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Kartra Review 2023: Plans, Features & Benefits Comparison


Kartra is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, tackling every aspect of both in the digital niche. That translates to web hosting, web design, email management, sales funnels, and more. That makes it incredibly popular as an all-in-one solution. That’s especially true for digital businesses looking to reduce the number of marketing tools they use. For example, with Kartra, you can cut web host, web design software, CMS, email tool, and sales funnel tool down to a single platform. That can be incredibly beneficial to startups looking to simplify their process. Plus, with just one subscription, Kartra could be cost saving as well.

That makes Kartra incredibly popular with startups, small businesses, other small teams.

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Kartra Review – Packages:

Kartra offers multiple pricing plans, ranging from $99 to $499 per month.

Starter – The starter plan starts at $99 per month but scales down to $88 per month with an annual subscription. It supports up to 2,500 total leads and 15,000 emails per month. Plus, you get 1 custom domain, 50GB of bandwidth, and up to 100 hosted pages.

Silver – Silver upgrades everything on the Starter Plan except custom domains and emails to “unlimited volume”. Silver still caps leads to 12,500 and custom domains at 3. In addition, you’ll pay $199 per month for Silver or $149 with an annual commitment.

Gold – Gold increases leads and email to 25,000 and 5 custom domains. Everything else is unlimited. You’ll also get access to Kartra Agency. It costs $299 per month or $229 per month with an annual subscription.

Platinum – Platinum scales total leads up to 50,000, with support for 10 custom domains. You’ll pay $499 per month. You can reduce that to $379 with an annual plan.

The pricing plans essentially allow you to scale costs based on total leads and required domains. If you’re driving under 2,500 new connections per month, the starter plan works well – although it doesn’t include Kartra Agency.

However, with leads and custom domains as the primary differentiator between plans, it’s relatively easy to choose your plan. Plus, you can always scale up to a larger plan if your lead or email volume escalates. That’s perfect for new companies trying out marketing and lead generation plans, like that offered by Frank Kern. You can build everything in one place and then scale up costs as sales increase.

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Landing Page Builder

Kartra Pages is a drag and drop landing page builder with templates, drag and drop customization, and build-your-own options. Kartra promises over 500 page and section template to play with. Most importantly, all of those sections are built by professional designers. These include full customization options. That makes it relatively easy to create a unique page using drag and drop modules and without having to create your own designs.

The landing page builder offers full page templates, which you can use out of the box with no modifications. In addition, you get partial page elements such as headers and images. Plus, all of these elements are resizable and customizable. Any element can also adjust into columns or boxes, for full scalability on any page. Kartra also stands out over some competitors with features. For example, built-in popup and dynamic menu options right in the standard website builder.

Most importantly, every page you build with Kartra natively integrates with the tool’s marketing solutions. That means you can natively add mail, video, surveys, etc.

Pre-built Campaigns

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns replaces tooling like click funnels or Infusion Soft. These allow you build complete sales funnels in one platform. That includes pre-designed funnels where you only have to fill in the blanks with your own content and lead capture. However, Kartra’s prebuilt campaign feature delivers a lot more. For example, customization for workflows, sales flows, and lead capture.

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Most importantly, the tool fully integrates across all Kartra solutions. That means you can build a landing page link it as the first step in the campaign. Then, you add additional landing pages and link email follow-up based on which landing page the lead signed up from.

In addition to fully pre-built campaigns, Kartra allows you to create drag and drop sequences to guide leads where you want them. You can also set up rule-based automation. That means integrating video, tagging, and pages with full tracking across the sequence. Therefore, you can see lead engagement, interaction, drop-off point, and conversion point in one app.

Essentially, the tool allows you to use pre-built campaigns designed by marketeers. Or, you can create fully customized flows based on your buyer activity. These include IFs and THENs rules to deliver completely tailored content.

Kartra Mail

Kartra Email is a newsletter and email management platform with automation and templates. You can set up mailing lists using imports or using lead generation. Then, automatically send email using behavior-based automation, split testing, and personalization with tags.

Kartra mail also offers full custom email templates. This includes pre-built email flows. You can also set up advanced automation using IF and THEN rules. However, Kartra stands out with its data and analytics. These function similarly to hubspot with optimization for send time, revenue tracking, and lead engagement.

Kartra delivers IF and THEN rules across its full marketing platform. But, this shines in the email platform, where you can automatically move leads between lists to tailor content based on their behavior. Taking time to set up triggers allows you to create highly customized email campaigns per customer. While you will have to upload and define that content in sequences, it is set and forget.

Kartra Video

Kartra Videos is a video player with full integration into marketing and marketing automation. So, you can directly interact with leads as they watch. Video are hosted on Kartra, as part of video bandwidth included in your subscription. Then you can integrate them natively into web pages, email campaigns, and other elements.

Kartra also offers plenty of customization and controls per video. For example, you can set up autoplay with multiple options, including start on mute. Or, you can automatically play the next video in a playlist. In addition, you can customize videos with skins and player options or watermarks and branding. Plus, with lead tagging and in-video popups, Kartra makes it easy to connect with your leads during the video.

Eventually, Kartra stands out for its implementation of call-to-action and popups into the video. You can also use lead data, previous pages, and percentage into video to tailor the message. These can be mandatory, allowing you to force registration before a lead can continue watching.

Katra Commerce (Checkouts)

Kartra Checkouts replaces tools like WooCommerce and Shopify. For example, you get integrated products, checkout, and payment pages. Kartra also offers a complete range of additional features for payments. This is perfect for brands selling subscriptions, coaching, or accepting installments.

While Kartra does not provide a payment gateway, it does provide everything else. For example, you can accept credit card or PayPal via PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe integrations. You can also set up recurring payments such as subscriptions or payment installations. Plus, with native support for free trial and initial payments, it’s ideal for setting up subscriptions. Like most competitors, Kartra also offers native support for promotions and discounts.

All of this is native on any Kartra site you choose to set up. That means you can offer custom deals to existing customers. And, you can automatically track sales to leads in your site without setting up any additional tooling or settings.

Marketing Analytics & Data

Kartra Analytics integrates into every aspect of the site, from email to landing pages to website visits. That allows you to track, analyze, optimize, and automate every aspect of your Kartra solution. This is one of Kartra’s biggest upsells, because it makes marketing data accessible even to non-technical users. For example, you won’t have to implement multiple additional tools to track lead and customer behavior across your site.

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For example, analytics track new visitors to the site, their landing page, and interaction. You can then see product analytics with sales, traffic sources, and profit. That extends to email, to landing page interaction, and to full integration with calendars and helpdesks. Essentially, you can stay on top of interactions, conversion, and customer service across all aspects of marketing. And, most importantly, that’s without installing or managing additional tooling to do so.

Affiliate Management

Kartra Affiliate management makes it easy for anyone to set up affiliate sales. Here, Kartra offers a bult-in tool for applying as an affiliate seller, tracking discount tiers, and offering flexible commissions. So, you can easily customize based on the applicant and their network.

That extends to building custom landing pages per affiliate. That allows them to direct traffic to their own page on your site – for higher conversion for them and for you.

Most importantly, Kartras tooling allows you to track and see how much each affiliate is earning and to see where your revenue is coming from. That includes setting up payment milestones. Here, affiliates receive payments when they meet reserves.

Kartra Survey & Quizzes

Kartra Surveys allows you to set up quizzes, surveys, and questionaries. Most importantly, these integrate into landing pages, emails, video, and other marketing options. That offers considerable opportunities for engaging and interacting with your audience. They also integrate into rule-based automation. This means you can trigger email, automation, and tagging based on those survey responses.

For example, you can set up a survey as part of a video campaign – which you can use to tailor email marketing to deliver more personalized results. Kartra also uses automation to tailor the next question in the survey. This can help you to drive considerable insight from one questionaries.

Plus, Kartra offers plenty of options to set up user-friendly surveys. For example, you can set up single page surveys or deliver one question per page. You can also integrate video and images for a more classroom-like approach. And, with question scoring, progress tracking, and even certificates available – Kartra’s solution is ideal for tests. Kartra also adds in marketing tools, with auto-tagging for leads, automation to customize the quiz or follow up responses. Plus, with multiple success messages based on quiz outcomes, you can fully tailor your responses, no matter what the quiz result.

Essentially, Kartra Surveys functions as a marketing tool. However, anyone delivering video courses and coaching can use it as a quiz tool, to assess student learning, or to deliver certificates.

Katra Membership

Create and manage customer memberships inside your own portal. This includes support for everything from data access to shopping subscriptions. Kartra’s Membership Portal supports customer signup through a checkout page, and offers a portal. Plus, you get long-term member management and multiple membership tiers.

Like the rest of Kartra, the interface is fully modular. You can drag and drop to design the portal, the landing pages, and the signups. And, you can use these to deliver classes and tutorials with videos and articles, dripped content, and much more.

This feature is especially useful for classes and teachers, because you can track how far viewers are in content. Plus, you get extensive integration for email, surveys, and automation. That makes it easy to deliver a full virtual classroom experience.

Most importantly, Kartra allows you to manage multiple subscriptions and memberships at once with tiers for each. This means you can integrate upsells and new tiers into each section – so you can work to improve the customer lifetime value.

Kartra Customer Service & Support

Kartra Helpdesks deliver an all-in-one customer support solution. It’s also fully integrated into your lead and customer management platform. That makes Kartra especially beneficial to companies with minimal customer support teams. In fact, you can easily track and manage customer support as part of sales and marketing.

Kartra’s solution include ticketing, separated by department. You can also set up multi-agent collaboration for each ticket. Plus, customer service agents have full access to the customer’s billing data and customer history from the ticket. The chat and support tools also offer canned responses with autoreplies with automated chat. If you’re using email support, you also get full integration into email. In addition, you get full analytics for response time, time-to-solve, frequency of tickets, etc.

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Essentially, this solution is ideal for everyone from one-man organizations to large-scale companies.

Other Features

Kartra is a full-service platform and that does mean they offer dozens of features. Some other features of note include the calendar, forms, integrations, marketplace, and Agency.


Kartra Calendar synchronizes with a Google Calendar to help you stay on top of planned customer calls, webinars, and bookings. It also allows you to integrate calendar bookings directly into your website. This includes custom availabilities and schedules per day.


Set up native forms to collect leads, deliver lead magnets, and sign leads up for mailing lists. Kartra offers dozens of templates, custom fields, lead tagging, and many other features. Plus, with form memory, existing customers can save time on every visit.

Integrations & API

Kartra offers native integrations with over 20 applications via API and IPN. These include payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, membership platforms, mail clients and more. In addition, Kartra offers custom integrations via API, IPN, and custom code. You can do this yourself or contact the Kartra team for guidance.

Some of Kartra’s notable, native integrations include:

Eventually, Kartra makes it relatively easy to integrate any of the existing applications they have. Using the API or IPN integrations require more technical expertise and may require hiring a developer. However, Kartra is also willing to offer custom connections to clients, providing the account is big enough and you pay for the work.

Kartra Marketplace

Kartra Marketplace is essentially an “experts for hire” page. Here, you can find and hire Kartra experts or look for advertising, marketing, sales, or customer experience support. The marketplace is made up of Kartra users who have been vetted by the Kartra team to provide these services. However, none of these services are provided by Kartra itself.

Kartra Agency

Kartra Agency delivers a client account management dashboard. This includes client accounts, subleasing, agency branding, and even portfolio management. Plus you get extensive tools to do everything from analyze client performance to delivering reports.

Kartra Reviews & Ratings

While Kartra offers a lot of features, it has a somewhat mixed online reputation. For example, the platform receives high ratings across applications like G2, Capterra, and GetApp. On Capterra, Kartra has a 4.5-star rating on Capterra across 125+ reviews. Reviewers quote the service as offering quality automations, good templates, and good features. Many quote it as being one of the best “bank for your buck” options on the market. Others aren’t quite so positive. For example, many citing the vendor lock in. E.g., you can’t export Kartra pages, so if you migrate to another service, you’ll have to start over.

On G2, Kartra maintains a 4-star review with over 40 reviewers. Here, users rave about user-friendly guidance. Most love having everything in one place and step-by-step instructions per feature. People are also very positive about automation for saving time. However, others do quote missing features. For example, some users complain about the lack of free event options.

Other websites, like Trustpilot, have significantly lower reviews. However, with just four reviews on Trustpilot, its rating of 2.9 shouldn’t be that much of a concern. Overall, reviews on most platforms are positive. However, some complain the platform being difficult to navigate because of the large number of features. Some also mention that customer service being slow. Otherwise, nearly everyone is happy with the platform.


Kartra offers an all-in-one solution for digital marketing other than ads. This makes it a tempting solution for brands relying on multi-step email, landing pages, and funnels. Migrating the full process onto a single platform can save time and reduce total subscription costs. However, Kartra is very much oriented towards video solutions. In addition, many of its special features are definitely designed for delivering video courses. If your organization doesn’t offer any of this, you might want to look at one of Kartra’s competitors to see if they offer a better business model fit.

However, with no real caps on any services other than leads and email – choosing a Kartra plan is about lead volume and not features. That means you can scale based on inbound traffic, not on needed features, which can eventually pay off significantly.