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Top 4 Best Postage Meter Companies: 2023 Comparison Reviews


There are lots of postage meter companies in North America and each one offers a range of products and services. In this article, we review the best postage machines so you can make a fair comparison for your business requirements.

Although there may seem to be plenty of options when looking for the best postage meter, there are actually only 4 companies that are authorized by the USPS to supply postage machines in USA:

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Quadient
  • PF USA
  • DataPac

Note: Hasler was an authorized dealer but they were acquired by Quadient in 2002. At the end of 2012, Quadient announced that their technical support teams would no longer support Hasler machines which has led to the gradual phasing out of Hasler models. 

To help you find the best postage machine for business use, below is a comparison of some of the highest-rated top postage meter models in the US.

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Note: companies are ranked in no particular order and this no way indicates one solution is better than another.

1. Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is one of the largest companies in postage equipment and services. They have been innovating since 1920 and are considered a pioneer in the industry.

Pitney Bowes has a strong reputation for developing efficient, cost-effective machines. They offer a range of postage meters with features to suit all needs from SMEs to large mailrooms.

Pitney Bowes website

MailStation 2 (Low Volume)

This quality low volume machine is perfectly designed for home offices and small businesses. It is easy to use, has a 5-pound built-in scale and a manual feed that can handle items up to 1/4″ thick. The Mailstation2 can print directly onto envelopes or labels and allows you to add an advertising message to the envelope. It costs around $25 per month to lease (not including supplies and postage) and Pitney Bowes is offering the first two months free.

This is a great choice if your business sends less than 200 pieces of mail per month and you want to give postage meters a go without committing to the higher cost of an advanced machine.

Similar Products:

  • DM125
  • DM225

SendPro C Lite (Low Volume)

This postage meter is ideal for businesses sending up to 200 pieces of mail a week. It is modern, easy to use and a perfect option for the growing mailing needs of small businesses. It has a semi-automatic feeder that can process up to 50 letters per minute, a 5-pound scale and it is compact so can fit in a home office.

With the SendPro C Lite you get free access to SendPro Online which is a platform for shipping, tracking and accounting information. This postage meter costs $42.99 a month to rent and Pitney Bowes is currently offering a free 60-day trial.

Similar Products:

  • DM300
  • DM400

SendPro C Auto (Medium Volume)

The SendPro C Auto is a high-tech medium volume option that is ideal for busy mailrooms. It can automatically process and seal up to 120 letters per minute, has a 7” colour touchscreen and an integrated 15 pound scale that makes using it quick and easy. This is larger than the low volume models but doesn’t take up more space than it needs.

With the SendPro C Auto, you can compare multi-carrier options including USPS, UPS and FedEX rates. The system also includes address verification to reduce correction fees and improve delivery success rates. SendPro Online lets you track postage spend more easily across multiple accounts.

Similar Products:

  • DM475
  • Connect+1000

SendPro P1000 (Medium Volume)

The SendPro P Series offers a fast, feature-rich mailing solution. The P1000 model is designed for mid-volume mailing and can automatically handle up to 180 letters per minute (mail up to 3/4″ thick). The large touchscreen lets you quickly select tasks and create presets for common jobs.

This model gives you access to USPS, UPS and FedEx services at discounted rates. Other benefits include using The Integrated Shipping App for sending and tracking packages and the ability to log inbound packages using the barcode scanner.

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Similar Products:

  • Connect+1000
  • Connect+2000

SendPro P2000 Basic (High Volume)

The SendPro P2000 Basic is an all-in-one mailing, shipping and receiving system. It’s suitable for all types of businesses with high volume mailing requirements. It can handle up to 145 letters a minute (5/8″ thick) and can process mixed size mail at a rate of up to 70 letters per minute. The P2000 has an integrated 10 pound scale and uses a Weigh-on-the-Way system that can process mixed-size mail on the go.

The P2000 offers full-color printing and the ability to add a custom logo or promotional message to the envelope. It has a color touch screen display that is easy to use. This meter makes it easy to send and track deliveries as well as manage inbound deliveries. You can set up between 100 – 3000 postage accounts so can keep track of postage spending.

Similar Products:

  • SendPro P3000
  • Connect+3000

SendPro P3000 (High Volume)

The highest volume model in the Pitney Bowes P-Series is the P3000. This is a high performing, streamlined system ideal for handling large volumes of mail. The P3000 can print postage for up to 310 letters per minute. When using the Weigh-on-the-Way feature it can process mixed sized mail at a speed of 205 letters per minute.

Key features include desktop shipping, a barcode scanner to manage inbound deliveries and flexible color printing that lets you print graphics onto envelopes. As with the other P-Series models, this has a color touch screen display for easily navigating the menu and settings.

Similar Products:

  • Connect+3000 Pro

Pitney Bowes Reviews & Ratings

Here are some reviews left by businesses in North America:


“The scale and label printer have sat on my desk for just a month and have more than paid for SendPro by saving time and eliminating so many steps.” Jeremy Kershaw, Director of Shipping and Receiving at United Kennel Club. 

“I’m saving a couple of minutes on every package. Multiply that by 50,000 packages, and it’s very significant.” Josh Fallin, Coordinator of Office Services at Minnesota Twins.

“We have used Pitney Bowes for several years and their service and support have always been excellent.” Emma Baudinette, review from TrustPilot.


“Upon deciding to change our machine, the sales team were awesome, promising many things. These did not materialize, credit was not moved across from one account to the other, despite numerous requests to do this.” Tim, review on TrustPilot.

“Poor communication and follow up on issues. Very long lead time to get machine delivered and installed.” Customer, review on TrustPilot.  

2. Quadient

Quadient (formerly known as Neopost) is one of the other big names in postage meters. They have been around since 1992 and rebranded in 2019. Quadient postage meters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a range of work environments and postage needs.

Quadient website

IS-280 (Low Volume)

This simple, compact mailing system is ideal for small businesses that are processing a low volume of mail. The machine has a small footprint and is very quiet so won’t interfere with office operations.

The IS-280 can be topped up anytime, has an integrated 2-pound scale and allows you to customize outgoing mail with a logo, image or message. You can set up 10 accounts for expense reporting, use shortcut keys for recurring tasks and process up to 18 letters per minute.

Similar Products:

  • IS-240
  • IN-360
  • IJ-40

iX-3 Series (Low Volume)

The iX-3 Series is a small office solution that offers powerful performance and efficient mail processing. The 5 pound integrated scale combined with the user-friendly control panel and shortcut keys make this an easy postage machine to use.

This meter uses Rate Wizard to ensure rate accuracy and meets the latest USPS requirements for data and security. You can add a personalized touch to mail with a logo or message which is perfect for building brand awareness. The iX-3 Series lets you create up to 50 accounts/ departments making it easier to manage, track and control outgoings.

Similar Products:

  • IS-280
  • IS-350

iX-5 HF Series (Medium Voume)

The iX-5 is ideal for businesses with medium volume mail requirements. It offers flexibility and efficiency with its power-assisted hand-feeding system, differential weighing capabilities and 5-pound weighing platform.

The Intelligent Mail Indicia system ensures compliance with the latest USPS requirements. You can process up to 75 letters per minute, create up to 100 accounts and create 9 job memories with this postage machine.

Similar Products:

  • IS-420
  • IJ-70

IS-440 (Medium Volume)

The IS-440 has an automatic feeder that lets you process up to 110 letters per minute. It uses differential weighing and Smart Start Technology to make the process as easy as possible. You can promote your brand by personalising the envelope.

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This is an efficient model that automatically downloads the latest postal rates and lets you know when the ink is running low.

Similar Products:

  • IS-460
  • IS-480

iX-7 Series (High Volume)

The iX-7 can process up to 140 mixed mail letters per minute making it ideal for high volume requirements. It is built to handle demanding mail centres and meets the latest Dimensional Weighing and Intelligent Mail Indicia USPS requirements.

Online management tools make sure you can manage and track shipping and postage costs in one place.

Similar Products:

  • IN-600
  • IN-700

IS-5000 (High Volume)

If you’re looking for a true workhorse that handles large batches of mail with efficiency, the IS-5000 is one of the best. It can batch process up to 300 letters per minute and automatically seals, weighs, measures, meters and stacks mail.

This postage meter is easy to use and has a color touch screen to make menu navigation simple. This is an advanced system that eliminates overspending and streamlines mail processing.

Similar Products:

  • IS-6000
  • IJ-110

Quadient Reviews & Ratings

Here are some business reviews of Quadient:


“Phoned customer service and they resolved my problem in minutes. Excellent service and the portal is easy to use too.” Diane, review on TrustPilot.

“Fast and pain free switch from another major name. Great prices, flexible contract and excellent client service.” Tim, review on TrustPilot.


“Very frustrating trying to get through to any sort of customer support.” Karen, review on TrustPilot. 

“Received email asking us to renew contract but it took over 14 emails pinging back and forth between us to obtain all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision.” Kim, review on TrustPilot. 


FP USA is the fastest growing mailing solutions provider in the US. They provide quality products with a focus on innovation. FP postage machines include the PostBase Mini which is the smallest digital postage meter available.

FP USA website

PostBase Mini (Low Volume)

This compact low volume meter is perfect for small businesses and home offices. It is powerful and user-friendly with a colour touch screen, postage available 24/7 and USPS IMI compliant security.

The PostBase Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and it can be connected to WiFi via LAN connection. This low volume postage meter costs around $20 per month to lease.

PostBase Econ (Low Volume)

The PostBase Econ offers excellent value for money for low volume mailing requirements. It can process up to 20 letters per minute, has an easy to use color touchscreen and an intuitive interface.

This is ideal for small offices as it is efficient and very quiet when in use. The PostBase Econ is one of the best-looking postage meters as it is sleek and sophisticated.

PostBase Vision Semi-Auto (Medium Volume)

This is a modern, stylish and efficient option that offers a fast processing speed. It has a built-in scale, a touchscreen control panel and can be connected via LAN and WiFi.

The PostBase Vision Semi-Auto is USPS IMI-Compliant and allows you to promote your business with personalised imprints. This is a convenient, user-friendly option that is ideal for handling medium volume requirements.

PostBase Vision Auto (Medium Volume)

The PostBase Vision Auto has a fully automatic envelope feeder with sealer, uses Secure Seal technology and has a built-in scale. It can process up to 95 letters per minute and has a color touchscreen making it easy to navigate the controls.

This is a great option if you have medium volume mailing requirements and want an automatic system.

Similar Products:

  • PostBase Vision Advanced

PostBase Pro (High Volume)

The PostBase Pro is ideal for large batches of mail. It can process up to 140 letters per minute, has a stack & go feeder and a seal check sensor. The anti-skew rollers, built-in label dispenser and differential weighing capability all come together to make this a user-friendly, adaptable and efficient meter.

Similar Products:

  • PostBase Pro DS

PostBase One (High Volume)

PostBase One is the largest and most efficient postage meter in the FP range. It features a 15 pound external scale, letter stacking and envelope sealing capabilities. The PostBase One can process up to 150 letters per minute with its automatic feeder and power pressure sealer. This system is large enough to handle any mail and is a great high-end postage meter.

FP Postage Meter Reviews & Ratings

Here are some reviews left by businesses in North America:


“My postage machine didn’t update with the new postal rates from last week… I sent our rep Jennifer an email explaining the situation and within minutes I was speaking with a customer service rep. Excellent customer service!” Yvonne, review on Yelp.

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“I would definitely highly recommend FP Mailing solutions for all your mailing and shipping needs.” Tyler, review on Yelp.


“When there is a problem that needs to be resolved the customer service is very poor and the customer service reps seem to not be trained very well to deal with problems.” Dave, review on Yelp. 

“I read every page of the website and did not find an answer to my question before I tried to contact support. I emailed support and received a message that told me to read the website.” Lu, review on Yelp.

4. DataPac

DataPac is the first company in over 25 years to receive USPS authorization to manufacture postage meters. They aren’t as big as their competitors but they do have a 35+ year history in the mailing industry. DataPac Postage Machines cater to businesses of all sizes and offer great rates (although they don’t publish their prices online).

DataPac website

EZ-Mailer (Low Volume)

This is an automatic postage meter with a small footprint and a colour operating screen. It offers processing speeds of up to 140 letters per minute and has a range of options to make low volume mail processing as easy as possible. It has a built-in sealer and can have a 25 pound or 70-pound scale. The pros of this model include it’s low ink costs (75% cheaper than competitors) and its ability to set postage through a high-speed internet connection.

Similar Products:

  • DP 100W
  • DP 140W

DP 140W (Low Volume)

The DP 140W can process up to 200 letters in batch mode and up to 140 letters per minute using the weigh-on-the-fly in-line scale. The system includes a sealer, a mixed thickness feeder and a label printer. Optional features include differential weighing. This low volume model has a 15-inch touch screen PC and uses eSmart Mail software.

Similar Products:

  • EZ-Mailer

DP 200W (Medium Volume)

This digital postage meter includes weighing in motion and shape-based measuring. It has a mixed thickness feeder and sealer, is USPS shape-based compliant and comes with a shape based scale. It includes touch screen controls, a full accounting standard and a label printer.

Similar Products:

  • DIB 200W

DP 200B (Medium Volume)

The DP 200B is a complete digital mailing system suitable for medium volume mailing. It has an all-steel construction that looks smart and is highly durable. This postage meter can process up to 200 letters per minute in batch mode, has a 15-inch touch screen and has a mixed thickness feeder. It also has an envelope sealer, full accounting and uses eSmart Mail software.

Similar Products:

  • DP 240B

Advanced Curve (High Volume)

The Advanced Curve is suitable for high volume requirements. It has weigh in motion and static weighing capabilities, a label printer and a built-in sealer. The large feed deck is perfect for high-capacity requirements and can handle letters up to 5/8″ thick. The batch mail processing speeds are over 11,000 letters per hour and the 70 pound scale makes sure all mail can be weighed before sending.

DP 240B (High Volume)

The DP 240B is a digital mailing system that is well suited to high volume mailing needs. It can process up to 240 letters per minute in batch mode, has a mixed thickness feeder and envelope sealer. The all-steel construction looks great and the touch screen controls make it easy to use. This is ideal for businesses with large mailing requirements looking for a complete solution.

DataPac Reviews & Ratings

There are not as many customer reviews available for DataPac but we did find the following:

“I recently purchased a used Data-Pac Curve…Both the machine and the service provided have met or exceeded every expectation.” Mark via Google Reviews. 

Postage Meter Benefits

  • Save on mail costs – access discounted USPS rates. You also benefit from accurate weighing and up to date postage rates.
  • Streamlined processing systems – all mail related tasks can be carried out using a postage meter resulting in faster and improved results.
  • Greater efficiency – a postage meter helps to partially or fully automate processes.
  • Mail looks professional – an imprint from a postage meter looks more professional and offers a good opportunity for promotional messages.

Track Mailing Expense & Monitor Postage Usage

A postage meter makes it easy to monitor and manage mailing expenses. This helps you to see exactly how much you are spending which allows you to make cost-effective decisions regarding your postage expenses. You can also monitor postage expenses by department or account to help get a clearer picture of what is being spent where.

Postage Machines Vs Stamps

Calculating the cost of heavier items is very difficult when using stamps so miscalculation is a high risk. This not only impacts budgeting but also can result in overpaying postage. Postage meters remove this risk by calculating the postage exactly.

You can enjoy discounted rates, for example, you will automatically save 4 cents on every first-class letter sent with a postage meter. A first-class 1 Oz letter costs $0.55 with a stamp or $0.51 when sent with a postage meter. This may not sound like a lot for a single letter but when multiplied it soon adds up.

Next Steps

The best way to get accurate, up to date postage meter prices is through carrying out a quote comparison, you can get 2-3 quotes by filling out the form on the top of the page.

Now that we have reviewed some of the top options on the market today, you can find the best postage meter for your business using our guide as a starting point.