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Does AutoZone Install Batteries In 2023? (Answer Explained)


Since it was founded in 1979, AutoZone has been a favorite for many US car owners in need of car parts. The retailer is mainly known for its wide selection of batteries. So, if you purchase a battery, will AutoZone install it for you?

AutoZone store in East Lake St., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: Chad Davis / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Yes, AutoZone installs batteries purchased from them in most cases. However, if your car’s battery has a strange location or if installation requires the removal of other components, AutoZone may not install the battery. Battery installation is free with battery purchases, and the company also does free battery testing, charging, and recycling.

Read on to learn more about AutoZone’s battery installation policy and battery prices. We’ll also talk about how much it costs to put in a new battery, how often to replace car batteries, and how to install one yourself.

Does AutoZone Offer Battery Installation Services In 2023?

Yes, AutoZone installs batteries in 2023. If you purchase a battery from AutoZone, an employee will install it free of charge as long as the installation process is straightforward.

There are some situations in which AutoZone may refuse to install your battery. If the battery installation process is more complicated or requires the removal of other parts, then AutoZone will not install it.

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This also applies when your battery is located in an unusual place, such as under a seat or in the wheel well.

In addition, AutoZone does not install batteries that have been purchased from other retailers.

Is AutoZone’s Battery Installation Service Free?

AutoZone offers free installation with the purchase of a new car battery. Still, there are some conditions under which AutoZone will not install your battery.

Generally, AutoZone only completes installations that are simple and straightforward.

Not only does AutoZone install batteries for free, but the automotive parts retailer has other free services as well.

AutoZone does free battery testing so that you can determine the problem at hand before making a purchase.

It also offers free charging, which is a chance to save a dead battery rather than buying a new one.

Finally, AutoZone also does free battery recycling as part of its commitment to help the planet.

How Much Is A Battery At AutoZone?

AutoZone’s selection of batteries ranges from $69.99 to $541.99. Prices can vary slightly by location. 

It’s also necessary to pay a $22 refundable core deposit. A “core” is a part of the battery that can be rebuilt with various replacement parts. The $22 charge is refunded to you when you return your old battery.

On the AutoZone website, the cheapest car battery is the Econocraft Battery 75DT-E. The most expensive battery is the Odyssey Battery 31-PC2150MJS.

There are also many deals available that can make your battery cheaper. For example, if you’re shopping online, you can get $10 off your order (of $50 or more) by signing up for AutoZone’s email list.

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You can often find codes for free shipping as well, and physical store locations frequently run promotions, too.

How Much Does A New Battery Installation Cost?

Putting a new battery in can be free, or it can cost several hundred dollars. Prices vary quite a bit depending on whether you install the battery yourself or take it to a professional.

If you’re installing the battery yourself, it won’t cost you anything aside from the initial battery purchase. Batteries typically run between $70 and $700 depending on their type and where they’re purchased from.

Meanwhile, if you buy a battery from AutoZone, an employee will install your new battery for free. You won’t have to pay anything extra for labor. This is also the case with many other car part retailers.

However, if your battery has an unusual location or requires the removal of other components, you’ll need to get it installed somewhere else.

Most mechanics charge between $10 and $100 to put in a new battery. Most of the time, the labor charge depends on how complicated the installation is.

How Much Is Labor For Battery Installation?

Labor for battery installation is typically very inexpensive if you go to a mechanic. Most battery installations are not labor-intensive, so it’s not likely you’ll have to pay more than $100. This does not include the price of the battery itself. 

The cost depends on where you go for installation, as well as your battery’s location in the car and how complicated installation is. The total time it takes to install the battery also plays a part in labor costs.

How Often Should A Car Battery Be Replaced?

The average battery has a lifespan of two to four years under normal conditions.

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It’s recommended to get your car’s charging system checked on a yearly basis. This is especially true if you live in a warm climate and have had your battery for two years, or if you live in a cold climate and have had your battery for four years.

Can I Install A Car Battery Myself?

Yes, you can install a car battery yourself. Even if you’re a beginner, the process should take you less than two hours.

Before you install a new battery, try jump-starting your car to see if you can recharge it enough to get it to a nearby auto parts store. 

1. Open The Hood

If you’ve already purchased a replacement battery and want to install it yourself, start by putting the car in park and opening the hood.

2. Remove The Terminals

Next, remove the negative terminal using a socket wrench. Then, remove the positive terminal.

3. Take Out The Battery

Set aside any fasteners and clamps holding the battery in place. Put on work gloves and remove the battery.

4. Clean The Terminals

Use a mixture of water and baking soda and a wire brush to clean the battery terminals and tray. Make sure to dry everything completely.

5. Install The New Battery

Remove any plastic covers on the new battery. Install anti-corrosion washers and spray the ends of the car’s terminals with an anti-corrosion solution.

Place the new battery in your car’s battery tray. Ensure the positive and negative ends of the battery line up with the corresponding terminals.

Reinstall the fasteners and clamps to secure the battery.

6. Reattach The Terminals

Connect the positive terminal first, and then connect the negative terminal. Tighten each terminal using a wrench.

Make sure everything is secure and the battery cannot move.

Close the car’s hood and start it. Contact a mechanic or auto service technician if the car doesn’t start.


AutoZone will install most batteries purchased from them for free. Some exceptions include battery installation that involves the removal of other car parts and batteries located in unusual places.

Other free services from AutoZone include battery testing, charging, and recycling.