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Top 6 Most Expensive Semi-Trucks: 2023 Comparison (Ranked)


A mid-range semi truck averages between $70,000 and $150,000 when purchased new.

But, with dozens of luxury semi trucks available, costs can get significantly higher.

For truckers looking for big sleepers, big cabins, or customizations, prices can soar significantly higher. For example, in 2019, a 3,424 HP custom Peterbilt sold for $12 million. 

Considering the sleeper market, the most expensive semi-truck will always be a custom model. 

Here is a list of some of the most expensive semi trucks in America:

TruckPrice Range
Mercedes-Benz Actros$246,346+
Kenworth W990  $159,900+
Mack Anthem  $100,000+
International LT  $160,000 to $240,000
Volvo VNL 860$240,000+
Peterbilt 579$160,000+

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1. Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Mercedes-Benz Actros has been among the top most expensive semi-trucks on the market since its release in 1996.

Since then, costs have also soared with inflation, with the MSRP for the rig hitting $246,346 in 2022. Plus, as the only off-the-shelf truck we found above $240,000, Mercedes-Benz is the most expensive semi-truck brand as of 2022. 

Still, with a base OM 501 LA engine putting out 394/1800 RPM HP and 1850/1080 of torque, Telligent Gearshift Transmission, and a choice of 9 V6 and V8 engines – the Actros lives up to being one of the best trucks out there. 

That includes a maintenance system including improved efficiency. You also get an oil change interval of almost 75,000 miles – meaning you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time driving. 

Actros trucks are most well-known for luxurious interiors. That’s because Mercedes integrates everything from work functionality to one of the best-rated sleeper cabs on the market. For example, the cab offers up to 6’2” of standing room. 

You also get reclining chairs, up to 2 beds, and plenty of integrated storage. Mercedes-Benz also stands out with features like an optional integrated refrigerator, reclining seats, and home features like mirrors as a standard.

2. Kenworth W990 

Kenworth’s W900L is one of the most popular semi-trucks for owner-operators, especially drivers who want customization. While first introduced in 1961, the W900 remains Kenworth’s flagship truck, and is currently available as the W990. 

This luxury long-haul semi starts with an MSRP of $159,900 but prices go up to well over $200,000. And, with 5 sleeper cabin options, including an 86” studio sleeper, prices can go up significantly. 

Of course, it’s also an owner-operator favorite for a reason.

The standard PACCAR MX-13 engine delivers 405-510 HP and 1450-1850 pound feet of torque. You’ll also get a 12-speed PACCAR transmission. The 2022 W990 offers optional upgrades to the engine as well. 

Plus, with multiple options for tailpipes, chrome, and exterior, the W990 is one of the most customizable trucks out there. That holds true on the interior.

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Here, you can customize the “Driver’s Studio” with everything from fold-out tables to integrated television, sliding and reclining chairs, and integrated refrigerator. 

Plus, the 2022 Kenworth W990 comes equipped with integrated safety and GPS functionality, with HOS mandate-compatible technology built in. 

3. Mack Anthem 

The Mack Anthem is a versatile truck with both day cab and sleeper options.

While the day cab starts from around $100,000, the Mack Anthem with customizations and sleeper cab can exceed $210,000 in cost. That’s understandable, considering its 72” sleeper cabin offers a lot of room and customization. 

Mack also doesn’t offer a “standard” build. You’ll have to customize your Anthem, with options for storage, beds, integrated speakers, and even rear exit. 

The “standard” engine is an MP7 or 8, but drivers can choose from over a dozen engines – fully customizing the truck to their driving needs.

The Mack mDrive transmission offers 12, 13, or 14 speeds – with low gear ratios and multi-speed reverse. Plus, it uses an electronic clutch to do away with the pedal. 

With that, you’ll get 315-605 HP and up to 2060 lb-foot of torque – making this one of the more powerful engine/drivetrain combos on the market. 

Of course, Mack also offers up to an 8-speed Eaton-fuller transmission. 

4. International LT 

International is a favorite for trucks designed by truckers, but its LT series takes that to a new level. This luxurious semi-truck comes designed for comfort and ease of use.

However, with an MSRP of $160,000 to $240,000 depending on customization, this is one of the most expensive semi trucks in America. 

International’s LT comes with a 12.4L engine focused on fuel efficiency.

The standard “A26” delivers 400-515 HP with 1450-1850 lb-ft of torque. The upgradeable CUMMINS X-15 option delivers 400-565 HP and 1450-2050 ft-lb of torque.

Its Eaton Endurant automated transmission is also lightweight. Of course, if you want a manual transmission, you can opt for the Fuller Advantage, at 10, 13, or 18 speeds. 

In addition, with four sleeper options, with up to a 73” “sky rise” sleeper, you’ll have plenty of options to customize the cab.

In addition, International LT offers plenty of hidden storage, optional mounts, integrated USB and docks, and integrated ports for refrigerators, flatscreen TVs, and microwaves. 

5. Volvo VNL 860

The Volvo VNL is a classic, high-end long-haul semi. It’s one of Volvo’s flagship trucks. And, with an MSRP of $240,000 for the high-roof, 72” sleeper, it’s also one of the most expensive semi trucks you can choose. 

Its standard D11 engine delivers 325-425HP, at 1,550 lb-ft of torque. And, the I-Shift transmission is designed around fuel economy. 

Features include up to two beds, including a retractable ladder for the top bunk.

The bunks themselves are retractable, allowing drivers to recline and watch TV or read in the back. And, the bunk folds away, allowing the space to be used with a workstation that folds out of the wall. 

Volvo also offers a sleeper control panel, perfect for adjusting audio, heating, and shades without leaving the bunk.

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Additionally, you get integrated electronics including a refrigerator, electrical outlets on the top and bottom, and mounts for TV or microwave. 

Finally, Volvo brings that to the driver seat as well. You get a configural driver information display panel, adjustable steering wheel, and integrated 7” color touchscreen. 

6. Peterbilt 579

The Peterbilt 579 is a long-haul classic, featuring one of the largest sleepers in the industry. Plus, with costs starting at $160,000 (and up), it’s far from the most expensive option on the list.

However, with customizations, you can still send this truck well over $200,000. 

The 2022 Peterbilt 579 features an 80” sleeper with 8’ of standing headroom. The cabin also integrates 70 cubic feet of integrated storage.

This includes a built-in microwave and refrigerator. Drivers can also install a flat-screen TV.

Peterbilt also boasts the largest built-in bed in the industry. 

The standard build also features a PACCAR MX-13 Engine delivering 428-510HP at 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The MX-13 is also considered one of the best engines in the industry – with a 1-million-mile average lifespan before major repair.

In addition, you can switch to a Cummins X15 or X12. The transmission is a PACCAR 12-speed or Eaton Manual or Automated. 

Integrated driver safety, including lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking also comes built-in.

That pairs with a fully digital dash, complete with traditional-looking displays which you can configure to meet your needs. 

Semi-Truck Luxury Features 

The largest tell for a semi-truck’s cost is often not the engine but rather the sleeper. Luxurious interiors cost a lot, and that remains true whether you’re getting an extended sleeper or quality craftsmanship on a smaller one. 

And, of course, you can always increase the cost of your truck further by looking for an aftermarket sleeper. However, these rarely or never come built into trucks.

If you want a kitchen, bathroom, or other extended sleeper function, you’ll need a custom truck.

Most often, that will mean choosing a truck body that supports the extension you want and then having it completely customized with an aftermarket shop. 

Still, if you’re spending $160,000+ on a semi-truck, you can expect to see a lot of features. These usually include: 

Built For The Long-Haul

Every truck on this list is a long-haul sleeper. That also means you get engines built for endurance.

Most of these vehicles have engines and powertrains designed for maximum-length trips. That works out to many offering industry-leading engines.

For example, 2 of the trucks on this list offer a Cummins X-15. Three offer PACCAR MX-13s. 

Spacious Cabin 

From leg room to adjustable steering wheels to good cabin design, luxury semi trucks are designed for space. That often means everything from button placement to walkways has been designed to give as much ease of use as possible.

In many cases, it also means you simply get a roomier cabin. Peterbilt, International, and Kenworth offer a 6.8’ wide cabin. 

That gives you plenty of legroom and plenty of room for storage. Here, you can also expect that, as the passenger seat will slide forward and out of the way. You may also be able to rotate it to face the bed.

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Many also include reclining seats, so you can maximize your use of the cabin. 

Big Sleeper

Sleepers vary a lot in size, with “average” industry sizes going anywhere from 36” to 82”. Many also vary in height with 6’-8’ being common in luxury vehicles.

However, the more expensive your truck, the more likely you max out the sizes of the sleeper. 

Of course, no factory sleeper will ever compete with a stretch sleeper from an aftermarket customization shop.

However, you can get up to 82” of living space built into your truck from the factory. That often includes built-in storage, refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs.

Here, electronics are most often extras that you can add on – which means you can choose your own from an aftermarket seller. However, most won’t fit as well as the factory option, so there’s plenty of incentive to go for them. 

You might also get options to adjust beds, slide chairs out of the way, reclining chairs, etc. Good design usually means allowing you to do more with the space – which does cost more. 


Trim options, chrome options, and upholstery options always add to the cost of your vehicle. And, some luxury semi trucks offer a lot of everything. Some models like the Kenwood offer 10+ different trim options.

If you choose a luxury interior, you can expect to pay more for it. 

Of course, those luxury options are normally completely optional. So, if you’d rather pay less, you can always skip the upgrades.

Modern Electronics 

New semis feature the newest in onboard technology. That ranges from integrated GPS and smart screens to full HOS compliance modules and trackers.

For example, Volvo includes its own diagnostics tracker and repair service – included with the vehicle based on the duration of your warranty. 

Most vehicles now also include extensive driver safety features. Integrated technology like auto braking, lane assists, and smart cruise control is the standard in luxury semis.

Those features can greatly improve safety over long hauls. At the same time, you also often can’t opt out of these technologies if you don’t want them in the vehicle. 

Depending on the vehicle, that onboard technology can range from simple GPS and touchscreens to integrated smart scales and air tire pressure sensors.

You’ll also get access to different types of data depending on whether you buy the vehicle as an owner-operator or for your drivers. 


The most expensive semi-trucks almost all hover between $200,000 and $250,000. Here, you can expect the base truck to cost around $100,000-$160,000 – with add-ons like sleepers, engine upgrades, and frame size to make up the rest. 

In general, the larger your truck – frame, sleeper, wheelbase – the more expensive it will be. That’s why all of these trucks are long-haul sleepers. However, you can always top this price range by going for custom ones with an extended sleeper. And, of course, other customizations like engine and powertrain upgrades can make a lot of difference to the price as well.

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