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Does McDonald’s Have Breakfast All Day? 2023 Guide


McDonald’s is the place to go if you’re craving a delicious fast-food breakfast.

With its classic McMuffins, hotcakes, and hash browns, the fast-food chain is hard to resist.

While McDonald’s featured an All Day Breakfast menu in the past, is that still the case in 2023?

In-store promotional poster of McDonald’s All Day Breakfast, featuring the Egg McMuffin, taken in December 2015, two months after the campaign started. Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

McDonald’s stopped its All Day Breakfast campaign in March of 2020, but it still serves some breakfast items all day. These vary by location, but the Egg McMuffin and Sausage Burrito are available on its Featured Favorites menu. Breakfast is typically served from 5:00 AM to 10:30 or 11:00 AM, but 24-hour locations often have different schedules.

Read on to learn more about McDonald’s breakfast offerings and daily schedule. We’ll also talk about some specific McDonald’s items, such as the McChicken Biscuit, bagels, and Shamrock Shakes, and reveal whether they’re still on the menu.

Is McDonald’s Still Doing Breakfast All Day?

As of 2023, McDonald’s is no longer doing breakfast all day. All Day Breakfast was first introduced in October of 2015 and ended during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

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McDonald’s stated on Twitter that it removed All Day Breakfast from its menu to simplify kitchen operations, and, in turn, improve service speed and order accuracy.

However, the fast-food chain noted that it was considering bringing back All Day Breakfast, so you may see it on the menu in the future.

What Breakfast Items Does McDonald’s Serve All Day?

Although McDonald’s doesn’t serve all of its breakfast items all day, it does serve some of them at all times.

These items vary by location. The breakfast items included on the “Featured Favorites” menu, which is served during all hours of operation, are the Egg McMuffin and Sausage Burrito.

Your local McDonald’s may serve additional breakfast items throughout the day. Be sure to give them a call if you’d like to know more.

Does McDonald’s Sell Chicken Biscuits All Day?

In 2020, McDonald’s added the McChicken Biscuit and Chicken McGriddle to its menu. However, today’s McDonald’s menu does not list these items.

Still, you can find the McChicken Biscuit on the McDonald’s website, so it appears that you can order this item despite it not being on the current breakfast menu.

The product description notes that you can “get one for breakfast,” so it’s likely only served during typical McDonald’s breakfast hours.

Does McDonald’s Serve Pancakes All Day?

No, McDonald’s does not serve pancakes all day. The fast-food chain used to serve its hotcakes all day when it had All Day Breakfast, which ran from October 2015 to March 2020.

Today, you can order hotcakes from McDonald’s during its usual breakfast hours.

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What Time Does McDonald’s Start Serving Breakfast?

The start and end times for McDonald’s breakfast vary by location. Still, the vast majority of McDonald’s restaurants begin serving it at 5:00 AM.

What Time Does Breakfast End At McDonald’s?

McDonald’s breakfast seems to have a pretty uniform start time of 5:00 AM across all locations. However, the end time for breakfast has much more variation.

Most locations serve breakfast until 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. But this may not always be the case, depending on which McDonald’s location you visit.

This is especially true for 24-hour locations, which sometimes run on different schedules.

If you’re craving some McDonald’s hash browns but aren’t sure whether your local McD’s is still serving breakfast, we recommend giving them a call to know for sure.

What Happened To McDonald’s All Day Breakfast?

McDonald’s ended its All Day Breakfast campaign after nearly five years of operation. All Day Breakfast ran from October 2015 to March 2020. 

According to the fast-food chain, it stopped serving All Day Breakfast to simplify operations in the kitchen. This was done with the goal of improving order accuracy and service speed. 

Is McDonald’s Bringing Bagels Back In 2022?

While some sources state that McDonald’s has discontinued its bagels permanently, the McDonald’s Instagram post cited in these sources seems to have been removed.

Many petitions and angry customers can be found online demanding that McDonald’s return its bagel sandwich to the menu.

These complaints may have had an effect, because it seems that McDonald’s is serving bagels again in select locations.

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Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch All Day?

McDonald’s does not serve lunch all day. Generally, McDonald’s serves lunch from the end of breakfast (usually 10:30 or 11:00 AM) until closing time. 

In 24-hour locations, McDonald’s serves lunch around the clock, aside from breakfast hours, which typically run from 5:00 AM to 10:30 or 11:00 AM.

The reason McDonald’s doesn’t serve both breakfast and lunch at the same time is that it doesn’t have enough grill space to cook all items efficiently.

Eggs and burgers have to cook at different temperatures, so there’s no way to cook them on the same surface at the same time without sacrificing quality.

Does McDonald’s Still Have Shamrock Shakes?

Shamrock Shakes are a seasonal item at McDonald’s that is typically added to the menu around St. Patrick’s Day. In 2022, the chain served its popular Shamrock Shakes starting on February 21st through March 17th. 

After March 17th, you could still get a Shamrock Shake at some locations for a few more days until ingredients run out.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

The current McDonald’s breakfast menu includes the following items:

  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit
  • Egg McMuffin
  • Sausage McMuffin
  • Fruit and Maple Oatmeal
  • Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle
  • Hash Browns
  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Sausage Biscuit with Egg
  • Big Breakfast (includes a biscuit, scrambled eggs, sausage, and hash browns)
  • Sausage McGriddle
  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle
  • Hotcakes
  • Big Breakfast with Hotcakes (includes a biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, hotcakes, and a side of butter)
  • Hotcakes and Sausage
  • Sausage Burrito


In 2023, most McDonald’s locations serve breakfast from 5:00 AM to 10:30 or 11:00 AM. Although McDonald’s had an All Day Breakfast campaign beginning in 2015, it ended in 2020.

Still, you can get some breakfast items all day, particularly the Sausage Burrito and Egg McMuffin, which are part of the Featured Favorites menu.

Depending on the menu at your local McDonald’s, you may be able to order other breakfast items all day as well.