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Ford F150 Rear Window Replacement Cost: 2023 Price Comparison


If the rear window on your Ford F150 is broken, you’ll likely want to have it replaced.

Here, costs can vary significantly depending on whether you have a sliding window or not, which year your vehicle is from, and which part of the window you have to replace. 

In most cases, you can expect the average cost of replacing a Ford F150 rear window to range between $150-$900. This includes $80-$900 for parts and $100-$250 for labor. In most cases, you’re looking at about 2 hours of labor. 

The table below shows a quick price comparison of Ford F150 rear window replacement cost estimates from reputable suppliers:

SupplierRear Window CostLabor
Carglass $157-$945$94.99-$250
Autoglass $165-$930$95-$230
Safelite $177.99-$1029.99$91-$280
CarID $54.99-$990.22NA
Walmart $72-$285NA
Amazon $54.99-$520NA 

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How Much Does a Rear Window Replacement Cost?*

If you’re replacing the rear window in your Ford F150, costs vary quite a lot by the year and type of window.

Here, the largest cost variables will be which type of window you have. Often, that will depend on the age of your vehicle and what electronics it has. 

Alternatively, most Ford F150 vehicles have interchangeable windows. For example, windows are interchangeable between the 2004 and 2014 models.

This means that it may not be necessary to replace your window with the same type of window if you’d prefer a cheaper or more luxurious option. 

Window TypeRear Window CostLabor Cost
Sliding Window $250-$409$85-$274
Heated Window $819-$994.99$90-$264
With Logo $277.99- $994.99$95-$256
Rear Passenger/Driver $54.99-$159.35$85-$260

*Note: Prices are estimates and were correct at the time of writing (July 2022). Cost estimates may have changed since, our figures should be used as a starting point for your own research.

Rear Window Replacement Cost Factors

In most cases, the largest cost factor in replacing the window in your Ford F150 is what type of window you’re replacing. Rear windows come in several different types, and each cost significantly different sums.

Labor, on the other hand, will be a constant, with most window replacement jobs taking your Ford mechanic somewhere between 1 and 3 hours. 

Type of Window

Ford uses multiple types of rear windows on the F150 vehicle. In some cases, the type of window is about the age of the vehicle.

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However, in other cases, you or the original buyer might have picked a luxury or upgraded rear window during purchase. 

  • Single pane – Single pane rear windows are a single sheet of glass stretching across the full rear of the cabin. These normally start around $150 for an aftermarket model and at around $250 for an OEM rear window with a logo. They’re also the cheapest option you can choose to replace your rear window. However, Ford didn’t make them for every year of the F150, so you may have to select an aftermarket option. 
  • Sliding – Ford’s sliding windows feature any of a number of sliding configurations on the rear window. These range from a single pane that slides to the left or right to two panes. Sliding windows are more expensive. In addition, you’ll pay different rates depending on the complexity of the slider. Often, the standard, which is a “duo vent four-panel slider”, starts at about $132 for an aftermarket piece and goes up to $870 for a power slider. However, Ford also sells three panels and other options. 
  • Panels – One of the largest advantages of a multi-panel window is that it’s likely you can replace just one of the panels on the rear window. Replacing the panel on the passenger or driver side is a lot cheaper than replacing the full window. In fact, a single panel usually starts at around $55 for an aftermarket option and goes up to about $120 for OEM. 


Many modern vehicles include a significant number of electronics in the windows. However, you don’t have to replace your rear window with the same window.

Ford offers heated windows, power sliders, and windows with both. A power slider window will normally start at around $500 and goes up to $990. A heated window usually costs between $800-$990 as well.

In addition, if you’re installing electronics, you can expect installation to take slightly but not much longer. 

Window Brand 

Ford sells replacement rear windows as accessories. However, you can also choose aftermarket or “made to fit” parts to reduce costs.

Here, it’s important to make sure that your replacement part is actually cheaper, as many aftermarket brands are designed to improve performance, so they might even be more expensive. 

3 Signs You Need a New Rear Window

Often, you can take your Ford to the glass repair shop and have them repair even large cracks.

When do you need a new rear window instead of a quick fix? 

1. You Have Tempered Glass 

Most rear windows are made of tempered glass rather than laminated glass.

This means that a small chip or crack could result in the full window shattering. That can be extremely dangerous and could mean your entire window will go out. 

However, Ford also uses laminated glass for rear windows, especially for its higher-end power sliders and heated glass windows.

If those are cracked or chipped, it’s not as big of a deal and you may not have to quickly replace the window to prevent an accident. 

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2. Cracks Are 6” or Longer

If the crack in your rear window is 6” or longer, it cannot be safely repaired. You’ll have to have it replaced.

That also holds true if the cracks or chips on your window go through more than half the depth of the glass, because it’s very difficult to securely fix the issue. 

3. Cracks or Chips on the Edge of the Glass 

If cracks or chips are on the edge of the glass, they damage the integrity of the glass. Any new pressure on the window is more likely to knock the window out of the frame, causing an accident.

Replacing the window is your best option. 

How Do You Replace a Rear Window? (13 Steps)

If you’d rather replace the rear window in your F150 yourself, you can normally do so.

In most cases, you can expect the full job to take a few hours. In addition, you’ll almost always want to have at least one person and hopefully two on hand to help. 

Here, the most important step is to ensure that you purchase the right replacement glass, because there are small differences in shape between different models.

Check the part number and that your window is compatible with the year model for your truck. 

Things You’ll Need: 

  • Replacement glass
  • Replacement gasket if one did not come with your window
  • Replacement cord if one did not come with your window 
  • Stanley knife or other utility knife 
  • Shop towels and glass cleaner, rubber cleaner
  • Vaseline or other lubricant 
  • Window gasket sealant 
  • One or two people to help 

Replacing Your Ford’s Rear Window 

  1. Park your truck on a flat and level surface and set the parking brake.
  2. If your vehicle has a cover of the rear window frame go over it with a flat screwdriver and pry it up. You may have to remove the clips. 
  3. Lay plastic bags over the inside of the vehicle and tape them up to catch any falling glass if you accidentally break the window or push it out the wrong way. This will greatly speed up cleanup if something goes wrong. 
  4. From the bed, use a Stanley knife to cut through the rubber gasket around the window. Make sure you go slow and don’t cut into the glass. Use protective gloves or make sure you keep your hands out from in front of the blade. 
  5. Examine the window and look for any clamps on either side. It’s unlikely they will be there. If there are, remove them. 
  6. Have someone inside the vehicle and gently push outward on the window. The best option is to have someone else stand on the outside and prevent the window from falling. Push gently and move around the window slowly and keep applying outward pressure. Eventually, it will come loose, and you can pull it out. If you have a rear windshield wiper, make sure you pull it out of the way. 
  7. Peel out the remains of the gasket and scrape up any sealant. Then, clean the frame.
  8. Apply sealant around the outside of the gasket and fit it into the frame. In most cases, it’s good practice to clean the gasket, then apply sealant. Allow the sealant to dry. 
  9. Apply a lubricant to the new gasket on the inside of the frame around the groove. Then, insert the cord and make sure about a foot hangs out from either end.
  10. Insert the window into the gasket. It’s good practice to use two to three people, one on the inside and two on the outside, to gently insert the window into the frame. If you push too hard or too far, the glass will break. Go slow, and slide the window in slowly. 
  11. Pull the cord out of the window slowly. Make sure it doesn’t pull the gasket out anywhere. 
  12. Wipe both sides of the window down to ensure it’s clean and stable.
  13. If your window has a cover over the window frame, take the time to put it back on. However, you might want to check that your window is sealed and there are no leaks around it first. In some cases, it’s a good idea to run a line of silicone or window sealant around the edges of the window. However, make sure you check the instructions that came with your specific window, as silicone will ruin some window seals. 
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It’s always a good idea to check your work and make sure the window is stable. Don’t be afraid to go over the window and add more sealant. 


If you still have questions about replacing the rear window on your Ford F150, this FAQ should help. 

Can I replace a rear window myself? 

In most cases, you’ll need assistance to replace a rear window. Most are too large and too fragile to conveniently or safely handle yourself.

Therefore, you should always have someone to help. However, you can very often do the work yourself. 

However, if you do have electronics in your window, it’s important to stop, unclip the electronics, and make sure you take your vehicle in to have the codes reset after replacing the window. 

How do you fix a rear sliding window on a Ford F150?

In most cases, you can simply take the sliding window off and replace the tracks, the regulator, or the power mechanism.

Which step is appropriate depends on what’s wrong with your sliding window. 

Which car windows are the cheapest to replace? 

Paneled windows, corner windows, and single-pane rear windows and windshields are normally the cheapest windows to replace.

However, costs also depend on the make and model of your vehicle and how common it is to get parts for that age of vehicle. 


The cost of replacing a rear window on a Ford F150 can be quite high. Depending on the vehicle, you might want heated windows or windows with a power slider. That means you might spend well over $800 on a new window – without considering labor. However, labor is normally 1-3 hours of work, and you’ll pay anywhere from $15-$200 for that labor.

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