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Top 12 Best Cash Register Rental Providers: Price Comparison


Cash registers are the core of any business and whether you sell online or in person. They help you track sales, prove tax liability, and avoid mis-counts on inventory and tax. Whether you opt for an expansive POS system or a simple cash register with a drawer, you need one. Unfortunately, some can cost thousands of dollars. Investing capital upfront can be impossible, especially for small startups and seasonal businesses. Renting a cash register is a great alternative. That remains true whether you’re looking to avoid high replacement and maintenance costs or if you just want to lease until you have more capital.  

Of course, cash register and POS system rental may not be a good fit for you long-term. It’s important to keep track of costs and manage how your rental fits into your business model. However, these 12 cash register rental providers will get you started – even if you don’t have the funds to buy a POS upfront.  

Below is a quick price comparison of the top 12 best cash register rental suppliers in the USA.  

Company   Monthly Cost  
American Metro   1/5th purchase price of model (on average)  
Unified Payments   Merchant service costs only  
Lightspeed   $69 + $29 per register  
Cash Register Guys   ¼ of purchase price of programmed model (on average)  
EPOSnow  $39-$79  
NCR   $149+ 
Shopify   $209-$412  
Revel Systems   $99 for the first register ($79 and then $69 per each subsequent register)  
Bindo Labs   $59 + $39 for the register  
Square  $249.11 
Crest Capital   NA 
Clover   $40-$69  

Please Note: These prices were accurate as listed on the supplier’s website at the time of writing, in July 2021. The provider may change their pricing at any time.  

Below we profile each of the companies’ services and features in a bit more detail. 

Note: Companies are ranked in no particular order. 

1. American Metro  

American Metro is one of the largest cash register rental companies in the nation. The supplier also specializes in delivering short-term POS for events.  

  • Rent cash registers and POS for up to 6 months  
  • After 6 months, American Metro recommends buying  
  • American Metro quotes rent as adding up to the cost of the machine after 6 months 
  • Nationwide event support and delivery  
  • Full software and online reporting tooling  
  • Delivery and pickup to the continental United States  
  • Event support including register training and help desk available  
  • Full merchant account services  
  • Best for short-term events and popup stores  
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American Metro website  

2. Unified Payments 

Unified Payments offers short-term cash register rentals with full infrastructure and payment processing. Plus, with merchant services, renting cash registers is free.  

  • 1–7-day rentals available  
  • Full setup and on-site technicians 
  • Cash registers, POS, and Self-checkout kiosks available  
  • ECommerce and payment software available  
  • Same-day funding  
  • Mobile payments solutions  
  • Rates available on request  
  • Best for short-term events  

Unified Payments website  

3. Lightspeed  

Lightspeed is one of the largest POS software suppliers in the United States. If you’re using the system, you can also opt into cash register leasing 

  • Full POS system and software starting from $69 per month  
  • Cash registers cost an additional $29 per month  
  • Integrated payments and receipts  
  • Card payments cost 2.9% plus 10c 
  • Tablet-based Point of Sale  
  • Cash registers link to online sales  
  • Only available with Lightspeed POS  
  • Ideal for long-term rentals  

Lightspeed website  

4. Cash Register Guys  

Cash Register Guys is one of the largest cash register and POS providers in the country. It also offers short-term, fully programmed cash registers with all equipment needed.  

  • Rental rates available on request  
  • Integrated card payments  
  • Barcode scanners and other add-ons available  
  • All major cash register brands available  
  • We were quoted $200 per machine per month for Sams4 SPS-320 
  • Cash Register Guys recommend buying if you rent more than 2 months  
  • Most major cash register brands are available  

Cash Register Guys website  

5. EPOSnow  

EPOSnow offers POS equipment leasing for retail, hospitality, and business. Most contracts are also lease-to-own, which takes out much of the extra costs of leasing rather than buying.  

  • Full POS (software and cash register) kits available from $39-$79 per month  
  • Solutions by industry  
  • Compatible with most major merchant services  
  • Links to Deliveroo, Sage, and Xero  
  • Tablet and multi-display systems available  
  • Mobile payment and mobile order devices 
  • Contactless mobile systems  

EPOWnow website  

6. NCR  

NCR is one of the largest enterprise cash register rental providers available. The company also offers cash register leasing, with rent and lease to own options.  

  • NCR OEM hardware with 4 cash register and 6 self-service options  
  • Pricing fully depending on volume of orders 
  • Rent and lease-to-own available  
  • Custom software solutions per industry  
  • NCR offers international service  
  • Ideal for large and multi-location stores  
  • Pricing starts at $149 per month for NCR Silver  
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NCR Website  

7. Shopify 

Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms available. Therefore, leasing a cash register with it makes sense if you already have the POS.  

  • All rentals fulfilled by Fello 
  • A Shopify retail kit with cash register and payment processor costs $209 per month to rent  
  • The Shopify Cash Heavy bundle, including data and an iPad, costs $412 to rent  
  • Integrates into Shopify eCommerce store 
  • Ideal for popup sites and events. However, pricing is too high for daily rental  
  • Includes on-site setup and assistance  
  • Cash register help during the event  

Shopify Fello website  

8. Revel Systems 

Revel Systems is a popular POS system and the first to deliver a real tablet-based POS. Its cash register and POS rental pricing starts at $99 per month.  

  • Tablet and traditional cash registers 
  • Full integration with Revel POS  
  • $99 per month (versus $674 to buy) Extra registers cost $79 and then $69 per month 
  • Integrated payment processing including mobile payments  
  • Free card readers 
  • 3-year contract  

Revel Systems website  

9. Bindo Labs  

Bindo is most well-known for its POS software, but it offers a flexible cash register rental solution as well. In fact, with support for up to 20 retail outlets, Bindo is a great choice for many types of businesses.  

  • POS starts at $59 per register 
  • Includes software and hardware  
  • Costs are scaled based on software 
  • Point of Sale like printers, scanners, mobile card readers, etc., are available  
  • $150 activation fee with the monthly plan  
  • Additional registers cost $39 per, per month  
  • Full online POS with synchronization across up to 20 physical locations  

Bindo Labs website  

10. Square 

  • Square is one of the most popular cash register rental companies on the market. In fact, Square registers are the most commonly offered by any rental company.  
  • Rentals are fulfilled through Fello  
  • Square register costs $249.11 per month to rent (Costs $799 to buy) 
  • You can choose to pay for mobile hotspots for registers 
  • Card readers, terminals, and iPads also available  
  • Fully integrated into the Square POS  
  • Links to online sales 
  • Ideal for popup stores and events  
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Square + Fello website  

11. Crest Capital  

Crest Capital offers equipment financing and leasing for business. Its cash register leasing is normally “lease to own”.  

  • No limits on model types or brands 
  • Crest Capital finances cash registers with a lease-to-own system  
  • You choose the equipment and Crest Capital approves the amount based on your business 
  • Qualifies for Section 179 write-offs 
  • 100% financing 

Crest Capital website 

12. Clover  

Clover is one of the largest smart POS systems available. Its cash register hire is also one of the most popular, and is offered by dozens of companies, as well Clover itself.  

  • Costs from $69 per month for a full cash register 
  • $40 a month for cashless point of sale  
  • Mobile payment options available  
  • Credit card processing included 
  • Integrated Point of Sale  
  • Lease to own options available  

Clover website  

Benefits of Renting a Cash Register 

Renting or leasing cash registers is a great choice for many types of businesses. This is especially true in event industries, where buying and storing registers over a year is often the more expensive way to go. However, it’s not always a good call. Rental costs add up and quickly. For example, most traditional cash registers stop paying off as rentals at 3-6 months of rent. With many models renting for roughly $75 per month, low-cost cash registers could quickly be paid off with a lease. On the other hand, those same rental programs are perfect for short-term organizations or those looking to avoid hardware depreciation.  

  • Leasing allows you to start up with minimal upfront costs 
  • Lease-to-own programs are common and enable quick startup with only minimal extra fees 
  • Rental cash registers remove the need to worry about maintenance, upgrades, or long-term support for your registers 
  • Rental means someone else handles the maintenance and repairs 
  • In some cases, the supplier manages tenor and paper for printers 
  • Helplines and technical support are provided by the supplier  
  • Upgrades and exchanges are normally easy  
  • Rental is significantly lower cost for events  
  • Popup stores and eCommerce popups can link rental registers directly to their POS  

Essentially, there are a lot of reasons you might want to rent. But, there are also reasons you might prefer lease to own or to purchase your model upfront.  

What Next?  

If you’re looking for a rental cash register, it’s a good idea to consider your needs. How long do you need it? What features are you looking for? Is rental the most cost-effective solution. If you’re ready to move forward, we can help. Use the form at the top of the page to request quotes, and we’ll help you find the best rental cash register for your needs.