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Top 15 Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta: 2023 Stats

A mural in Reynoldstown, one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Brandon Dolley / Flickr / CC0 1.0 (Public domain)

A hub for tech companies, Atlanta is one of the best places for young professionals looking for an affordable city. Here, the cost of living as a whole is lower than the national average, and the entire city is safe compared to other metropolitan areas. Yet, some areas in Atlanta are safer than others. Whether you’re relocating alone or with your family, this guide can help you decide where to settle.

The table below shows a quick list of statistics for the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta:

NeighborhoodPopulationLivability scoreAvg. rent prices/monthOwner-occupied housing
Candler Park4,74290$1,19561.8%
North Buckhead 8,33285$1,76061.7%
Inman Park 3,57484$2,00060.0%
Midtown 16,21882$1,84042.1%
Atlantic Station2,70081$2,11331.4%
Brookhaven 2,33580$1,72674.7%
Morningside-Lenox Park8,30779$1,76674.0%
Peachtree Heights West4,87478$1,67547.1%
Grant Park6,82776$1,78561.6%
Chastain Park3,42375$1,89892.9%

Note: The areas above are ranked from the highest to the lowest based on their livability score. We calculate the scores based on several factors, including the crime rates, cost of living, employment, housing, amenities, schools, and resident ratings for each area. Crime data was sourced from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program and Atlanta Police Department. Community statistics and census data were sourced from Atlanta Regional Commission. All data is correct as of March 2022.

1. Candler Park

  • Safety score: 70% above national average
  • Best for: Families 

Leafy Candler Park is not only the safest neighborhood in Atlanta; it is also one of the happiest and safest neighborhoods in Georgia. Total crime rates in the area are about 70% lower than the national average, and violent crime rates are even lower.

Located northwest of Downtown Atlanta and right next to Druid Hills, this quiet residential area is peppered with late-19 and early 20-century houses. The community consists mostly of families who own their homes, but rent prices are also affordable. You can expect to pay around $1,195 for a one-bed or $1,850 for a two-bed apartment.

Considering the median household income of $86,265 per year, it is safe to say people here have a good quality of life.

The area has good public schools, playgrounds, lots of green spaces, and a swimming pool. Community events are held regularly, and adults and kids alike can unwind at the Candler Park golf course. 

This neighborhood also offers easy access to nearby outdoor trails and excellent transportation to Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. 

2. Poncey-Highland

  • Safety score: 40% above national average
  • Best for: Singles, young professionals

Located west of Candler Park, Poncey-Highland is one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA, for singles and young professionals. The neighborhood is set around Freedom Park, which is home to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

Freedom Park also has numerous walking trails that wind around art installations and beautiful natural areas. 

Residents in Poncey-Highland have a lower median income than Candler Park – $64,096 – but the overall cost of living in the area is about 47% lower than the national average. Rent prices are higher compared to Candler Park, though, most likely due to the higher demand.

Aside from gorgeous outdoor areas and cultural centers, Poncey-Highland also spoils its residents with numerous eateries, chic bars, and the Deco Plaza Theater where you can enjoy classic movies.

3. North Buckhead 

  • Safety score: 68% above national average
  • Best for: Professionals, families

With a balanced ratio between family and non-family households, North Buckhead is a welcoming neighborhood for residents from all walks of life. Almost as safe as Candler Park, the tree-lined residential area is one of the liveliest in the city. 

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North Buckhead residents enjoy an excellent quality of life. The median household income is $116,975, and the cost of living in the neighborhood is 15% below the national average.

Most homes are owner-occupied, but renters can also choose from a fair share of housing options. One- and two-bedroom dwellings are preferred by renters, and you can expect to pay between $1,760 and $2,450, on average, depending on the apartment size. 

In addition to affordable prices and low crime rates, North Buckhead also offers lots of recreational and entertainment options, including global restaurants, a shopping center, a movie theater, and quick access to Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

North Buckhead is part of a larger residential area, and you may wonder whether the rest of Buckhead, Atlanta, is safe. Buckhead Heights has crime rates similar to North Buckhead. Buckhead Forest and Buckhead Village are more dangerous. 

4. Inman Park 

  • Safety score: 59% above national average
  • Best for: LGBTQ+, singles

South of Poncey-Highland, Inman Park is a cluster of Victorian-style homes and landscaped areas. The neighborhood is a lively scene that welcomes singles and LGBTQ+ residents. Not only are there many gay-friendly restaurants and bars in the area, but the neighborhood is also known for its global food scene, hip cafes, and cozy brunch spots. 

The outdoorsy type can also find numerous walking trails in the nearby Freedom Park or Springvale Park. 

At a stone’s throw from Downtown Atlanta, Inman Park is also a hub for professionals working in the city. The median income in the area is $77,088, while the cost of living is about 32% lower than the national average. 

A one-bad apartment in the neighborhood costs around $2,000, but you can reduce costs if you share a two-bed with a roommate or your partner. In this case, the median rent for a two-bed apartment is $2,690.

5. Midtown 

  • Safety score: 16% above national average
  • Best for: Professionals, young families, singles

Occupying the northeast portion right next to Downtown Atlanta, Midtown is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city. It is also a hub for tourists and visitors, so petty crime rates are higher compared to other neighborhoods. 

That said, Midtown Atlanta is safe, with total crime rates that remain below the national average and very low rates of violent crime.

With a median resident age of 31, Midtown is a good place for professionals, young families, couples, and singles alike. The neighborhood is also a mix of races and cultures where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their race or background.

Close to Atlanta’s financial hub, Midtown gathers an educated crowd. Most residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher and work in management, business, and financial occupations. 

6. Atlantic Station

  • Safety score: 21% above national average
  • Best for: Creative professionals, students

Best known for its open-air mall, Atlantic Station is an upscale residential and commercial area northwest of Midtown. The neighborhood gathers popular fashion and home décor stores, cultural institutions, art galleries, and temporary art exhibitions. 

Located close to the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlantic Station is the go-to place for students who want to live off-campus and creative professionals. Almost 70% of residents rent their homes, and the average household income is $62,780.

The high housing demand makes Atlantic Station one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta. While the overall cost of living remains under the national average, the median rent for a one-bed apartment in the area is $2,113. As you’d expect, two and three-bed apartments are even more expensive, with median prices that can go up to $2,750.

Despite the higher rent price, Atlantic Station remains one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city and a good choice for those who want to live in a vibrant area.

7. Brookhaven

  • Safety score: 64% above national average 
  • Best for: Families, commuters

Brookhaven is one of Atlanta’s safest suburbs and a great place for raising kids. The area has it all, from good schools to playgrounds, entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, and quick access to I-285 and I-85, a thing that makes the area perfect for commuters.

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Most people living in Brookhaven (74.4%) moved here to settle for good and own their homes. Renters in the area prefer one- and two-bed apartments, paying a median rent between $1,726 and $1,850. 

These rates make the suburb more expensive than other neighborhoods in the city, but the median household income of $72,901 and the cost of living that’s 12% lower than the national average keep economic stress to a minimum.

Like most suburbs, Brookhaven is a hub for families rather than singles or young professionals. Over 65% of households here are home to families, most of them with children under 18 years of age. Single parents are also well-accepted in the community. 

8. Morningside-Lenox Park

  • Safety score: 68% above national average
  • Best for: Families, professionals

Charming Morningside-Lenox Park attracts families and professionals who want to live closer to Downtown than the suburbs. Established in 1923, the neighborhood gives off old-school vibes that mingle with contemporary architecture and way of life.

Home to families and single professionals alike, this area amasses numerous independent businesses, boutiques, cafes, diners, and quirky bars. 

With a median household income of $118,132 per year, the neighborhood is one of the richest in Atlanta but also one of the most expensive. The cost of living is only 5% lower than the national average, and the median rent for a one-bed apartment is $1,766. 

Like all wealthy areas, Morningside-Lenox Park attracts thieves. However, the overall crime rates are low, and violent crimes are a rarity in the neighborhood. Undeniably, this place remains a good choice for families, but also for professionals who plan to start a family in the future.

9. Virginia Highland

  • Safety score: 12% above national average
  • Best for: Young professionals, families 

Located north of Candler Park, Virginia Highland is often considered an Atlanta suburb. In reality, this place is a lively neighborhood with a vibrant bar and restaurant scene, lots of community events, ample walking areas, playgrounds, and parks. 

Its strategic location between Freedom Park and Piedmont Park makes it a hub for the outdoorsy type, but also for families. Most residents in the area own their homes, and even if most households (70.8%) are non-families, the inclusive community makes Virginia-Highland a great place for kids. The neighborhood also has a good concentration of schools.

Joining North Buckhead and Morningside-Lenox Park, Virginia-Highland is one of the richest neighborhoods in Atlanta. 

The median household income in the area is $100,131. Despite this, the area remains one of the most affordable safe neighborhoods in Atlanta, with median rent for a one-bed apartment of $1,495 and a cost of living that is 19% lower than the national average. 

10. Peachtree Heights West

  • Safety score: 25% above national average
  • Best for: Empty nesters, divorcees, retirees 

The upmarket residential area of Peachtree Heights West seems taken out of the pages of Rich & Famous magazine. And rich it is. Full of grand, architect-designed early-1900s houses, this neighborhood gathers wealthy residents and brags with a median household income of $133,759 per year. 

The cost of living is still lower than the national average, and the median rent price is also low, meaning that most people here enjoy a good quality of life. Most residents rent their homes.

Attracting more mature crowds (the median resident age is 55), Peachtree Heights West is home to middle-aged and senior residents. Family households make up only 27.7%, and most of them are empty nesters or have children older than 18 years. 

This doesn’t mean the neighborhood is quaint. The lively area has many elegant restaurants, boutiques, landscaped gardens and is home to the Atlanta History Center complex. The Peach strip mall is also easy to access from the neighborhood.

While crime rates in the area are higher compared to other neighborhoods, most reports are for theft from vehicles and petty crime.

11. Edgewood

  • Safety score: 21% above national average
  • Best for: Black singles 

Nestled between Inman Park and Kirkwood, Edgewood attracts younger crowds. The median age of residents in Edgewood is 33, and the median income is $40,374. However, the cost of living is also lower compared to wealthier neighborhoods. 

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Home to one of the largest black communities in Atlanta, Edgewood is a vibrant neighborhood where cultures and races mix to create a strong community. 

The area doesn’t have the ample green spaces seen in other areas, but its proximity to the freeway linking it to Downtown Atlanta makes it a great place for commuters and young professionals looking for housing on a budget and good transportation to the city.

Despite its lack of green spaces, the neighborhood is home to eclectic bars and restaurants, a shopping mall, and many supermarkets.

12. Kirkwood

  • Safety score: 21% above national average
  • Best for: Black families 

Together with Edgewood, Kirkwood is one of the safest black neighborhoods in Atlanta. However, an abundance of green spaces, playgrounds, and schools makes Kirkwood a better choice for families compared to Edgewood.

Lined with Craftsman-style homes, Kirkwood offers easy access to outdoor trails and wildlife. A dedicated dog park makes pet owners feel welcome, while the restaurants, bars, cultural centers, and indoor leisure and entertainment venues help residents fill their free time with fun activities. 

Like Edgewood, Kirkwood doesn’t make it to the list of the richest neighborhoods in Atlanta. The median household income is $57,884, but a good percentage of residents that own their homes, low rent prices, and cheap cost of living reduce economic stress.

Crime rates in the area are also low. Most reports refer to theft from vehicles and petty crime. The violent crime rate is very low.

13. Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown

  • Safety score: 31% above national average
  • Best for: Creative professionals

Filled with colorful mill cottages and tree-lined streets, Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown is one of the best areas in Atlanta for artists and creative professionals. 

The neighborhood is home to an eclectic crowd made up of young professionals, millennials, empty nesters, and even seniors. What do they all have in common? Immense love for arts, good music, quirky bars, and global eateries. 

This area is also known for its more affordable housing options compared to the neighboring districts. The median household income is $48,724, but the cost of living is 43% lower than the national average. Rent is also affordable, with a two-bed apartment costing $2,025 on average. 

One-bed apartments are more expensive, perhaps due to the higher demand, but mortgage rates are generally under $950 if you decide to buy a home in the area. 

14. Grant Park

  • Safety score: 14% above national average
  • Best for: Professionals, young families

Consisting of a mix of Victorian-style homes and Craftsman bungalows, Grant Park is named after the namesake park around which it is built. 

At a stone’s throw from Downtown Atlanta, the area is home to young professionals working in the city, as well as young families. As you’d expect from a nearly central neighborhood, the area buzzes with life 24/7. 

In addition to locals, tourists also crowd the streets and green spaces of Grant Park. The area is also home to Zoo Atlanta, while young locals often gather on Memorial Drive for a drink and a bite in one of the many breweries.

The district has a high percentage of owner-occupied homes (61.6%), and nearly half of occupied housing units are families. Residents in Grant Park have a median income of $79,855, and you can expect to pay $1,785 for a one-bed apartment in the area.

15. Chastain Park

  • Safety score: 76% above national average
  • Best for: Families 

Wondering what part of Atlanta is the safest to live in if the budget is of no concern? Chastain Park. Located in the far north end of Atlanta, this is the wealthiest – and most expensive – neighborhood in the city. Crime is almost non-existent, but there are very few empty housing units in the area. The cost of living is also 30% higher than the national average. 

As mentioned, this is of no concern for residents. Over 90% of people in the area own their homes. Those fortunate enough to stumble upon a rental property can expect to spend around $1,898 on rent alone for a one-bed apartment. 

The average household income in the area is $176,033, with most residents working in tech, business, finance, and management. 

An excellent neighborhood for kids, Chastain Park, has numerous schools, playgrounds, and ample recreational and walking spaces. A golf course attracts adults, while the area also boasts numerous cafes, restaurants, and independent shops.