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Why Are iPhones So Expensive? (12 Reasons Why 2023)


iPhone is a well-known brand seen in the hands of both friends and celebrities. Yet, it comes with a hefty price tag.

iPhone X. Photo: Marco Verch / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

iPhones are so expensive because they are more than a phone. They can complete the functions of a computer, take excellent photos and video, and give access to gaming, television shows, and the internet. Additionally, they are user-friendly and have a high level of security. iPhones are hand-assembled with expensive materials for durability and longevity.

The features and capabilities of an iPhone make them highly appealing to many. The high demand also explains the higher cost.

1. Design And Innovation

Apple engineers focus on creating an iPhone that is sleek and attractive. All iPhones are designed with comfort for handling and longevity in mind. Innovative features make them a leader that competitor brands try to follow. 

They use long-lasting materials and  batteries that make the phone durable for years of use, which is much longer than competitor brands.

Additionally, the iPhone also incorporates hi-tech features such as facial or fingerprint recognition to unlock and protect the device. 

The camera delivers superb photo and video capabilities for professional-looking, high-definition results. These replace the days of other bulky handheld devices for capturing images. 

Moreover, the captured images can be edited – even with proprietary apps – and easily shared on social media and other platforms.

Apple also engineers the hardware and software for their iPhones, managing the user experience throughout the entire creation. 

2. Assembly Labor By Hand

The iPhone’s metal components are globally sourced and manufactured by hand with highly complex parts. It takes 141 stages, 5 days, and 325 pairs of hands to fully assemble an iPhone.

As a result, any manufacturing and labor done for iPhones are highly specialized, which requires training and expertise; and therefore, money to do so. 

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3. Accessories

Apple iPhones have a different charging port than other phone models. As a result, you have to buy Apple-compatible cords, wires, headphones, etc. 

These specially-designed accessories cost more than the mass-manufactured ones. 

4. Operating Platform

Apple products, including the iPhone, use an Apple-based operating platform called iOS. 

All Apple products, such as the iPad and an Apple desktop computer, can work with each other, sharing data across apps. 

This specialized platform costs money to give consumers these capabilities.

5. User-Friendliness

iPhones are easy for users to operate. Their software is intuitive, and there are no instruction manuals for their products. 

Apple will upgrade the software which is often compatible with older models of the iPhone. This in turn not only improves older models but allows the device to be used for longer periods. 

However, new software versions and upgrades cost the company money to create.

While customer support and free classes in their Apple stores can help users out, the iPhone is easy to turn on and use without much or any help.

This saves the consumer a lot of time, but the superb user experience that goes into the creation of each device must be compensated.

6. iPhones Function Like Computers

Today, iPhones can handle the functions of a computer with excellent RAM and processing speeds. 

The iPhone’s fast processing speed allows the user to switch back and forth between apps without losing progress or slowing down performance.

Performing computer-like tasks on an iPhone gives users a portable and small way to complete tasks for personal and business applications. 

Examples of these tasks include banking transactions, document editing, conferencing, watching streamed television shows, and gaming.

7. High-Security Level And Privacy

iPhones are harder for hackers to “break into”, due to the encryption coding of their software. 

Unlike other operating platforms, Apple does not sell your data. If they do use your data with your permission, the company is upfront and transparent about it. 

For other non-Apple platforms, this is not necessarily true. Sold data could open up your personal information to potential data infringements.

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The operating system of Apple products is a closed one that limits what app developers can do. When downloading an app, it can only be done so from the App Store, also monitored by the company to prevent any infected files or malware apps. 

These practices lead to more secure apps for the user.

Stolen or lost iPhones are trackable since they are connected to other Apple products that you own. 

iPhones lock soon after lack of use, so only the person with the right fingerprint, facial recognition, or password can get back into it.

The high level of security, privacy, and data protection that the iPhone offers makes it appealing to everyone from the general public to celebrities. Paying higher prices for excellent security is well worth it for many people.

8. iCloud Storage

iCloud storage comes with the Apple phone and can be upgradable for a fee. It comes with a free email account and 5GB of free storage. Users do not have to use it, but it is included with the purchase. 

If you set it up in the phone’s settings, simply by signing in, then it will automatically store information for you without the hassle of downloading information on your own.

This “cloud storage” can hold photos, videos, and more, securely and across all Apple devices. 

For example, you can choose to store photos in the “cloud” instead of directly on your device. It backs up data and allows you to share things with friends and family if you wish to do so. You can also track immediate family members’ products and usage. 

iCloud gives users the ability to buy iPhones with smaller storage capacity or eliminates the need for additional hard drives to store information.

iCloud is also accessible using a username and password from any technology brand, including a PC. 

9. Branding

With innovative products designed to last, Apple established itself as a worldwide brand. 

Each year, the company holds presentations to introduce something new. Many people attend these presentations in anticipation of cutting-edge options. The excitement over innovation and the urge to “collect” or have the newest model is enticing to people. 

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Everyone from regular folks to celebrities crave to have an iPhone. The desirability of this device transformed it into a sort of “status symbol.”

Customers love the products so they become loyal consumers.  As a result, people will spend more to update or buy new iPhones from the Apple brand. 

10. Excellent Customer Service

Apple dedicates in-person stores, phone, and online customer service to help their consumers enjoy their products. 

Their in-person stores are more than a kiosk. Inside one, you will find many employees happy to greet you, let you explore and test their latest products, and answer your questions. 

Employees will get you set up with any repairs, battery replacements, and more, while you wait at their in-store “Genius Bar.”

If there are any problems with functionality due to a design flaw, the Apple company is known to upgrade or replace parts without cost to the consumer.

11. Resale Value

Quality material, durbality, excellent software, and a superb operating system keep the value high for each model of iPhone. 

Because of this, iPhones have an excellent resale value even after years from the release date. They can also be traded in towards the purchase of a new device. 

Customers feel that the money spent offers long-term value of the product, and the company monetizes on it by increasing the price of their new devices.

12. Marketing 

As is true with many businesses, Apple must pay for marketing, news releases, and more to share about their innovative products, updates, and so on.

Their in-person stores and commercials are effective but expensive marketing tools. 

Apple offers other products such as smartwatches, earbuds, notepads, and even face masks with their technology and logs on them. 

Their products represent a luxury lifestyle that shows status and therefore will cost more.


The Apple company offers products that people trust due to their durability, functionality, customer support, and other features. The iPhone is no exception. 

iPhones can cost up to $1,000 or more, but when considering that they can last for years, they can be cheaper in the long run.  

With an iPhone in hand, consumers can complete an incredible amount of tasks for personal, business, and enjoyment tasks. The expensive price tag is worth it for many people.