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Why Are Diptyque Candles So Expensive? [6 Reasons 2023]


Some people are very fond of candles, others do not see their appeal. Those who do enjoy candles and appreciate their allure are likely to collect them.

Candle collectors oftentimes have a selection, not only of different scents but also different candle brands.

A popular brand that is a must-have in any candle lover’s collection is Diptyque. However, not many people can stomach the idea of spending over $50 for a candle that they will probably never light.

But why are Diptyque candles so expensive? 

Candles in stock are shown inside a Diptyque store in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Lou Stejskal / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Diptyque candles are manufactured manually and only in small batches. The wicks of each candle are adjusted or straightened by hand. This special attention adds to their value because of the time and effort it takes. The candles are also made from special, high-quality materials as well as natural fragrances. The high demand for these candles is also a reason for their high price.

1. High-Quality Materials and Ingredients

Diptyque candles are produced using high-quality, all-natural ingredients and materials. The brand even declares that these materials are developed with the utmost commitment and care.

Paraffin wax, thought to be one of the most luxurious waxes, is used to create these candles.

Additionally, the container that holds the candle is also of a high quality, which adds to the overall price.  

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2. The Manufacturing Process is Manual

As the candles are manufactured manually, it is only possible for small batches of candles to be made at a time. 

According to the CEO of the company, it takes a bit of time to get the wick and wax mixture just right. 

Not only are the wicks straightened by hand and the mixture made manually, but the candles are also poured by hand to ensure perfection. 

Due to all that is involved in the manual production of Diptyque candles, their prices are raised to justify the effort involved.

3. Natural Fragrances

To create the unique fragrances of the Diptyque candles, the company uses only natural ingredients

The choice of all-natural ingredients isn’t casual. Synthetic materials may cost less, but they are also likely to give off toxic fumes when burnt.

This is why Diptyque has distinguished the use of only natural materials and fragrances. 

Because of this, Diptyque candles are known to deliver a unique, incense-like aroma created by using unrefined materials. This means the price is higher than any regular scented candle that is made in bulk. 

4. Diptyque Candles Are Very Popular

As with anything in the line of products, the popularity and demand for a product will affect its overall price. 

Diptyque outlet inside the Brickell City Centre in Miami, Florida. Photo: Phillip Pessar / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Diptyque is a popular brand, especially adored for its candles. This high popularity level results in the candles being priced higher than most. 

However, because Diptyque candles are sought after, customers will pay the necessary price in order to get their hands on one.

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5. They Attract Specific Audiences

Not all products are aimed at the majority of the public. Some products are created for a more select audience. 

This is especially true with Diptyque candles. Even though the company doesn’t target a specific demographic, most of its products attract a select audience often classified as “classy”.

These high-end consumers don’t mind spending money on products they like, even if it’s candles. 

6. Limited Availability 

Another element that drives up the price of Diptyque candles is their exclusivity. 

Photo: bgvjpe / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Like most handmade items, these candles are not mass-produced in the true meaning of the word. This is why they are only sold in a select number of stores across the globe. 

This factor adds up to the candles’ allure and demand. Limited editions are even more desirable, and will therefore cost even more than the classic scents. 


When it comes to scented candle prices, those of Diptyque can seem extravagant. However, these candles are expensive because they are manufactured manually. A lot of time and effort is put into the creation of these candles, which leads to a higher cost price to produce them. 

The ingredients used to make the candles are high-quality and natural, as opposed to synthetic ingredients. High-quality ingredients mean high-cost price which in turn results in an even higher mark-up and sell price.

Diptyque also keeps its prices high because customers purchase them, and they continue to be a sought-after and in-demand product.