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Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive? [11 Reasons 2023]


An English Bulldog is a mastiff-type breed dog. They are companion dogs and are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.  

English Bulldogs have a calm loving temperament which makes them great companions for other dogs and children. However, the price for an AKC-registered puppy can be as high as $3,000.

So, what makes English Bulldogs so expensive?

English Bulldogs are so expensive because of a supply and demand imbalance. People like these dogs, but a small litter size means they are harder to come by compared to other breeds. Breeders also include the costs of raising purebred dogs, the costs of maternal care, early puppy care, and overhead costs into the price of puppies. 

1. Litter Size 

English Bulldogs are popular, but availability can be scarce. A litter generally consists of three to four pups, and there are only so many English Bulldogs in the world.

This breed has small litters because English Bulldogs are not very large to begin with. Females have smaller wombs compared to other medium-sized dogs, such as Beagles, who can have up to ten pups per litter.

2. Maternal Care

Another reason why English Bulldogs pups are expensive is the cost of maternal care. Females require premium care during pregnancy, including high-quality diets and several vet appointments. 

Eighty-six percent of all puppies are delivered via a cesarean section. This is due to their large heads that might become stuck in the mother’s birth channel.

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During pregnancy, it is also important that your dog get lots of exercise, so she is fit for the delivery of her puppies. Complications are very prone, thus vet visits are important both for the mother and puppies.

3. Cesarean Section

As mentioned above, English Bulldog pups are generally delivered via a C-section. Most vets schedule the surgery, which can cost anywhere between $500 to $4,000.

However, not all pregnancies go according to plan. If the female goes into early labor, she must be rushed to the vet and this could have a significant cost implication.

Complications during delivery, and post-delivery care for both mom and pups can also increase the delivery costs.

4. Artificial Insemination

English Bulldogs are a “man-made” dog breed.  Their body structure makes intercourse nearly impossible. Trying to mount a bitch may result in exhaustion, overheating, and even vomiting.

Artificial insemination has several advantages, including that the male sperm can be checked for quality and viability and prevents injuries that can occur during natural mating.

However, artificial insemination can cost up to $1,000.  If using frozen sperm, it will add to the cost.  

5. DNA Testing

Like most dog breeds, English Bulldogs are prone to several health issues. These include hip dysplasia, lung problems, and heart issues. 

DNA testing is mandatory for all members in a kennel, including sires, dams, and puppies. Owners must also do a DNA test before collecting and freezing the sperm.

These exams are required when breeding English Bulldogs to ensure that all puppies in a litter are healthy.

Some owners or breeders may also do voluntary genetic testing to detect problems including luxating patella, hearing and eye problems, autoimmune thyroiditis, and tracheal hypoplasia.

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6. Early Puppy Care

Early puppy care is very important. You want to ensure that the puppies are receiving adequate nutrition and that they reach certain goals. This might result in more vet visits.

English Bulldogs are not the best mothers and since most puppies are delivered via Cesarean birth the mother cannot take care of her puppies.  

Often puppies will need to be hand-fed.  This requires additional expenses for supplements, food, and puppy milk.

Mothers tend to roll over their puppies, then injure them or even kill them.  Raising English Bulldogs puppies is a highly intensive job for the breeder.

Most puppies are sold at an age of seven to eight weeks. By this time, they might have had as many as four vet consultations. These will include early puppy vaccinations and deworming. This adds up to more cost to the breeder

Early puppy care will ensure that your dog is healthier and may lead to a longer life expectancy. When purchasing a puppy, it is important to look at whether they are healthy and in good shape.

7. Kennel Costs 

Aside from early puppy care, English Bulldog breeders must also care for their dogs. Not only do adult dogs need food, but they also need medical care, regular vet appointments for periodical vaccines, grooming, and more. Breeders include some of these costs in the cost of puppies. 

8. Overhead Expenses

Breeding English Bulldogs requires insurance and a bona fide legal setup. You will also need sufficient space for breeding.

Puppies are very messy and there will be additional cleaning costs. Bedding and food also need to be provided for the puppies. Additional help may also be needed to take care of the puppies. 

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9. Pedigree

The family tree of a puppy is called a pedigree. All puppies born in a registered kennel must have a pedigree, but this paper costs.

Breeders pay between $26.00 and $50.00 for it, and these costs are included in the price required for the puppy.

10. Popularity

English Bulldogs are very popular. Since they are so difficult to breed, the demand is much higher than the supply. That adds to the hefty price tag. 

They are so popular since they make great companions and family dogs. They also do not need a lot of exercise, thus you do not need a big yard.

They are also very good watchdogs and are very protective of their owners.

11. Puppy Owner Costs

Unfortunately, the cost of your English Bulldog puppy does not end with the purchase. English Bulldogs are prone to several health issues. They are very susceptible to having breathing difficulties. 

It is very important to exercise your English Bulldog, or they might become obese and develop heart disease. 

Your pup will also need a specific diet as well as regular vet visits. This makes English Bulldogs expensive in the long run.


English Bulldogs are a very popular breed making them very expensive. English Bulldogs do not require a lot of space and even though they need exercise, a huge yard is not required.

English Bulldogs are very sociable and are excellent companions. They are also good watchdogs and are very protective of their owners. 

Taking all the costs of breeding these dogs into account, a price tag up to £3,000 per puppy is reasonable. They will bring you hours of joy.