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Average Cost of a Grow Closet


In this article we look at the average cost of a grow closet. Growing plants indoors can be both therptic and cost effective. There are three main aspects of having your own grow closet. They are a grow box, lights, and a ventilation system. In this article, we will show you the costs of the different types of these tools. To find out the cost of game consoles, computers, and other items and experiences, check out our other articles!

Average Cost of a Grow Closet Kit: $139 

According to our bot, the average price of a grow closet kit on Amazon is $139. The exact contents and quality of the tools in a grow closet kit vary depending on the price, but typically they will at least include in some form a grow box, lights, and a ventilation system. The cost can vary pretty widely based on the quality of the kit, ranging from under $100 to costing several hundred dollars. Grow closets will also hold different types of additional tools such as timers and hydrometers. 

Average Cost of Grow Box: $182

The size of the growing space is important for figuring out the ideal grow box size. There are a few different options that people can buy. The smallest version is a grow tent. Grow tents are made of plastic or metal and are designed to be small and compact. They will often have reflective material on the inside as well as an insulating layer. A larger version of the grow tent is a grow closet. Grow closets are made from similar materials as grow tents but are usually longer than grow tents. The grow closets can be separated into multiple compartments to separate the vegetation and potential flowering. For those that wish to do some significant growing, they would be best suited for purchasing a grow room. Grow rooms require a large amount of space. These grow rooms often come with a large amount of additional features and customization ability. However, the need for them to take up a larger amount of space will likely make them unsuitable for most people. 

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Grow Tent$129
Grow Closet$146
Grow Room$239

Average Cost of Grow Lights:

Buying a grow light is vital for having a grow closet. The lights artificially provide the sunlight that the plants would normally receive outside. There are a few different types of grow lights. There are energy efficient LED lights as well as lights that allow you to adjust the intensity. In addition, there are those that hang above the plants while others are attached to a desk lamp. The main types of lights are high pressure sodium lights(HPS), high intensity discharge lights(HID), LED, and sulfur plasma. HPS are the most commonly used lights for commercial growing. These are best used when they could be accompanied by some degree of natural light as they do not give the plants any blue light. HID lights are made by running electricity through a gas tube. These lights glow bright but are also primarily used by large growers. LED lights are the newest mainstream grow light. They are highly efficient and can direct a wide wavelength of light. Lastly, sulfur plasma is by far the most expensive type of light. They produce light using microwaves and have the closest wavelength to the Sun. This is best used by serious growers. These lights are currently unavailable on Amazon and must be purchased from a specialty seller. 

Sulfur Plasma>$500

Average Cost of Ventilation Fan: $106

Our cost bot found the average cost of a ventilation fan to be about $106. On average, the range can be from about $30-$160. An incredibly important aspect of indoor growing is ventilation. Ventilation systems help with a large amount of ways. A good ventilation system maintains the plants have an optimal carbon dioxide level by giving them a constant supply of fresh air, as well as maintaining the proper heat management by circulating heat out of the system. In addition, a ventilation system will also prevent too much humidity from attracting fungi and pests. There are two mandatory parts of a ventilation system: an extractor fan and an oscillating fan. The extractor fan will take out heat and moisture from the area while the oscillating fan will maintain a breeze in the room. In addition to the fans, you will most likely need to have some ducting in order to help with the air pressure of the room. Having negative air pressure(the air pressure inside the room is less than outside) and proper ducting could ensure a constant circulation of fresh air. Aluminum ducting works well and is cheap.

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Extractor Fan$100
Oscillating Fan$38
Aluminum Ducting$18



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