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Average Cost of a Basketball Hoop


Since its invention in 1891, basketball has been one of the most popular sports in the world. Today, you can find basketball courts in almost every playground, school, and backyard. To obtain the true essence of basketball, you must have a high-quality basketball hoop. If you’re considering buying a basketball hoop or two, the price is one of the factors to consider.

How Much Do Basketball Hoops Cost? $400 to $500

In the world of basketball hoops, there are different types of systems that look similar but differ largely in prices. The prices vary based on several aspects like the type and height of the basketball hoop, the materials and size of the backboard, type of rim, type of pole, and the type of brand. You can expect to pay an average of $400 for a high-quality one. Basketball hoops are also available at different price points, from low-price hoops under $100 to high-cost hoops that cost over $500.

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The table below breaks down the basketball hoop cost for a few typical basketball systems. We’ve highlighted whether the basketball hoops listed are fitted for a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Cost of Different Types of Basketball Hoops

There are two main types of basketball systems to choose from, and they each have their unique features and price point. Generally, there are portable basketball hoops and in-ground basketball hoops. Here’s what you should expect to pay for each type:

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Average Cost of a Portable Basketball Hoop: $300 

One of the most popular types of basketball hoops is the portable basketball hoop. Just like its name suggests, a portable hoop is portable such that you can conveniently take it apart, park it, and take it with you anywhere. Some models come with wheels for portability to easily move them around. Most come with height adjustability settings, which make them ideal for younger players who’re continually growing. You should expect to pay $300 on average for a high-quality and durable basketball hoop.

Average Cost of an In-ground Basketball Hoop: $400

The in-ground basketball hoops, also called outdoor hoops, are types of basketball hoops that come with supporting holes dug into the ground and supported by hard concrete. Compared to the portable hoops, in-ground hoops have more strength and stability. As such, their cost is relatively higher. They are ideal for schools and outdoor settings. You should expect to pay $400 on average for a high-quality and durable basketball hoop.

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Average Cost of a Basketball Hoop by Brand

Another way of narrowing down your search for a basketball hoop is by comparing different brands. The following are the three most popular basketball hoop brands:

Spalding: $400 to $1,000

One of the most popular brands of basketball hoops on the market is Spalding. The company manufactures the official hoops and basketballs used in most professional leagues around the globe. They sell different types of basketball hoops at different price points, including low-price over-the-door mini hoops that cost under $50 to high-cost glass in-ground hoops that cost $1,499-$1,899.

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Lifetime: $300

One of the brands that can compete with Spalding in terms of durability is Lifetime. The company is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of consumer-end basketball systems. As such, Lifetime offers a greater variety of basketball hoops to help beginners, intermediates, and experts find the ideal one for just about any budget. Prices range from $40 for mini hoops to $1,699 for tempered glass in-ground hoops.

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Silverback: $500

If there is one brand that could rival Spalding in terms of high-quality portable basketball hoops, it would be Silverback. The company manufactures professional-grade portable basketball hoops that are not only innovative, but also easy to setup. The manufacturer also offers different types of basketball hoops at different price levels. Silverback portable basketball hoops are, however, considered a bit pricier than other models, at nearly $500 on average.

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Should You get a Portable or In-Ground Basketball Hoop? 

Choosing between a portable vs. in-ground basketball hoop can be hard because both types have pros and cons. To help determine which type is best suited for you, you should answer the following three questions:

  • Where will you use the hoop? If you want to use it on a permanent court, then an in-ground basketball might be ideal. If you need to move the hoop around at certain times, then a portable hoop might be a perfect choice.
  • Who’ll be using the hoop? You want to choose a hoop that’s designed to withstand the forces being applied to it. For expert-level players, an in-ground hoop is best. For kids, you can go for a portable hoop with adjustable height.
  • What’s your budget? Basketball hoops are priced differently. Those made using heavier materials by more established brands demand a bigger budget from customers. Depending on your budget and needs, you can determine whether to choose a portable or in-ground hoop.
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Whether you want a basketball hoop set up on your driveway, backyard, or in your room, you have to determine what amount you can afford to spend to buy a type and brand that suits your needs. With many different types of hoops from different brands to choose from, choosing a hoop that you can afford won’t be an intricate task after all.  


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