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Top 14 Best Cash Registers For Small Business: 2023 Comparison


Cash registers are a must-have for most business types. These versatile point-of-sale devices combine a secure cash drawer, adding machine, receipt printers, and more into one device. The smallest systems cost under $100 and some businesses may want to consider cash register rental as an option. The most advanced connect directly to your POS systems, as is the case with most touch screen cash registers for small business.

This wealth of choice is made more complex by the fact that many are designed for specific uses. Models like Shopify’s are designed for retail while others are made for hospitality like fast food. Choosing the right cash register for your small business can mean reviewing dozens of details in addition to price.

The table below shows a quick price comparison of top small business cash registers in USA:

Brand and ModelCost
Sam4s ER 940$781
Sharp XE-A207$350-$550
Casio SR-C4500$479
Casio SE-C3500$399
Casio PCR-T280$149
Square Register$799
Lightspeed POS Cash Register$69-$99 per month
Clover Station Pro$1,349-$1,649
Casio PCR-T500$199
Royal TS1200MW$629-$799
Sharp XEA107$249-$169.95
Casio PCR-T2300$299
Casio SE-G1SC-RD$139.99
SAM4s ER-180U$248.34

Below we’ve outlined each company’s product features & benefits in more detail.

Note: Companies are ranked in no particular order.

1. Sam4s ER 940

The Sam4s ER 940 is a restaurant cash register designed for servers. This model features a programmable menu, 150 programmable keys, and replaceable key sheet to change out menus in seconds.

  • Up to 10,000 PLUs
  • 99 groups
  • Add up to 50 registered users
  • Supports promotions
  • Integrated currency conversion
  • Dual thermal printer (journal printer + receipt printer)
  • Integrated reports such as hourly sales analysis
  • List price is $781 but it is frequently available much cheaper

Sams4 ER 940 Website

2. Sharp XE-A207

Sharp’s XE-A207 is a perfect choice for retail outlets and hospitality. This entry-level cash register delivers basic functionality with support for up to 600 customers per day.

  • Drop in thermal receipt printer
  • Programmable LCD display
  • Programmable 53-key keyboard
  • Supports up to 25 clerks/cashiers
  • Supports 2,000 PLUs
  • Offers electronic journal
  • Reporting functions for clerks and hourly usage
  • 4 tax rates supported and integrates with QuickBooks Pro
  • List price of $350-$550

Sharp XE-A207 website

3. Casio SR-C4500

The Casio Sr-C4500 is a smart cash register for retail and hospitality. While budget, it delivers a full range of features, including a 10-line operator LCD and 2-line customer display.

  • Supports a plug and play barcode scanner
  • 72 programmable keys
  • PAX S300 interface supports multiple payment methods
  • Dual thermal printer for receipts and journal printing
  • SD card slot
  • Integrated app for programming + reports
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Supports up to 50 guest checks with details & custom notes
  • 7,000 PLUs
  • List price is $599.95 but this is frequently available for $479
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Casio SR-C4500 website

4. Casio SE-C3500

Casio’s SE-C3500 is an entry-level cash register ideal for retail stores. In addition, the SE-C3500 easily links to a system of registers, perfect for multi-checkout stations.

  • PC setup and updates for programming
  • Popup display + 10-line operator LCD
  • Programmable tax settings
  • Graphic and logo printer support (dual printer with journal/receipt printing)
  • 7000 PLUs
  • 72 department keys
  • SD card backup
  • List price is $479, pricing averages $399

Casio SE-C3500 website

5. Casio PCR-T280

Casio’s PCR-T80 is a high-functionality budget cash register ideal for small businesses. This small, functional cash register offers fewer features, but at a great entry level price.

  • Drop in thermal printer
  • Supports 1,200 PLU
  • Customer display
  • 5 department keys
  • Supports up to 8 clerks
  • 30 programmable keys
  • Programmable tax features
  • List price is $149

Casio PCR-T280 website

6. Square Register

Square is the perfect smart cash register for any retail store using the Square POS. This fully integrated cash register includes a touchscreen, customer-facing display, and integrated payments – so you only need one device.

  • Fully integrated into the Shopify POS
  • Accept all major payment types right on your cash register
  • Create customer accounts and complex bills with integrated customer management
  • Receipt printers are separate
  • All tablets and screens included
  • No real limits to PLUs
  • Digital keys with a touch screen display mean workflows and programmable buttons
  • List Price is $799 or $39 monthly

Square register website

7. Lightspeed POS Cash Register

The Lightspeed POS cash register is designed for retail users who also use the Lightspeed POS. This modern cash register delivers everything for hospitality retail sales – including integrated payments.

  • iPad terminals with EMV-connections
  • Integrated credit, debit, & gift card payments
  • Integrated lightspeed POS
  • Multi-location support
  • Cloud backups and support
  • Integration into UberEATS and Door Dash
  • Synchronizes with online orders
  • Costs $99 per month of $69 per month with Lightspeed Payments

Lightspeed POS Cash Register website

8. Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Solo is an all-in-one small business cash register that can link to a POS. It can also integrate directly into Clover’s POS. Station is unique in that it adjusts effortlessly to restaurant and retail with everything you need for full guest, inventory, and staff management.

  • Designed for restaurant users
  • Cloud order management linked to online sales
  • Integrated table mapping
  • Integrated menus
  • Portable payment processors available
  • Supports WIFI and LTE
  • Sales & performance reports
  • Costs $1,349-$1,649

Clover Station Solo website

9. Casio PCR-T500

The Casio PCR-T500 is one of the top cash registers for small shops and convenience stores. This tiny model fits neatly onto even the smallest counter, while delivering a full array of features.

  • 10-line LCD
  • 3,000 PLUs
  • Thermal printer for receipt or journal printing
  • 2×2 pop up customer display
  • SD card slot
  • 25 department keys
  • 70 programmable keys
  • List Price: $199
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Casio PCR-T500

10. Royal TS1200MW

This smart, touch-screen cash register offers a 12” full color LCD screen with a huge range of customization. In addition, it supports integrated age verification, restricted products, and tax for multiple regions, perfect for bars and service industry.

  • Support for 5,000 PLUs
  • Separate thermal printer with journal record support
  • Multiple price levels with support for discounts, guests with discounts, and group discounts
  • Menu support
  • 200 department keys with individual unit prices and tax rates
  • Table tracking
  • Customer facing display
  • C0sts $$629-$799

Royal TS1200MW website

11. Sharp XEA107

Sharp’s XEA107 is a small business cash register and a top option for micro businesses looking for budget options. This solution also comes with a free credit card terminal if you opt into Merchant Services with Sharp.

  • 8 programmed departments
  • 80 PLUs
  • 31 programmable keys
  • Supports 4 clerk numbers
  • 1 line operator-facing display
  • Small size for small counters
  • Integrated thermal receipt printer
  • Costs $249.44-$169.95

Sharp XEA107 website

12. Casio PCR-T2300

The Casio PCR-T2300 is one of the best budget cash registers on the market. While budget, this smart model delivers a full array of features for retail sales.

  • 10-line operator LCD with 2×2 customer-facing display
  • 30 department keys
  • SD card slot
  • 2-station thermal printer for receipts and journals
  • Programmable messages and graphics on the printer
  • Optional electronic payment devices
  • 68 programmable keys
  • List Price: $299

Casio PCR-T2300 Cash Register website

13. Casio SE-G1SC

The Casio SE-G1SC is a small, budget model perfect for micro businesses. While it’s the cheapest cash register on this list, it also comes with a USP of five color options, including red, blue, pink, white, and black.

  • 25mm LCD display
  • Drop in thermal printer
  • 999 PLUs
  • Customizable receipt printing
  • Battery backup
  • Calculator function
  • Journal printing functionality
  • List price is $139.99

Casio SE-G1SC website

14. SAM4s ER-180U

The SAM4s ER-180U is a small, lightweight cash register offering everything you need for a small retail shop or store.

  • 8-digit LED with optional 8-digit customer-facing LED
  • 48 programmable keys
  • 90 days of integrated data storage
  • 1 port
  • 16 department keys
  • Daily reporting
  • Integrated drop-in thermal printer
  • List price: $248.34

SAMS4s ER-180U cash register website

Cash Register for Small Business vs Modern POS System

Small business cash registers are cheap, simple, and relatively feature rich. In many cases, there are few differences between the modern cash register and a “POS system”. After all, a cash register is a point-of-sale. But, despite those differences, many business owners still prefer to look for the simple and traditional cash register. Why? They’re affordable, easy to use, and almost as versatile as a point-of-sale system.

Affordability – Cash registers are often relatively cheap, especially in comparison with full POS systems. That isn’t always the case. Crossover models, like the Square and Clover cash registers, can still run well over $1,000. But you can easily get a cash register for under $200. That makes them accessible to even micro businesses.

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Ease of Use – The simplest cash registers can be learned in a day. That’s ideal for business owners with part time and frequently rotating staff. For example, many support menu changes, but this is often achieved by switching the department key. Or, by changing the key sheet under the keys. This allows you to update pricing without changing what keys go to which products.

Versatility – Cash registers range from tiny countertop models to near-POS system devices offering dozens of features. The most advanced cash registers are difficult to impossible to differentiate from a POS. That means you get display screens, employee tracking, multiple printers, remote payment, and even apps.

Cash registers are a good fit in many situations. The largest difference between them and a POS is that, in most cases, the cash register isn’t designed to sell directly to the customer. You need a clerk. In addition, the cash register isn’t normally equipped with inventory management and supply management. However, they can be quite sophisticated.

Benefits of Using a POS System

POS systems are devices built to function as a point-of-sale, normally with integrated inventory management. Most offer full support for barcode scanners and card readers. Many also offer customer-facing sales. For example, a POS might function as a Kiosk or a self-help menu. A cash register never will.

Automation – POS systems allow customers to scan barcodes and check out on their own. This is ideal in some stores and in grocery stores. Many restaurants and fast-food places also rely on these devices to speed up lines and reduce wait time.

Displays – While many modern cash registers use large displays or even tablets, POS systems always have them. These are ideal for showing inventory. They also allow you to link directly to online web shops, so all orders are placed through the same system. That can greatly simplify inventory management for small businesses with lower budgets.

Full Inventory Management – POS systems are made to manage inventory, track sales and link them to products in the front and back end. Most include full staff management as well. That means everything from groceries to menu items is updated based on stock going out. When someone rings up an item, its volume in the inventory is automatically decreased, just like with online sales. That bridge between inventory management and brick and mortar sales can be incredibly cost saving.

Time Saving – POS bring everything related to the sale into one place. That allows you to cut down on management time, because everything is managed in one place. For example, if your point-of-sale handles inventory management, you can skip getting inventory management elsewhere. And, if your point-of-sale integrates into QuickBooks or other accounting tools, everything is managed in one place. Eventually, this can save you considerably.

Next Steps

Choosing a cash register or point-of-sale system normally depends on your business and its needs. You can look for features, look at the budget, and look at integrations. Eventually, there will always be a lot of options. If you want to get the best value for your money, we can help. Fill out the form above and we’ll request quotes on top cash registers suited for your needs. We’ll review and send you the best three, so you have an easy choice.