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Top 17 Best Water Delivery Services For Business: Comparison


Scheduled water delivery makes it easy to provide your customers and employees with fresh drinking water. 

There are dozens of services out there, but there are two essential things to check before choosing the supplier: reliability and service availability in your area. 

The table below shows a quick comparison of business water delivery suppliers*:

SupplierAvg. CostCoverageServices
Culligan WatersBottled water: Quote on request

Dispenser rental: $9.95/month
WorldwideResidential and office water delivery 

Various water dispensers

Bottleless water coolers
CostcoBottled water: $6.99/5-gallon jug

Dispenser rental: $4.99/month
NationwideSpring or purified water 

3- or 5-gallon jugs 

Various water dispensers
FIJI Water$25.20/caseNationwideBottled artesian water delivery
Open Water$15.99/caseNationwideCanned still and sparkling water
SparklettsBottled water: $7.99/5-gallon jug

Dispenser rental: $5.99/month
California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas3- or 5-gallon jugs

Multiple water choices

Bottled water by the case

Break room supplies 

Water dispenser rental
Mountain GlacierQuote on requestIndiana, Tennessee, Texas1- or 5- gallon jugs 

Bottled water by the case

Water cooler and dispenser rental

Private label water
Diamond SpringsBottled water: $7.34/jug

Dispenser rental: $14.95/month
Central Virginia3- or 5-gallon jugs

Single-serve bottled water

Bottled water coolers
ReadyRefreshBottled water: $17.94/5-gallon 4-pack 

Dispenser rental: $23.33/month
25 states3- or 5-gallon jugs

Single-serve bottled water

Bottled water coolers
Crystal SpringsBottled water: $18.74/5-gallon jug

Dispenser rental: $9.49/month
East Coast3- or 5-gallon jugs

Bottled water by the case

Bottled water coolers and dispensers
Le BleuBottled water: $10.49/5-gallon jug

Dispenser rental: $13.99/month
North and South Carolina3- or 5-gallon jugs

Bottled water by the case

Bottled water coolers and dispensers
QuenchQuote on requestNationwideWater coolers and dispensers with RO filtration
WaterlogicQuote on requestNationwideWater coolers and dispensers with RO filtration

Bottled water coolers
AmazonBottled water: $16.99/5-gallon jugNationwide3- or 5-gallon jugs

Bottled water by the case

Electric drinking water bottle pumps 

Other coffee room products
Boxed Water$29.00/8.45 oz. 24-pack

$49.00/16.9 oz. 24-pack
NationwideBoxed water

Flavored water

Matcha mixers
AbsopureBottled water: $8.50/5-gallon jug

Dispenser rental: Quote on request
Midwest3- or 5-gallon jugs

Bottled water by the case

Bottled water coolers and dispensers
Premium WatersQuote on requestNationwide3- or 5-gallon jugs

Bottled water by the case

Bottled water coolers and dispensers
Primo WaterUp to $14.99/5-gallon jug

$6.99/5-gallon jug (water exchange program)
US and CanadaResidential and office water delivery

Returnable 3- and 5- gallon jugs
Various water dispensers

Water filtration

Dispenser cleaning

*Disclaimer: Please note that we don’t endorse or prefer any of the water delivery services above. Companies are ranked in no particular order.

1. Culligan Waters

Culligan Waters is one of the largest water delivery suppliers in the USA.

They offer water delivery services to residential and business customers, but their main focus is the installation of reverse osmosis water filtration systems and water dispensers connected directly to the main water supply line. 

This solution is one of the most cost-effective, enabling companies to transform tap water into pure (and cool) drinking water. 

Bottled water delivery is also possible. You can opt for 3- or 5-gallon jugs of purified water, but this service is typically bundled with a bottled water dispensing system.

Prices are affordable, but they can vary based on individual circumstances and location. 

  • Culligan Water delivery offers worldwide coverage
  • Office reverse osmosis systems
  • Bottleless and bottled water dispensers 
  • Bottled water delivery service
  • Eco-friendly water filtration and treatment 

Website: Culligan Waters

2. Costco

Costco is one of the most affordable water delivery services for business, offering 3- and 5-gallon jugs of spring or purified water. 

The popular chain store partners with Sparkletts, but its main advantage is the discounts it can offer.

This is possible due to the wholesale prices Sparkletts apply to Costco, and that then allow the megastore to resell the water at lower costs for the end consumer. 

For instance, a 5-gallon jug from Costco costs $6.99 on average. The same jug from Sparkletts costs $7.99. 

Water cooler and dispenser rental through the retailer is also more affordable. Another advantage Costco has over Sparkletts is the nationwide coverage.

On the downside, Costco water delivery service is only available for Costco Wholesale Executive or Gold Star members.

  • Competitive water delivery costs 
  • Cheap equipment rental 
  • Bottom loading dispensers available 
  • Choice of purified, or artesian water
  • Home and office delivery

Website: Costco Water Delivery Services 

3. FIJI Water

If you’d rather provide your customers and employees with bottled rather than dispensed water, FIJI is one of the cheapest water delivery services of bottled water by the case.  

In fact, the company doesn’t sell multi-gallon water jugs but natural artesian water in bottles with capacities between 330ml and 1,5L. 

The most popular office options are the 330ml and 500ml bottles, available in cases of 38 and 24 bottles, respectively. 

Subscription or prepaid subscription options help you save on water costs. In both cases, delivery frequency can vary between seven and 90 days.

Subscription services come with flexible conditions that enable you to change the bottle size, delivery frequency, or cancel the service at any time. 

  • Bottled water by the case
  • Competitive prices for high-quality artesian water 
  • Prepaid subscription plans (3-, 6-, or 12-month increments)
  • Free standard delivery
  • Five bottle size options
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Website: FIJI Water 

4. Open Water

One of the most innovative water delivery services, Open Water, proposes water by the case, like FIJI, but canned instead of bottled. 

This water delivery service is perfect for green businesses who want to reduce their waste and carbon footprint.

The small aluminum cans are recyclable and don’t contribute to plastic pollution, whereas the larger bottles come with screw caps and are reusable. 

Business consumers can choose from 12-oz and 16-oz still (purified) water cans. Sparkling water is only available in the 16-oz size. 

Purchases can be done online, with a subscription plan giving you the possibility to save over 15%.

All can size options come in 12-packs that can be purchased individually, in bundles of six or 12 cases, mini pallets of 456 bottles or partial pallets of 912 bottles. 

  • Climate neutral and infinitely recyclable packaging 
  • Up to 28% off any order with Subscribe & Save option
  • Mix and match still + sparkling bundles 
  • Cancel or change subscription at any time
  • Nationwide delivery 

Website: Open Water

5. Sparkletts 

Established in 1925, Sparkletts is one of the oldest water delivery services in the southwest US. 

The brand’s Crystal Fresh purified water (not to be mistaken for Crystal Springs) comes in 3- and 5-gallon bottles, both sizes starting at $7.49. Bottled spring water from the brand is slightly more expensive, but still affordable. 

Sparkletts also sells Mountain Valley spring water and Primo Alkaline water which are not available through resellers such as Costco. 

The only downside is the limited coverage; Sparkletts is only available in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Businesses in the rest of America can order Sparkletts water through Costco, but this service is only available to Costco Wholesale members. 

  • One of the best water delivery services in the southwest 
  • Various water quality options 
  • Bottled water by the case and breakroom supplies 
  • Water dispenser systems to rent or buy
  • Suitable for small to large offices 

Website: Sparkletts 

6. Mountain Glacier

One of the best water delivery services for businesses in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, Mountain Glacier is a trusted supplier of bottled spring water in half-liter, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon bottles. 

The brand also provides companies with private-label bottled water and stocks an array of products from acclaimed international brands like Perrier, San Pellegrino, and Acqua Panna. 

Despite the small size of the company, Mountain Glacier offers a big service to offices in its area. Besides the smaller-volume jugs of spring water, businesses can also opt for large-volume jugs (up to 55 gallons) of pure, distilled water. 

Water dispenser and cooler rental or purchase options, as well as dispenser service and maintenance, are also available from the brand. Overall, an excellent option for businesses in the three served states.

  • Bottled spring or distilled water 
  • Certified contaminant-free water 
  • Multiple jug volumes available 
  • Private-label water 
  • Equipment rental and maintenance 

Website: Mountain Glacier

7. Diamond Springs

If you’re looking for a water delivery service in Central Virginia, Diamond Springs has got you covered. The company has a very limited service area, but it provides tasty water at excellent prices to businesses within it. 

Dispenser-size water jugs (5 gallons) cost around $7.34 on average. Water dispenser or cooler rental prices are more expensive (14.95/month), but they include maintenance costs.

Other delivery services include bottled water by the case as well as breakroom supplies such as paper coffee filters and Lipton cups of soup. 

All 3- and 5-gallon bottles from the brand are returnable; the company charges a bottle deposit of $6, which is given back once the bottle is returned.

For ongoing contracts, the bottle deposit is usually only charged once, at the beginning of the contract.

  • Convenient starter packages (include bottled water and hot/cook & cold water cooler)
  • Spring and distilled water choices 
  • Small package water options 
  • Cone or flat bottom water cups 
  • Breakroom supplies 

Website: Diamond Springs

8. ReadyRefresh

With prices that can fit every budget, ReadyRefresh is one of the best water delivery services in California and Arizona. The company is also present in other 23 states, including most southern regions as well as the East Coast. 

Multi-gallon deals ideal for offices include 3- to 5-pack of 5-gallon bottles of Arrowhead® 100% Mountain Spring Water (No Spill). However, ReadyRefresh also sells large jugs or small-volume bottles by the case from local and imported brands. 

ReadyRefresh is also one of the few suppliers of Nestlé Pure Life. 

Small business water deals vary from $13.48 to $22.48, depending on the pack size. 

Water dispenser rental prices start from $4.99/month for ambient and cold water and go up to $24.99/month for a bottom-load hot and cold water dispenser.

Alternatively, businesses can choose to purchase their own dispenser for under $300.  

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery frequency
  • Easy to cancel at any time
  • Supplier of Nestlé Pure Life water 
  • Dispenser rental or purchase 
  • Cold drinks, teas, coffees, and breakroom supplies 

Website: ReadyRefresh

9. Crystal Springs

One of the best water delivery services for business on the East Coast, Crystal Springs impresses with a wide range of choices. 

The brand’s large water bottles come in purified, artesian, distilled, or fluoridated options. Alternatively, you can choose from 3- or 5-gallon jugs of Mountain Valley spring water. 

Businesses preferring case packs have even more alternatives. One of the most popular is the flow Hydration Alkaline Spring Water Tetra Pack – a type of boxed water available in cases of six or 12 cartons with a capacity of 1L or 500ml, respectively. 

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Other options include La Croix flavored water, FIJI, Hint, and Sparkling Ice + Caffeine flavored water. 

  • Range of still, sparkling, and flavored water
  • Multiple dispenser options 
  • Equipment rental prices starting at $4.99/month
  • 2-week delivery cycle 
  • Cooler cleaning service from $59.99 per cooler

Website: Crystal Springs

10. Le Bleu

One of the most acclaimed water delivery services in North Carolina, Le Bleu is a small supplier based in Greensboro. The company also serves South Carolina, but it doesn’t deliver in any other states.

Despite its small service area, the company has managed to affirm itself as one of the main suppliers in its region. Le Bleu’s main strength is the ultra-pure distilled water that is free of all contaminants, including sodium. 

While the absence of minerals makes the water taste bland, it also makes it a healthy choice for people on a low-sodium diet.

The main products from the brand include 3- and 5-gallon jugs you can use with your own or a rented dispenser. Bottled water by the case is also available, with prices starting at $12.99 for a 24-pack. 

  • Ultra-pure water in 3- and 5-gallon jugs
  • Wide range of coolers and brewers 
  • Le Bleu gourmet coffee and coffee products
  • Premium bottled water by the case
  • 2-, 4-, or 8-week delivery interval 

Website: Le Bleu

11. Quench

An environmentally friendly water service for businesses, Quench doesn’t actually deliver bottled water. Instead, it provides companies with bottleless water coolers that connect to your tap water supply. 

The proprietary quenchWATER+ filtration system fits nicely inside the water dispenser unit, purifying the water on demand.

You can be rest assured your employees and customers will always have access to clean drinking water without spending an arm and a leg on refill jugs. 

Another advantage is the unlimited supply – as long as the city water supply is on, you won’t have to worry about running out of water or forgetting to schedule a delivery. 

Quench also proposes a line of sparkling water dispensers that turn your tap water into fizzy goodness after removing contaminants and impurities. 

This water cooler supplier doesn’t make its prices public, and getting the customer service representatives on the phone can be challenging.

  • Nationwide coverage 
  • Bottleless water cooler options
  • Sparkling water dispenser with built-in filtration system 
  • Doesn’t require bottle delivery
  • Touch-free dispensers available 

Website: Quench 

12. Waterlogic

Similar to Quench, Waterlogic helps businesses provide their customers and employees with clean drinking water on a budget

In fact, Waterlogic proposes a range of bottleless cooler and dispenser systems that can serve from one to 100+ people.

Options range from ambient temperature water to coolers or dispensers of hot, cold, and ambient temperature water. 

Rental plans start at $1 per day, but actual quotes are only provided on request. That said, all prices include regular service and maintenance checks. 

  • Hands-free dispenser systems operated by foot pedal or infrared sensors 
  • Option of ice-producing systems 
  • Protection against germs and bacteria
  • Freestanding and countertop models 
  • Serves businesses of all sizes 

Website: Waterlogic 

13. Amazon

One of the largest marketplaces in the world, Amazon attracts millions of private and business customers each month. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of these opt for Amazon water delivery services. 

Even if the marketplace doesn’t have a dedicated water delivery option, retailers sell a variety of small- and large-volume bottles.

Options go from small water bottles by the case to 3- and 5-gallon jugs ideal for coolers and water dispensing systems. 

Purchases can be made as a one-off, or you could opt for Subscribe & Save, a service that enables you to save between 5% and 15% on repeat deliveries. 

Water aside, Amazon also enables shoppers to choose from a bountiful range of water coolers and dispensers, water bottle pumps, mugs, glasses, paper cups, breakroom supplies, and more.

  • Worldwide coverage and delivery 
  • Ample choice of local and imported brands 
  • Variety of water coolers and dispensing systems
  • Breakroom supplies 
  • Repeat delivery at intervals from two weeks to six months

Website: Amazon

14. Boxed Water

Another innovative concept in the water delivery services industry, Boxed Water delivers exactly that – water boxed in cartons rather than bottled. 

Similar to the Open Water, Boxed Water was established with the goal of lowering plastic pollution and the carbon footprint.

Best-sellers from the brand include 250ml and 500ml 24-packs, but businesses can choose other carton sizes, too. 

In addition to plain still water, Boxed Water also proposes several flavored options, including the acclaimed cucumber water. 

The service is available to customers across the nation. Wholesale orders (30 cases or more) can help businesses save on costs, but this still is one of the most expensive water delivery services out there. 

  • Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water
  • Flavored water options available 
  • Multiple carton size choices 
  • Wholesale option available for large businesses 
  • Free shipping in all lower 48 states

Website: Boxed Water 

15. Absopure

Established in 1908, Absopure is an accredited water delivery service in the Midwest. Serving residential and business customers alike, the company impresses with its vast choice of waters. 

Natural spring and purified drinking water are on the top of preferences, but companies can also choose distilled, alkaline, and electrolyte-rich water.

All these choices can be delivered by the case or in large-volume jugs destined to use with water coolers and dispensers. 

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Absopure water coolers include touchless and bottom load options. All are available for one-off purchase or rental – the latter including maintenance checks and service.

  • Large-volume bottled water jugs cost around $8.50 per month
  • Variety of water dispenser options 
  • Orders easy to place and manage online 
  • Stainless steel hot and cold coolers 
  • Cooler maintenance included in rental price 

Website: Absopure 

16. Premium Waters

Another water delivery service born in the Midwest but that now has nationwide coverage is Premium Waters. 

The company is a bottled water producer and supplier that not only sells and delivers water under its own brand, but also bottles private-label water for various companies. 

Economical water delivery services from the brand include 3- and 5-gallon jugs. Alternatively, business customers can opt for individual, single-serving bottles by the case.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll have constant fresh water on demand thanks to timely deliveries. 

Premium Waters delivers mainly in Minnesota, Fargo, Wisconsin, and Grand Forks. However, the supplier works with various distributors to ensure nationwide delivery. 

  • Free water delivery service for the first month 
  • Online account access 
  • Instant hot and cold water coolers 
  • Hassle-free water cooler rental 
  • No-obligation office coffee service 

Website: Premium Waters 

17. Primo Water

Often referred to as, Primo Water delivery service is one of the most popular in the United States. 

Similar to ReadyRefresh, Primo Water is a supplier of local and imported water brands, including Sparkletts, Alhambra, Crystal Springs, and Deep Rock Water. 

Regardless of the actual water brand, Primo Water’s most popular service is the water exchange system. 

This service refers to the pre-filled exchange of 5-gallon jugs – the supplier gives you a full jug in exchange for your empty one. You can also choose to return the empty jug yourself and get back the deposit, should you want to cancel the delivery service. 

Under this program, a 5-gallon bottle can cost as little as $6.99. 

Like most water delivery services, Primo Water also offers a range of water coolers and dispensers – either to rent or buy. 

  • Water delivery or water exchange options 
  • Water refilling stations available nationwide 
  • Countertop, portable, and freestanding dispensers 
  • Tap water filtration systems 
  • Variety of bottled water brands

Website: Primo Water 

Business Water Delivery Service Tips

Finding a reliable water delivery service in your area doesn’t mean you’ll get the best prices or contracts. 

Here are some tips on how to get the best deal when comparing office water delivery providers: 

Product Variety 

Most small businesses have simple needs, and providing your employees with fresh drinking water might suffice. 

However, if you have more than 10 employees and also want to provide water for your customers, you might welcome variety.

For instance, still and sparkling water choices; a water dispenser system for your office and single-serving water bottles for the customers, etc. 

Water aside, you might also need breakroom and coffee supplies. 

Some water delivery services sell a variety of bottled water types and brands; others only carry their own brand. Breakroom essentials are not available from all water suppliers either.

If you don’t want to switch the delivery service in the future, choose one that can provide everything you (might) need.

Delivery Frequency 

Before committing to a service, also check how often you can get a refill.

Most suppliers let customers choose from 2-week, 4-week, and 8-week intervals. However, some companies only deliver once a month.

If you don’t want to be limited, choose a service that can deliver water at three different intervals at least. 

Also, check the supplier’s policy on emergency deliveries – there could be times when you run out of water before a scheduled delivery. 

Dispenser Options 

Another thing to check is the type of water coolers and dispensers your chosen supplier offers. 

Almost all water delivery services have a few freestanding water cooler options. However, only a few carry countertop or portable dispensers and pumps. 

Cooler Maintenance 

Whether you decide to buy or rent the equipment, your water cooler will need maintenance.

Typically, water delivery companies include maintenance and service in the rental fees. However, that’s not always the case.

If you already own a dispenser or plan to buy one, check if your water supplier allows you to purchase cooler maintenance separately.


Most water delivery services for business offer 1- to 2-year contracts that enable their customers to save on water purchase and delivery fees. 

However, you may not be able to terminate such a contract without paying a fine. 

If you don’t want to be bound to a contract, opt for a service that offers monthly contract renewals and no-fee cancellation at any time. 

Customer Support 

Another essential thing to check before signing a contract is the customer support. Your potential water supplier should answer your queries and concerns in a timely manner and be knowledgeable about your options. 

If you struggle to reach customer support by phone before placing your first order, rest assured you won’t be able to contact them easily once you become a client. 

How Much Does Water Delivery Service Cost?

Average water delivery costs for a small business range from $30 to $150 per month, depending on office size (number of employees) and water type. 

Large-volume jugs are often cheaper than individual, single-serving bottles. Buying your own water cooler can also help save on water delivery costs in the long run, but the upfront investment is around $300. 

Big companies with dozens of employees can expect to spend over $200 per month – or they could opt for a bottleless water dispensing system that purifies tap water.

Next Steps

Water delivery services can help businesses of all sizes provide their employees and customers with pure drinking water. From small- or large-volume bottles to bottleless dispensing systems, there are various options that could suit your needs. 

To compare various services and get the best water delivery deal, fill out the form at the top of this page.