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WebinarJam Pricing 2023: 30-Day Free Trial & New Plans


WebinarJam is a popular webinar streaming and management service. The platform, which uses monthly pricing, also scales based on expected viewers and volume of use. That makes it relatively easy for most to see, at a glance, which WebinarJam pricing plan is right for them.

However, this guide will go over all of your options, monthly pricing for each, and features to help you decide.

WebinarJam Pricing Plans: Overview

Below, we’ve given a quick comparison of WebinarJam pricing plans:

  Starter Basic  Professional  Enterprise 
Webinars Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosts 1 2 4 6
Duration 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours
Live Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replica Replay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email & SMS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Polls & Surveys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handouts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Injection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Backgrounds Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook/YouTube Broadcast Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attendee Spotlights No Yes Yes Yes
Automated Webinars No Yes Yes Yes
Live Room No No Yes Yes
Helpdesk No No Yes Yes
Control Panel No No No Yes
Pricing (annual) $468 $948 $2748 $4548


Importantly, while WebinarJam prices are listed monthly on their, the platform only bills annually. This means you have to pay upfront for the full year. However, WebinarJam also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, you can opt into a 14-day trial for $1.

Payment Methods

WebinarJam only accepts credit card. Here, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Unfortunately, you cannot pay in any other way.

Starter Plan

WebinarJam’s starter plan is designed for small businesses with a low volume of webinars and fewer needs. The plan starts at $39 per month, which also makes it relatively accessible. However, with no real caps on volume, the Starter Plan suits the needs of a lot of different types of businesses. In fact, the only real reasons you’d want to upgrade are needing extra features, longer streams, or more controls. This plan limits you to 100 attendees per webinar.

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In addition, all plans, including the free one, come with extras like the WebinarJam API.

Webinars – You can stream an unlimited number of webinars. Here, you get full access to all webinar modes. These include video, Picture-in-Picture, app, presentation, videos, and more. Webinars are limited to 1 hour in length for the Starter plan.

Hosts – you can host webinars from a single account at once. This means you can have more people talking on the webinar. However, they’ll have to use the same camera and the same account.

Live Chat – Viewers can live chat during the stream. This includes with each other and with the host.

Scheduling – Create schedules and allow viewers to sign up or register with a single click.

Email & SMS – WebinarJam allows you to email and SMS registrants with a link, to remind them of new webinars, and with confirmations. That ensures people know when to log in to see your webinar without requiring another tool.

Offers – Insert offers directly into the webinar, with popups based on content. WebinarJam offers both scheduled offers and offers you can add while live.

Polls and Surveys – Share polls and surveys during the webinar. Here, WebinarJam allows you to schedule surveys in webinars and at the end of them.

Handouts – You can also attach handouts, which registrants can receive before, during, or after the webinar.

Whiteboards – WebinarJam’s user interface also allows you to insert whiteboards into the webinar, which you can use for digital sharing. If you stream from a tablet, you can also draw on that.  also draw on that.

Video Injection – WebinarJam uses video injection to allow you to insert pre-recorded elements into your live video stream. This “hybrid” webinar solution means you can show commercials, show pre-recorded talks, share popular media and culture, etc.

Backgrounds – Set custom backgrounds for hosts.

Broadcasting – Broadcast your webinars to Facebook and YouTube streaming to attract a larger audience.


WebijarJam’s Basic plan offers everything from the Starter plan. You also get an upgrade, in the form of a few new features. In addition, you can stream for longer and with more people. For example, you can stream to up to 500 attendees per webinar. This plan costs $79 per month or $948 per year.

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That makes the basic plan a good fit for businesses that already know they have an audience. For example, if you’ve already tried out the Starter plan. Or, if you have more registrants already. However, added features and webinar duration can also be nice. If you want to keep your WebinarJam cost down while still streaming to more than 100 people, this is probably the best plan for you.

Webinars – Webinars last a maximum of 2 hours. You also can stream from two devices, or with 2 separate hosts.

Attendee Spotlight – Highlight attendees and share information from them.

EverWebinar – WebinarJam offers recorded and automated webinar distribution through its EverWebinar platform. Here, you upload webinars, schedule them, and everything runs automatically.


WebinarJam’s Professional Plan increases viewers to 2,000. In addition, it allows you to stream for 3 hours. Plus, with a maximum of 4 hosts, this is also suitable for having guests or even roundtable discussions. At $229 per month, costs do increase significantly.

However, if you do have enough people to use the attendee cap, you’ll probably find that WebinarJam is worth it. For example, most competitors charge similar rates. In addition to capacity increases, and everything from the Basic Plan, you get:

Always-On Live Room – WebinarJam sets up a video-steaming link, which you can log into to stream from at any time. The stream has a static URL. This makes it easy to share, to log into, and t send to customers or internally.

Panic Button – If you’re not accustomed to streaming webinars, extra tech support can be extremely useful. The Panic Button automatically clones your webinar and room in case something goes wrong. That allows you to quickly restore everything to normal if something goes wrong during streaming.


With up to 5,000 attendees per stream, the Enterprise WebinarJam plan is suitable for larger businesses. At $379 per month, it’s also the most expensive option. However, with up to 6 hosts and webinars up to 4 hours, you do get marked capacity increases.

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Otherwise, you get one additional feature. However, that feature offers remote controls for webinars, which can be very useful in larger streams.

Control Panel – Move webinar controls to a separate PC so someone else can oversee technical details while streaming. This is ideal if you have a sound or video team in place, have someone to manage questions, or otherwise don’t have time to manage both while hosting the webinar.

Related Questions

If you still have questions about WebinarJam or its pricing, these answers should help.

Can I Use WebinarJam for Free?

No. WebinarJam does not have a free plan. Instead, its monthly pricing starts at $39. However, you will have to pay on a yearly basis.

Does WebinarJam Automatically Record?

Yes. WebinarJam automatically records all webinars. You can replay them under Replica Replay. If you’ve set up Replica Replay, WebinarJam also automatically pushes recorded webinars to YouTube.

How Do I cancel my WeibarJam Trial?

You can cancel your WebinarJam account or trial at any time within 30 days of setting up an account. Just go into your account, submit a ticket, and include your information. You want billing data, changes you want, and a refund if wanted. Include your order number, full name, and email address. WebinarJam offers a full refund for the first 30 days after purchase.

WebinarJam vs Zoom: Which is Better?

WebinarJam and Zoom each offer webinar support. Here, WebinarJam offers more features. It’s also a smaller company, so you can expect more dedicated support. Zoom’s webinar platform is cheaper. In addition, Zoom supports up to 100 presenters. That makes it a better choice if you want to host larger webinars with more people involved. On the other hand, WebinarJam offers integrated marketing functions for handouts, popups, surveys, etc.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to compare the interfaces yourself to see which you actually prefer and why.

WebinarJam Pricing: Summary

WebinarJam prices start at $39 per month. However, plans go up to $379 per month. With plenty of options in between, it should be relatively easy to choose a plan that meets your needs. Additionally, most scaling involves allowed attendees and small added on features. Otherwise, even the starter account is close to full feature.

Hopefully this WebinarJam pricing guide helps you with making a decision for the platform.