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Verizon Connect ELD Cost: 2023 Prices & Features Review


Verizon Connect has nine offices in North America and is one of the largest providers of fleet management telematics. Three companies came together to form Verizon Connect. Fleetmatics, Telogis, and Verizon Network Fleet. Each company has its skillset, and together they provide almost all fleet management, tracking, and telematics solutions to any size fleet. However, companies with the most extensive fleets will probably benefit more from the Verizon Connect ELD than those without.

This ELD provider believes in keeping things simple for its customers, offering plug and play tracking and monitoring devices for vehicle use. Also, software, designed for use on the road and in the office, depending on your business needs.

This review considers the Verizon Connect ELD pricing plans (where information is available) and equipment and how the company helps you comply with the ELD Mandate and run your commercial fleet more efficiently.

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How Much Does Verizon Connect ELD Cost?

Like many other ELD companies, Verizon Connect doesn’t publish its plans or monthly rates on its website. Therefore, we compiled the payment plan data from various online resources. The only way to get accurate plan details and associated costs, is to contact Verizon Connect for a quotation based on your business requirements.

Item Cost Notes
Free Trial None N/A
Reveal Basic Plan From $45/month/vehicle Everything for compliance, fleet management, and hardware included
Electronic Log Plan $10/month/vehicle In addition to the Reveal Basic Plan
Smartphone or tablet $15/month/driver In addition to the other Plans
Dash-Cam From $20/month/vehicle Depending on model
Verizon Connect Hardware No additional upfront costs. Included in the rental subscription

Free Trial

Verizon Connect doesn’t provide a free trial, but they offer a free online demonstration for prospective clients to watch and allow 30 days to cancel the subscription.

Reveal Basic Plan

The Verizon Connect Reveal Basic Plan is the cheapest plan available.  A $45/month/vehicle subscription gives you the ELD hardware and latest software. Unlike many Basic Plans offered by other ELD companies, this package provides vehicle tracking from the office and other reporting tools, in addition to the ELD Mandate compliance data.

Electronic Logs

Electronic logs are pretty much essential if you want to make full use of the Verizon Connect ELD. But, you have to pay extra for this capability. The electronic logs cost an additional $10/month/vehicle on top of the Basic Plan.

Smartphone or Tablet

You will need a phone or tablet to present the details for roadside inspection. Rather than use your driver’s personal phone, it’s better to take advantage of the Verizon Connect offer. An additional $15/month/driver will provide the driver with an essential 4G and WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet.

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Verizon Connect ELD Price Factors

As with all ELD providers’ packages, Verizon Connect Reveal has a few factors which affect the price.


All the Verizon Connect Plans’ monthly rates are quoted per vehicle. Therefore, you pay for the number of units you require.


The ELD hardware you need to use the system comes as part of the subscription rental. However, you can save money by using specific hardware not supplied by Verizon Connect.

Bring your own smartphone or tablet

Your drivers can use their personal or company smartphones for data display if you prefer. The system runs on Android or iOS, so it should be okay for most companies. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Verizon Connect rental offer. For $15/month/driver, each driver receives a device optimized for Verizon Connect software and can connect with the equipment in your office.


Unlike most other ELD providers, Verizon Connect supplies dashcams as part of its standard hardware and offers free-of-charge installation. The additional lease price will vary depending on the model you choose.

Contract Type

The Reveal Basic Plan is the essential package you need. Other add-on plans are available to increase its usability, but you must contact the company to find out more.


Verizon Connect technicians can do hardware installation and setup, but you will pay for the privilege. Alternatively, your maintenance team can do it.

Bring Your Own Device

If you use other companies’ ELD hardware, you will pay extra to migrate the data to your Verizon account.


Verizon Connect charges extra for training your staff to use the equipment and app.

Contract Duration & Plans

Your contract with Verizon Connect depends on the size of your fleet and which features you choose. The Basic Plan costs around $45/month/vehicle. However, you can select customized pricing depending on the size of the fleet, your company type, and its requirements.

Customers have a minimum contract length of 36-months, which is normal when compared to most other ELD providers. Although Verizon Connect doesn’t offer a free trial, they allow you to cancel, penalty-free, within the first 30 days.

While you have a contract with the provider, they don’t allow you to renegotiate the price. Also, you can’t leave the contract without paying the contract’s total value.

Always read your contract, as, after the first 36-months, the contract automatically renews for another term. The only way to stop the renewal is to apply in writing before the contract expires. Check your agreement documents for actual deadlines.

Verizon ELD Mandate & DOT Compliance

These days, almost all commercial vehicles must comply with the federal ELD Mandate. The FMCSA uses this law to help reduce road accidents, thereby improving road safety. Although the Mandate applies to all non-exempt commercial vehicles, improved road safety affects all road users.

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The Mandate ensures that owner/operators and commercial fleets comply with drivers’ Hours Of Service restrictions using electronic logging devices or ELDs. Although the device’s primary purpose is compliance, commercial haulage companies use the collected information to improve the fleet’s efficiency and increase profits for the company.

The Mandate’s collected information includes driver’s working hours, vehicle’s speed, driver’s ID, duration of total journey, vehicle inspections, and length of driver’s breaks. The ELD stores the information in its memory for real-time inspection by FMCSA officers on the roadside and transmits the data to the company’s fleet manager for electronic filing and incorporation into the overall ELD solution.

The Verizon Connect ELD is FMCSA certified, electronically logs the required data, and helps ensure your vehicles and drivers remain compliant while helping to make your company more efficient.

Solution Suite

Verizon Connect’s features use hardware from the company’s telematics brands, Telogis, Fleetmatics, and of course, Verizon. Furthermore, the available plans include leased hardware in a single subscription. Additional optional upgrades include GPS trackers, temperature sensors, and dash cams.


Compliance with the ELD Mandate should be at the heart of all good ELD packages. That means that the system should be registered with the FMCSA and automatically track and log data from the engine’s diagnostic port. To avoid non-compliance, this feature must log the time when the vehicle is moving, its speed, and journey duration. Furthermore, the fleet manager needs to know this and other valuable data in real-time to do his job properly

DOT Compliance  

The Verizon Connect system allows drivers to see their driving hours in real-time on the screen. The app alerts the driver when break time is due, the total driving time, and overtime. Because the fleet manager can also see this data, they can specify allowed hours and alert when the driver goes into unregistered time.

The manager can plan and optimize routes, to reduce idle time and wait time. Finally, the software automatically generates reports in the approved DOT format.

Hours Of Service automatic reports.

The ELD system automatically generates reports for inspection on the roadside and for your office staff to file to improve your driver and vehicle compliance electronically. Data includes DVIRs, DOT Compliance, idle time, and speed, although much more is reported.


Verizon Connect uses software that automatically integrates with most OEM ELD data solutions. Many vehicle manufacturers build an ELD into their newer trucks, and Verizon will connect with this. Furthermore, if this is the case, your monthly subscription will reduce. If your vehicle is compatible, you only need the Verizon app to get going.


The Verizon Connect app includes vehicle inspections into its opening and closing sequence. Therefore, the driver must inspect the vehicle as part of the standard working procedure. Your DVIR logs are stored in the cloud but are also available on the device for 6-months. This feature ensures complete compliance.

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GPS and Geofencing are a valuable addition to the driver’s and fleet manager’s toolkit. Verizon Connect incorporates GPS and Geofencing into its basic plan. These ensure you know the vehicle’s location and whether it should be there. Your manager can also replay the route at any time. Also, the system records downtime at each location and any idle time.

Other Fleet Management Solutions

All the fleet management features included in their software help Verizon Connect improve your fleet’s compliance and increase your company’s productivity.


Verizon Connect incorporates a dashcam into the plan, starting at an additional $20/month or more depending on the dashcam you want. It records the video, which then uploads to the cloud. Then, the fleet manager can watch it in real-time. Furthermore, if the vehicle takes part in an incident, such as a collision, hard stop, or turn, the manager receives notification and can view everything in context.

Verizon supplies dashcams as road facing or two-way facing devices, whichever is required.

Temperature Sensors 

Reefer trailers require constant temperature monitoring, as some cargo is temperature-sensitive. Fleet managers can monitor and check trailer temperatures in real-time and generate reports. They can also send messages to drivers to adjust temperature settings if necessary.

Vehicle tracking

With Verizon Connect, your managers can monitor the location, HOS, speed, cargo status, and other information. Also, geofencing allows you to prevent unauthorized travel. Generally, you can set routes and improve them if they don’t work using the same software. Also, you can rate a driver’s performance and use AI for optimizing fuel usage, Hours of Service, and other factors.

Your customers can also see vehicle ETAs and receive notifications if there is a delay.

On-road Service Management  

There aren’t many ELD providers with a roadside repair service. However, Verizon Connect is one of those that do.  The software links vehicle diagnostics with mechanics and technicians. Also, the software automatically uses the DVIR and mileage information to create alerts so you know when a vehicle needs preventative maintenance.


Verizon Connect software integrates with other business software such as timesheets, payroll, and fleet management. This feature relieves your office staff from arduous manual data transfer and provides an accurate way to ensure your drivers are paid the correct wage on time, every time.

Benefits of Verizon Connect ELD Device

  • ELD Logbook.
  • FMCSA ELD Mandate compliant
  • Hours of Service logging.
  • Easy installation.
  • Roadside assistance for breakdowns.
  • GPS tracking and monitoring.
  • Telematics hardware, included in the subscription.
  • Tracks fuel costs.

Verizon Connect Reviews

Customer reviews on show that many customers find that Verizon Connect provides affordable and valuable ELD solutions.

  1. Chuck S. thinks the company provides a great product and helps him manage delivery times.
  2. Norma S. Says that it’s a valuable tool to prevent drivers from taking risks.
  3. Sandy E. says the company can find its trucks whenever it wants.
  4. Steven C. says that it’s an excellent product. He highly recommends it for fleet management.
  5. Mike W. says the technology and product work reasonably well and is an asset to managing the fleet.

Next Steps

Choosing the correct provider to ensure your fleet is compliant can be a big problem. Many companies provide this solution, but not all features are like-for-like. Sometimes, you need help sorting out the good from the not-so-good.

If you want to learn more about Verizon Connect ELD costs, get in touch with us today by filling out the form at the top of the page.