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ConvertBox Pricing 2023: Get Limited Offer (Lifetime Deal)


ConvertBox is one of a host of lead generation tools available to small businesses and entrepreneurs online. The platform stands out with a full-service approach to lead generation. That ranges from multi-media popup forms to automation and tool integration. But, if you’re looking to invest in a lead generation platform, you want to know what it costs. Convertbox pricing plans are extremely simple, as currently, the company only really has 2. That should make it easy to look at pricing options and make a decision.

How Much Does ConvertBox Cost?

Below we have given a quick comparison of ConvertBox’s pricing:

Currently, ConvertBox is in early release. It’s selling lifetime access to the Software as a Service platform – including all future updates, for a flat-rate price. That’s currently set at $495 for the standard plan and $590 for the PRO plan. Both options come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

In addition, while ConvertBox is using early access sales to fund further development before its formal release, the deal is set to end at any time. Afterwards, ConvertBox will start at $99 per month.

  Normal Plan  Pro Plan 
Views/month 250,000 500,000
Websites 10 50
App Integrations    
Logins 1 login 5 Sub-users with managed login
Client Accounts No Yes
Cost $495 $590

Otherwise, all features are included in both plans. This means that the primary benefit of going with the pro plan over the standard plan is that it’s suitable for a larger operation. Because it’s a lifetime plan, if you expect you will grow to 500,000 views per month, it’s probably a good idea to choose the larger plan.

Payment Methods

ConvertBox accepts multiple payment methods. These include:

  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal Credit/Debit
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No matter what you choose to pay with, ConvertBox offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

ConvertBox Limited Lifetime Deal Offer

ConvertBox is set to charge $99 per month or $1,188 for access to its platform. However, the ConvertBox price range will go up from there, as the pro plan will cost more. In addition, you will likely be able to scale up views per month with a subscription fee. For now, ConvertBox costs $495 for lifetime usage. That’s the same as 5 months of usage with the subscription plan.

ConvertBox provides lead generation tools, mostly designed for small-to-medium businesses. These include bloggers, individuals selling services, and eCommerce stores. And, because it only has one real plan, it’s relatively easy to choose which plan is best for you.

Multi-Media Popups – ConvertBox offers multi-media support in all its forms. This means you can add video, audio, embedded apps, or anything else you’d like into your forms and CTAs. That also pairs with other apps, as ConvertBox offers dozens of integrations across popular apps like HubSpot, messenger bots, and more.

Smarter Automation – Here, you can create logic-based rules in your funnels to target specific users, to target users connected to other apps, or to set up multi-stage funnels with tags and responsive CTAs.

Segmentation – Build funnels, with multiple choice steps, the option to skip steps, and other personalization options, so you always deliver highly personalized information, offers, or content.

Targeting – ConvertBox uses targeting features to allow you to display forms and CTAs based on a range of triggers. For example, someone’s behavior or steps in the funnel. Or, certain pages or categories on the site. You can also show forms and CTAs based on exit intent, shopping cart behavior, etc.

Split Testing – Build and A/B test messaging, images, and content to improve performance over time. Here, ConvertBox automatically tests which is performing better, shows you results in real-time, and prioritizes the higher-performing option.

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Drag & Drop Builders – Build pages, forms, and boxes using drag and drop tools. ConvertBox offers a range of templates like Callout Modal, Center Modal, Full page takeover, sidebar, wide, etc. However, you can drag and drop elements to put them anywhere you like. That makes designing around your website significantly easier. You can also drag and drop individual elements such as text, buttons, video, images, forms, timers, etc., so they appear anywhere on the page. Plus, with drag and drop HTML elements, which support embedding, there’s a lot of room to create highly personalized forms, fields, and pages.

Real-time Tracking – See what users are doing on your website, in real time, as they do it. ConvertBox offers element-by-element tracking, so you can see exactly where users fall off, how long they take on each element, etc.

Custom Forms– Build smarter forms and lists, with customizable form fields. Plus, with export to your email management tooling like HubSpot, you can create and maintain dynamic lists using automation. These forms are good for email opt-in, for quizzes, and for surveys.

CTAs – Create CTAs with popups, forms, and page-builders, complete with forms, countdowns and timers, and scheduling tools.

HTML – Embed everything from messenger bots to videos or meeting tools directly into your landing pages and forms.

The Lifetime Limited deal allows you to use ConvertBox across 10 different websites. However, you only get one login and one password. It’s also designed for small-to-medium-size businesses, as forms cap out at 250,000 views per month. If you have more traffic, you’ll have to pay an as-of-yet undisclosed extra fee. However, as most users won’t exceed that traffic limit, and you can double it with a one-time $95 fee, it’s not much of an issue.

ConvertBox Pro Plan

ConvertBox also offers a pro plan, which costs $95 per month. The SaaS has not yet disclosed what this pricing plan will be once it moves to monthly pricing. However, the added fee mostly only increases user capacity. For example, you receive:

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Extra Views – Form views go up to 500,000 per month rather than 250,000.

Extra User Accounts – Pro users can create and manage up to 5 user accounts.

Client Access – ConvertBox allows you to distribute managed ConvertBox accounts to your clients as part of the service. You’re still limited to 5. However, this allows you to deliver ConvertBox email forms, lead generation tools, etc., as part of a website building service, etc.

Additional Websites – The Pro plan allows you to use ConvertBox on up to 50 websites at once.

Otherwise, you get the same set of features and tools. So, the primary reason you’d want to upgrade is to increase capacity or to increase the number of supported websites.


ConvertBox is a big upfront investment, you probably still have questions.

Is the ConvertBox Lifetime Deal Worth It?

If you’re planning to use ConvertBox at all, then yes it is. The $495 fee costs the same as 5 months of use. If you use it for more than that, you’re saving money over having a subscription. Of course, with no real trial options, you should look at video demos of the software first to ensure you like it. However, with a very intuitive interface, most people should be comfortable using it. In addition, ConvertBox has been around for some time now. The platform launched ConvertBox 2.0 in 2019 and currently has thousands of users, who mostly rave about the platform.

What is Convertbox’s Cancellation Policy?

ConvertBox allows you to cancel for a full refund within 30 days of making a purchase. Afterwards, there are no refunds.

ConvertBox Prices: Next Steps

ConvertBox pricing packages are very straightforward. At $495 for a lifetime license for the basic platform and $590 for a lifetime license for the PRO, pricing is simple. Hopefully, you can easily decide which of the pricing options is right for you based on websites, user volume, and intended usage.