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Portable Classroom Trailers Cost: 2023 Rental & Purchase Prices


Portable classrooms are a great way to provide temporary educational space for your school or college. If your school urgently needs space for students, you should get in touch right away. 

Average leasing costs for a typical classroom trailer across the US range from $10,000 in the first year, followed by $1,500-$7,000/year for the lease duration. On the other hand, rentals cost from $100-$500/month. Alternatively, purchase prices range from $15,000-$45,000.  

If you prefer a  modular building, the lease agreement costs more at around $40-$200/square foot, depending on size and customization. That’s between $50,000 and $200,000 in total. 

We provide new and used portable classroom trailers and modular school buildings prefabricated in our off-campus factory. You can lease as many units as you need for the long term, or if you require extra space for just a few weeks or months, then you can rent. Finally, if you prefer to own the buildings, we have portable classrooms for sale too. The choice is always up to you. 

We always equip all our classroom trailers and standard portable buildings with the basics required by state and federal regulations. But, if you prefer, we can customize them over and above the minimum to suit their intended purpose. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t sure what features we can add to your portable classrooms, ask our sales team. They can provide you with a list to make full use of our temporary educational space solutions. And we can give you a completely tailored quote, so you know what you’re committing yourself to. 

Adding Extra Space With Portable Classrooms Trailers 

So, are you looking for a portable classroom solution and don’t know where to start?  

Look no further. Get in touch by phone or email with your requirements, and we can provide a tailored quote for as many temporary and portable school buildings as you need. We supply in all 50 states and provide free delivery and installation on all our products.  

But, why would a typical school want a mobile classroom 

There could be many reasons why you need extra student space.  

  • An unexpected influx of students. 
  • Flooding. 
  • Fire damage. 
  • General school building renovation. 

All these, and more, can make your existing buildings unsuitable for use. Portable school trailers are designed to provide extra space in the short term, while modular classrooms are for a more long-term solution. Our mobile classroom trailers and modular school buildings are the perfect solutions for your students’ work and study rooms. We can deliver and install faster than the time it takes to construct a new building, say over a summer break. And, when you no longer need the space, simply let us know, and we’ll collect them. 

What Are Portable Classrooms? 

Portable classroom trailers are ideal for a short-term solution. They’re also a lot cheaper than a modular classroom, especially if you’re happy to have one of our used portable classrooms. But, what are we talking about? 

You probably imagine a classroom trailer as similar to a cargo trailer on the back of a truck. And in a sense, you would be right. But, it’s far more than that. Firstly, there are doors and windows to provide access, natural light, and ventilation. You can have individual trailers to give a classroom about 8ft or 10ft wide. Alternatively, they can be linked together to produce a larger classroom. Typically, you can also have double or triple-width trailer units that can be 24ft wide or more. Moreover, when they’re in place, each trailer has skirts to hide the wheels, so it looks like a regular building. We also supply ramps and decking to provide access from ground level to the door. 

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As you’re probably already aware, school rooms must be equipped with certain features to comply with state and federal regulations, and mobile classrooms are no exception. Therefore, you’ll find fire alarms and extinguishers, washing and toilet facilities, handicapped accessibility features, electric lighting, heating, and air conditioning. And, on top of this, they also have all the furniture you’d expect from a fully functioning classroom. 

Portable Classroom Cost Estimates

The cost of every mobile classroom depends on factors that make specifying a set price very difficult. For example: 

  • The number of classroom units required. 
  • The size of each modular unit and how they link together. 
  • Where you want the classroom delivered, its shipping costs, and availability. 
  • Specific customizations for special classroom types or external modifications. 
  • Whether you intend to rent, lease or purchase your classrooms. 

To determine the actual price of units to satisfy your order, you must speak to one of our sales team who can match your needs to a specific module and give you a price. However, to provide you with a ballpark figure, we can show standard industry-wide prices based on typical modular classroom units supplied across the US. 

  Price/month  Notes 
Rental  $300 to $1,400  Depending on size, features and rental period 
Lease  $750 to $3,000  There will usually be a higher payment in the first year to cover extra transport and installation costs. After which the monthly fee reverts. 
Purchase  N/A  $15,000 to $200,000 minimum 

 Additionally, the purchase price for temporary classrooms ranges from $40 to $200 per square foot. 

Increased Flexibility & Uses With Mobile Classroom Trailers 

Portable classroom buildings are modular. Furthermore, they have features that aren’t available with most permanent structures. And usually, each unit is independent of any that might be nearby. This means that the rooms offer more user flexibility for teachers and students alike. Probably the most important, from a teaching point of view, is this:  

Noise transmission.  

Each classroom has supporting foundations separate from the other modules. This situation goes for trailer classrooms as well as the more expensive modular classrooms. Therefore, there won’t be any vibration transmitted through supporting floor joists. Also, to comply with heat loss regulations, each classroom is wrapped inside a blanket of insulation. This further cuts down on sound transmission. You can see what an advantage this is for teachers and students alike. They can concentrate on their specific lessons, no matter how noisy, without disturbing others. Alternatively, if the teacher wants a quiet period, they won’t be disturbed by other classes that might be noisier. 

Portable Classroom Features 

Renting a modular classroom gives you access to many additional features designed to make the experience a favorable one. The units not only make teaching easier but also provide a more comfortable learning environment. 

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Climate Control 

Because each portable schoolroom is independent, they each have their separate climate controls. How many times have you been in a traditional building where the heating thermostat is in another room? This means that you could be shivering while others are enjoying 70 degrees or more. In each module, the teacher has control over all the HVAC functions. 


Many old school buildings were built before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) came into force. Therefore most buildings have stairs access to upper floors. Even rooms on the ground floor often have one or two steps to get indoors. Every portable classroom rental comes with ramps and decking, if you need them, to help disabled people with access. 

Outside access 

Being trapped inside a traditional school building all day deprives your students of healthy fresh air. Even when walking from room to room, they are usually fully enclosed. Temporary classroom trailers and modules give students a chance to clear their heads with some fresh air or relax on outside grassy areas during break time. And if your local area is renowned for rain, the modules can easily be linked together or with the main school by covered walkways. Thus, preventing exposure but still providing fresh air. 

Washrooms and toilet facilities 

Portable classrooms have standard and handicap-accessible washing facilities incorporated within the unit. Therefore, students don’t need to go very far for a call of nature. They’re away from the class for less time and aren’t tempted to skip the remainder of the lesson. 

Additional Features We Offer 

We can also provide the following additional features: 

  • School desks and workstations for students and teachers. 
  • Lounging chairs for group study spaces and personal reading. 
  • Each unit has wiring linked to the main school’s IT network. 
  • We can provide canopies to protect the outside decking from the weather. 
  • You have a choice of vinyl or carpet-tiled flooring. 
  • We can install audio-visual equipment for presentations and lectures. 

Leasing vs. Purchasing Portable School Buildings

The decision of whether to lease or purchase a modular classroom is up to you. Each portable schoolroom is unique as each one needs customization to fulfill its purpose.  As well as the standard prices, additional costs might vary depending on the type of module, its features, and other factors. 

The main factors affecting a lease will be the module’s size, age, and lease-term length. Usually, long-term leases attract lower monthly payments. Furthermore, once the initial term has expired, you can usually renew the lease at more favorable rates. In comparison, purchasing an educational space usually varies depending on floor space, age, delivery rates, installation, access ramps and stairs, and many more factors. Potentially, every purchase is unique, and prices can vary widely. Therefore, please speak to one of our team for more information on what we can offer. 

Generally, the main difference between lease and purchase is the question of ownership. If you lease, you are paying the owner for the privilege of using the building as it stands. In contrast, you own the equity on a purchased module and can modify it repeatedly for different purposes.  

If you don’t want the responsibility of maintenance, then you should lease. But, if you’re happy to do that, and if you want a fully customized module designed to your specifications, you should purchase. Likewise, if you intend to use the room for a long time, you should buy it. But, if you want a temporary arrangement, you should lease. 

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Standard Sizes 

You might ask what the standard sizes are?  

In general, all portable classrooms come in the following sizes but can be linked and joined to produce modules as large as you require: 

Description  Unit Measurements  Typical layout  
Standard double wide  24ft x 36ft  1 classroom, 1 bathroom 
Double length  24ft x 60ft  2 classrooms, 2 bathrooms 
Multi-classroom layout  36ft x 60ft  2 classrooms, 1 foyer,  

1 office, 4 bathrooms 

Remember that the modular building code regulates that one occupant needs 20 sq. ft. of floor space. Therefore a 700 sq. ft. classroom can accommodate 34 students and one teacher (35 persons). 

Custom Modular Classroom Options Available 

In addition to the standard sizes mentioned above, we can produce fully customized modular classrooms to suit your school’s requirements. The variations can include: 

  • Size. 
  • Shape. 
  • Interior decoration. 
  • Exterior decoration. 
  • Furnishings. 

Let us know what you want, and we can supply it. 

Optimal Budget Allocation 

Lower costs 

Portable school rooms are much cheaper than constructing a traditional building. This relieves the school administration from the difficult decision of deciding where to spend their available budget. You can divert more funds from buildings, thereby providing up-to-date teaching facilities or additional and better teachers. After all, it’s these that are the key to successful student grades. 

Let us know what you want, and we can handle the complexity of the order and the logistics involved to meet your requirements. We can then deliver your solution within a suitable time frame that works for you. 

Safety & Accessibility 

A good school experience for students and their families isn’t just about “getting the grades.” They also need to know that you’ve done everything in your power to make school a safe place to learn. Therefore, we make sure that we meet every safety requirement in all our products. 

The following are a few safety precautions requested by some of our customers when placing their orders: 

  • Electronic card access on all entrance doors protects from unauthorized access. 
  • We incorporate portable classrooms into the school fire alarm system. 
  • We can fit extreme weather protection to all doors and windows. 
  • Video surveillance for central monitoring. 
  • Install first aid kits in every classroom. 
  • Phones and intercom connections are wired to the school admin office. 


There’s always a couple of questions we’ve never come across before. So, if you think we haven’t answered every question, get on the phone and speak to one of the team. They’ll be pleased to help. In the meantime, here are a few frequently asked questions from our customers about our portable classrooms: 

How long does a temporary classroom building last? 

Modular buildings, just like traditional bricks and mortar, need maintenance. But, if you look after them, ours can last between 20 and 30 years. So, even if you purchase a “temporary” building, you’ll get many good years of educational use on your school campus. 

How long does it take to build a modular classroom? 

It doesn’t take long to get a modular building delivered, installed, and ready for use. Probably between 8 and 20 weeks from the order date, depending on modifications. However, if you are happy to have a “used” model, this can reduce the wait to about half. 

Can a portable classroom be fully customized? 

The simple answer is yes. Just let us know what you want us to do, and if it’s physically possible, we can do it. However, remember that customizations will usually cost extra.  

Next Steps

If you’re interested in our products, you can probably get flexible financing options. Whether you are looking to purchase, lease or rent, we can effortlessly put that in place for you. We have provided modular and portable classroom trailers to thousands of schools all over the United States, with many testimonials.