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Top 14 Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies USA (2023)


Lease purchase trucking gives drivers the possibility to become truck owners while working for the lessor. It is one of the most popular ways for truck drivers to establish their own business without the financial burden.

Like anything else, though, lease-to-own trucking programs vary from company to company. Some lessors require a down payment. Others require compensation if you decide to walk away after signing the contract. Lease costs also vary widely. 

So, which is the best company to work for as a lease purchase driver?

The table below shows a quick list of the best lease purchase trucking companies in 2022*:

CompanyDown PaymentLease Costs/WeekCompany Rating
Roehl Transport Inc.Earned - up to $1,500$600 to $700 A+
Freightech Inc.$0$1,250 to $1,300A+
Schneider NationalVariable$1,600 to $2,500A-
Prime Inc.$14,000$900 to $1,000A+
Freight X$0$450 to $850A
Wel Companies$0$900 to $1,000A+
TanTara Transportation$0$350A+
Riverside Transport$0$708 to $738A+
Wilson Logistics$0$995 + variable costsA+
CRST Expedited Transport$0$450 to $900A+
Barlow Transport$0$750 to $850A
R. E. Garrison Trucking $0$885 to $995A+
JLE Industries$0$463 to $745A+
Hirschbach $0$1,100 to $1,200A+

* The companies in the table above were selected based on regional coverage and reliability rating. Company ratings were sourced from Better Business Bureau. The down payments, monthly costs, and mileage limits were sourced from each individual company. All information in the table above is correct as of June 2022. The companies are listed in no particular order.

1. Roehl Transport Inc.

  • Headquarters: Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • Hiring area: Nationwide 

Established in 1962, Roehl Transport is one of the largest freight companies in the United States, and its lease purchase program is one of the most sought-after in the country. 

Committed to helping drivers become business owners, Roehl developed the Business Owner Support System (B.O.S.S.) program that enables everyone to lease a truck with little to no hassle. The best thing about this program is that the down payment is covered by Roehl. 

To be eligible, you must have at least one year of experience and work with the company for at least 90 days. During this time, Roehl gives you the possibility to earn the down payment (up to $1,500) and use it towards the truck lease. 

Website: Roehl Transport 

2. Freightech Inc.

  • Headquarters: Lemont, Illinois
  • Hiring area: West Coast, Midwest, Southeast 

Freightech Inc. is a great choice for drivers who want to become their own bosses but have no money to invest. The company requires zero down payment, although the requirements are stricter compared to Roehl Transport.

One of the main differences is the experience required. Freightech requires at least two years of experience and a minimum age of 22 years. 

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Weekly lease payments are some of the most expensive in the industry, but you’ll become the owner of a 2021 Freightliner Cascadia truck. 

Freightech offers lease periods between two and five years, and you can walk away at any time. Interrupting the lease means losing the paid equity; nevertheless, this is one of the best lease purchase trucking companies in the Southeast and the West Coast.

Website: Freightech Inc. 

3. Schneider National

  • Headquarters: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

Founded in 1935, Schneider National is one of the largest lease purchase trucking companies in the country and also one of the oldest. 

It is also one of the most expensive. Weekly lease costs can be as high as $2,500. However, this is one of the few companies that give drivers the possibility to choose between vans, tankers, and drayage. 

Schneider doesn’t offer lease purchase options through its trucking company but through an independent partner – SFI Trucks and Financing, a subsidiary of Schneider Finance, Inc.

All leases require a down payment which is discussed individually for each contract. However, SFI ensures that the down payment is low and the credit check requirements are flexible. 

Website: Schneider National

4. Prime Inc.

  • Headquarters: Springfield, Missouri
  • Hiring area: Nationwide 

If you care for the environment and look for an eco-friendly lease purchase trucking company, Prime Inc. could be your best option. 

As far as lease purchases are concerned, Prime Inc. requires a down payment of $14,000. Lease terms vary from three to four years, and weekly payments go from about $900 to $1,000, based on the truck type, year, and lease term.

If you can’t afford the upfront costs, the company also offers a standard lease that comes with no money down, no credit checks, and lease payments starting at $985 per week. 

Website: Prime Inc.

5. Freight X

  • Headquarters: Gainesville, Georgia
  • Hiring area: Southeast 

Freight X is a relatively small trucking company with lease purchase options for owner operator wannabes. The company’s primary routes are in the Southeast, making it a great choice for drivers in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. 

Lease purchase drivers can choose from older yet cheaper trucks (2015 to 2018) or newer vehicles (2019 to 2021). Weekly costs vary based on truck age, between $450 and $850.

There are no down payments either, and you can own the truck in as little as two years. You can either pay the lease throughout the term (no balloon payment at the end) or buy out your truck early once you’ve gone through at least half of the contract term.

Website: Freight X

6. Wel Companies

  • Headquarters: De Pere, Wisconsin 
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

Wel Companies is one of the best lease purchase refrigerated trucking companies. The brand was established in 1975 and provides nationwide service to the food, dairy, and beverage industries. 

Apart from the niche service, this is one of the best trucking companies for women drivers. Wel partners with the Women in Trucking and is certified by the Truckload Carriers Association. 

The company’s lease program enables you to become the owner of a Kenworth or Peterbilt tractor. There are no down payments, and weekly costs vary from $900 to $1,000. 

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While under the lease, you can expect the same compensation as owner operators hired by the company (70% of the load), cash settlements on all dispatched miles at the end of the lease, and truck ownership upon lease completion without hidden balloon payments. 

Website: Wel Companies

7. TanTara Transportation

  • Headquarters: Muscatine, Iowa
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

With over 40 decades of experience in the industry, TanTara is one of the best lease purchase flatbed trucking companies

The brand’s fleet is mostly composed of 48-feet open-deck flatbeds but also 48-feet curtain side trailers, 53-feet dry vans, liquid bulk tankers, and specialized extendable trailers. Most leased vehicles are three to four years old, though.

The main advantage – linked to the age of the trucks – is the lease cost. On average, drivers pay around $350 per week for the lease. You might incur other costs and fees, but the terms are undeniably more affordable than all other companies on this list. 

Website: TanTara Transportation 

8. Riverside Transport

  • Headquarters: Kansas City, Kansas
  • Hiring area: Midwest

Riverside Transport is one of the best Midwest lease purchase trucking companies. It was established in 1993 by ten owner operators, and it all began with only 20 trailers. Today, Riverside has a fleet of over 900 tractors and 4,200 trailers. 

Lease purchase options are tailored to each driver’s needs. You can pick from fixed weekly payments – between $708 and $738 per week, depending on tractor age – or variable per-mile payments. The latter is an excellent option for drivers who want to stay at home more.

Per-mile payments vary from $.29 for a 2019 truck to $.33 for a 2022 option. Both lease options come with no down payment, no credit checks, and no trailer fees. There are no forced dispatches either, and you can take as much home time as you want.

Website: Riverside Transport

9. Wilson Logistics

  • Headquarters: Pacific, Washington 
  • Hiring area: Nationwide 

Another zero down lease purchase company with a nationwide presence is Wilson Logistics. It may not offer flexible lease terms like Riverside, but it’s the only company on our list with a lease length calculated in odometer miles. Once you reach 395k odometer miles, the truck is yours (a balloon payment could apply).  

All trucks from the brand are new (2019 to 2021), and the lease has a fixed weekly cost of $995. Additional costs apply, but you’ll be paid 70% of the load and 100% of the fuel surcharge. 

Once the lease is over, you can continue to work with the company. Wilson Logistics gives each driver a longevity bonus of $10,000 for every five years they have driven for the brand.

Website: Wilson Logistics

10. CRST Expedited Transport

  • Headquarters: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

As its name suggests, CRST is a freight company specializing in expedited transport. It was established in Iowa, but it now transports goods across America. 

One of the best lease purchase trucking companies to work for, CRST, gives drivers the possibility to lease to own a Freightliner Cascadias. 

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Lease purchase programs come with zero down payment, no forced dispatches, and 70% of revenue, plus fuel surcharge. Weekly payments vary from $450 to $900, depending on the age of the truck.

Website: CRST

11. Barlow Transport

  • Headquarters: Faucett, Missouri 
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

Barlow Transport is one of the best lease purchase trucking companies with an international fleet. In addition to American-made trucks, you can also opt for a Volvo VNL 860.

Like most lease purchase trucking brands, Barlow Transport offers the lease purchase option to drivers already working for the brand. The main difference with other companies is that it doesn’t require minimum employment – all Barlow drivers qualify. 

Lease terms vary from two to five years, with weekly payments from $750 to $850, based on the truck age.

Website: Barlow Transport

12. R. E. Garrison Trucking 

  • Headquarters: Vinemont, Alabama
  • Hiring area: South, Eastern, Midwest

Like Wel Companies, R. E. Garrison focuses majorly on refrigerated transport of food and beverages. One of the best lease purchase trucking companies that pay a percentage, it gives lease drivers 72% of line haul and 100% of fuel surcharge. 

Truck payments are on the higher side, but all available trucks are new – 2021 to 2022 makes and models. 

Lease purchase options are available for solo drivers and teams alike. Benefits include good truck amenities, insurance for solo drivers, and predictable home time. 

Website: R. E. Garrison Trucking 

13. JLE Industries

  • Headquarters: Dunbar, Pennsylvania 
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

The 27th largest flatbed for-hire carrier in America, JLE offers one of the best truck lease purchases with no balloon payment

Currently, the lease purchase fleet is made up of 2020 truck models costing between $463 and $745 per week. Prices vary based on truck type and mileage, but all leases come with zero down payment, and 100% walk away at any time. 

JLE is also one of the best lease purchase trucking companies for non-company drivers. As long as you have five years OTR, three years flatbed, and two years steel coil experience, you’re eligible for a Day-1 lease purchase program. 

Alternatively, you can qualify with a minimum of two years OTR, six months coils, one year flatbed, and 90 days company driver experience. 

Website: JLE Industries 

14. Hirschbach

  • Headquarters: Dubuque, Iowa
  • Hiring area: Nationwide

Hirschbach offers one of the most expensive options, but it’s also one of the highest paying lease purchase companies

Driver salaries are about 36% above the national average. The company doesn’t disclose what percentage lease drivers receive, but apparently, most drivers have a net weekly income between $1,800 to $2,000. 

That turns out to be a decent monthly wage, considering that weekly lease payments can go up to $1,200. Other benefits include safety and incentive pay, as well as $.99 per gallon for fuel regardless of the pump price. 

Those who want to end the lease early can do so at any time – this is also one of the best walkaway lease purchase companies – but that means you’ll lose any equity. That said, Hirschbach is a great option for over-the-road drivers who don’t mind staying away for three weeks at a time.

Website: Hirschbach

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