you’ll find a breakdown of prices based on a few different factors, including printer type and manufacturing country.

Type Average Price
DLP 3059
DLP-SLA 1799
FDM/LDM 5833
FFF 2180
FFF / CFF 4999
Laser Stereolithography 5000
LDM 850
Plastic Jet Printing 1999
Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) 1569
SDM 1800
SLA 2948
Sliding separation 8490


Made In Average 3D Printer Price
Argentina $2,776
Australia $1,013
Barcelona $1,999
Belgium $1,905
Brazil $1,876
Canada $1,641
China $1,383
Cyprus $4,183
Czech Republic $2,041
Finland $2,026
France $1,711
Germany $1,724
Hungary $670
India $799
Israel $2,689
Italian $1,770
Italy $3,508
Japan $1,120
Korea $800
Korean $1,560
Lebanon $1,980
Malaysia $2,228
Netherlands $3,073
New Zealand $1,304
Poland $2,097
Portugal $3,058
Singapore $663
South Korea $699
Spain $2,325
Switzerland $4,891
Taiwan $2,140
UK $2,226
USA $2,828
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Know that you will also pay more for a 3D printer if it comes pre-assembled. The average price of these units is around $2,700. On the other hand, DYI 3D printers that require some work on your part, go for an average of $1,500. Building your own kit can take up to 8 hours, as there are hundreds of pieces. However, one benefit you gain from assembling your printer is that you will become very familiar with it. This, in turn, will make repairs easier and chances are you won’t have to bring your printer to a shop — which would increase repair costs. Just be careful not to break anything when assembling it!

Note that there are more states that 3D printers come in. Some, for example, come in what has been called a “90%”-state, which requires some assembly. All these factors will influence your final price. Generally speaking, the more work you have to do to get the printer working, the cheaper it will be because the manufacturer is saving on labor costs.

Which Shops Have The Best Prices on 3D Printers?

In looking at prices of printers across a number of different stores, we also began to notice differences between the shops. In our cost analysis, we excluded shops that sold just one printer.

Shop Average of Price
Makex $604
Printrbot $749
RepRapPro $767
Mbot-3D $786
Solidoodle $799
mUVe 3D LLC $1,199
Deezmaker $1,232
Tinkerine Studio $1,399
Sharebot $1,643
3D Systems $2,164
VAGLER $2,228
Eckertech $2,479
Hyrel 3D $2,737
Airwolf 3D $2,935
Omni3d $3,606
RAISE3D $3,699
Makerbot $3,820
WASP $4,588
InDimension3 $5,236
Leapfrog $5,301
Asiga $8,490
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Cost of 3D Printers for Different Use Cases


When shopping for a 3D printer, most people have a specific use in mind — or at least they should. Before committing to a purchase, decide how you plan to use it. Are you just an enthusiast of the technology and want to mess around? Are you a cosplayer who wants to create outfits using the printer? Are you an educator who wants to use the 3D printer in a classroom setting? All these will be factors in how much you may pay and what kind of printer you require.

User | Popular Choice | Cost


Beginner|Da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer|$179.95


Intermediate|Ultimaker 3 3D Printer|$3,495.00


Industrial|Fortus 250mc|$45,000

Cost of 3d Printing FIlament

The cost of the 3D printer is just one part of the equation. Another important one is the cost of the filament. You can think of this as the “ink” of 3-d printers. This will be an ongoing cost that will determine the lifetime price of your printer. The more you print, the more filament you’ll use. 3DInsider surveyed costs for different types of filaments which you can find below:

Filament Type Uses Average Price
Generic PLA & ABS PLA and ABS are the two most popular filaments in 3D printing. They can be used to make almost anything. $25/Kg
Specialty PLA & ABS Specialty PLA and ABS are fused with other elements to change their function. For instance, they can be infused with wood, metal, ceramics, and more. These can give the finished product a glow in the dark feature, make it magnetic, or even make it electrically conductive. $56.5/Kg
ASA Filament ASA is popular for outdoor use as it is more weather resistant than ABS. $37.5/Kg
PETG Filament PETG is extremely strong and has low shrinkage, making it perfect for people looking for something stronger than ABS. $35/Kg
Nylon Filament People looking for thin and flexible filament love nylon. $95/Kg
Flexible Filaments TPU is perfect for people looking for a squishy and highly scratch resistant material. $35/Kg
Polycarbonate Filament Polycarbonate is another extremely strong filament. $95/Kg
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