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Portable Guard Shacks Cost: 2023 Security Booth Rental Prices


Do you have a factory, construction site, or anywhere that needs constant surveillance or monitoring? If you do, you’ll need a base for your security guards to work from.  

We offer both new and used portable guard houses depending on what you need for your employees. And we have a choice of ways you can pay for them. You can purchase a booth if you have an ongoing need for one, either at the same site or many, over a lengthy period. Alternatively, you can lease for a long-term hire or rent in the short term. 

Firstly, make sure you know what purpose you intend to use the security booth for. Are your guards situated at the main gate and monitoring visitors and vehicles coming onto and off the site? Are they using it as a surveillance hub during out-of-office hours? Or, is it someplace to keep warm between patrols, make a cup of coffee and watch the CCTV monitors? Furthermore, is the security booth intended to be stationary or as a portable guard booth so you can move it from place to place? 

They have many uses 

There are many other uses for a prefab booth, and not all of them involve civilian security. Parking lots need an attendant booth, as do some gated communities. Also, we can include beach lifeguards,  sports stadia, valet booths, and ticket collectors for many outdoor events. They all need protection from the elements, not to mention the armed forces who need guardrooms at checkpoints.  

Each type of security booth needs different features. We have standard designs for you to use, or we can provide a fully customized prefab layout to suit your particular needs. 

Whichever security shack you choose, we can usually organize purchase or lease financing options if you desire. Thus, removing the large upfront payment and incorporating the monthly payments into your cash flow. 

If you like what you hear so far, get on the phone today to chat about the type of portable security booth you prefer. We’ll get the ball rolling and send you a custom quote for whichever booth you choose. And, we can deliver a unit anywhere across the 50 states within three working days. 

How Much Do Portable Guard Shacks Cost? 

Although we can produce customized sizes, many standard sizes will suit almost all purposes. These are just a few of the commonly requested sizes. 

  • 4ft x 6ft. 
  • 6ft x 8ft. 
  • 8ft x 8ft. 
  • 10ft x 8ft. 
  • 8ft x 12ft. 
  • 10ft x 14ft. 
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We provide used and new booths with these sizes for rent, lease, or purchase.  

Typical purchase prices range from $2,500 to $13,000 depending on size, features, and modifications. A new 4ft x 6ft portable guard shack with HVAC costs around $7,500, while an 8ft x 12ft with HVAC costs around $11,000. 

It’s always worthwhile providing a comfortable working environment, so all booths have heating and air conditioning. And, to make work even easier and more secure, all guard shacks are ADA compliant and have as standard: 

  • Floodlights. 
  • Drive-up windows. 
  • Electrical GFI outlets. 

Some have restrooms and other customized modifications, but these can cost as much as $50,000 depending on the extras. 

Delivery is free and usually takes up to 2 or 3 days unless we have to design and build to your specifications. Speak to a member of the team for further information. 

Guard Shack Rental 

Alternatively, if you prefer rentals, our temporary security booths cost as little as $200 to $500 per month, and we have plenty of those available too. 

For example, we rent out a typical 4ft x 6ft with interior lights for around $260 per month. 

Rental prices change with various cost factors. These factors include whether it’s a new or used guard shack, what features are available, and the contract length. There is also the option to take out a rent-to-own arrangement, where you pay a monthly rental and own the unit after an agreed number of payments. If you’re interested in any of these arrangements,  speak to our team, and they can talk you through them. 

Portable Security Booth Solutions & Benefits 

A mobile guard shack is an affordable way to provide your employees a place to operate securely and professionally when looking out for your business needs.  

  • Not only will they work more efficiently, but your investment allows them to be safer and have a better working environment.  
  • Prefabricated and low-cost security booths are more affordable than permanent buildings. Plus, if your need is short-term or seasonal, it’s much more cost-effective to organize a security guard booth rental 
  • They are versatile. Whatever your requirements, the booth provides weather protection, workstation counters with phones, video, computer connections, and all-around 360 degree windows. 
  • Our portable guard shacks are sturdy anyway. But will be structurally sound and immovable with a few additional fixtures. 
  • Attendant booths are incredibly space-efficient. They are perfect for parking lots, theme parks, ticket collection, and many more uses. Ideal on their own or use them to supplement additional structures. They arrive ready-assembled and can be easily placed in position as they are.  Or you can fix them to the ground or an adjacent building with simple fixings. 
  • You can move them around your property to always be in the most convenient and efficient location. Furthermore, you won’t have to build a structure at each site, saving you money with less upheaval to the surrounding environment. 
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Sizes & Custom Options 

We offer a complete range of sizes to suit most applications.  

We have our low-cost 4ft x 6ft, 4ft x 8ft, and 6ft x 6ft sizes for a simple booth. After these, we have sizes ranging in 2 ft increments from 8ft x 6ft up to 8ft x 20ft. And finally, we have our booths complete with a restroom. 

In addition to these, we also offer fully customized solutions designed to your specifications. These are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks longer than our standard sizes.  

So, if you’re interested in something tailored to your requirements, get in touch with our team, we can talk you through it. And produce a quote for a unique purpose-made structure. 

Additional add-on Features Requested By Previous Customers 

To give you an idea of the additional features we can provide, look at this list of modifications requested by previous customers. It’s quite an eye-opener. 

  • A sliding door instead of a swinging door is great when you’re short on space.  
  • You can have fixed glass windows rather than sliding ones, complete with a microphone speak-hole and transaction slot. 
  • An external counter if you want your customers to complete paperwork at the window. 
  • We can install exterior electrical outlets and floodlights in specific locations. 
  • Place the booth onto an elevated platform for greater all-around visibility. 
  • Provide a wall with an array of numbered key hooks for valet parking. 

Our Portable Guard Booth Construction 

By now, you probably want to know what makes our booths special and learn a little about how we make them. As each one is unique, we can’t go into too much detail. However, here’s a few pointers to whet your appetite. 

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To have a strong and sturdy structure, we provide a strong base. Our booths have a high-grade steel base frame welded at the corners and supplied with anchoring points to bolt the structure to a concrete slab. We also build them with forklift pockets for ease of moving them around and into place. 


Standard walls have steel corner columns, and steel top supports to protect against wind and seismic disturbances. Aluminum panels make up the exterior skin, with vinyl-covered panels on the inside. Each wall cavity has a waterproof vapor barrier and insulation filling suited to your local and state building codes. 


You can choose flooring from aluminum tread plate, rubber, or steel tread plate with flooring insulation beneath. 


We install the roof using hurricane anchor brackets to prevent up-lift and include suitable insulation within the roof cavity. Finally, we add an EPDM ( a durable synthetic rubber membrane) roof covering for weatherproofing. 

Windows and doors 

The windows usually comprise white vinyl frames with low E glass (we can substitute them with tinted or other glass as required). We can also provide sliding or fixed glass if you prefer.  The insulated steel doors have aluminum frames and stainless steel hinges, a heavy-duty closer, and a keyed lock. But we can customize these if you prefer. 

Electrics, heating, and air conditioning 

We install heating and air conditioning as standard on all our designs, with the output sized to match the booth’s dimensions. We install all electrical wiring according to the appropriate electrical codes. 

Counters and desktops 

Counters and desktops come as standard on all structures.  Usually,  the desktop is 30″ from the floor but can be modified if necessary. Also, we can install file cabinets, storage drawers, and cupboards if required.   

Next Steps

Our portable guard shacks and attendant booths are versatile and can be modified to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves that they are sturdy enough to provide a secure and safe working environment for your employees. And, it’s so easy to move them to another location if that’s what you need. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss all your portable guard shack requirements. We can offer both purchase and rental options.