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Why Are Dinotrux So Expensive? [11 Reasons 2023]


Kids who fell in love with Netflix’s Dinotrux series are likely in love with the Dinotrux toys, too. They look exactly like the characters seen on screen and help children create their own adventures. 

Undeniably, Dinotrux toys are a beautiful gift for show fans and kids who never watched an episode alike. However, parents looking to buy these playthings are often baffled by their price tag.

Photo: Static6 / Flickr / CC BY NC ND 2.0

Dinotrux toys are so expensive because they are officially licensed products made of high-quality materials. These toys are also in high demand, but the supply is low because their production has been discontinued. Like most franchised products, Dinotrux toys are also collectible, and this drives prices up. Some characters are also more expensive than others.

1. Official Licensed Product

Dinotrux – the toys – weren’t the first ones to be around.

They are inspired by an American-Canadian computer-animated television series from DreamWorks Animation, which is, in turn, an adaptation of Chris Gall’s series of illustrated children’s books by the same name.

Like all merchandise inspired by movies or cartoons, Dinotrux toys are officially licensed products.

Mattel, the same brand that manufactures the original Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, and Jurassic World, is the official manufacturer of Dinotrux toys.

While Mattel didn’t say how much they paid for the Dinotrux franchise, we can assume that it’s a lot. For instance, the Star Wars producer declared that they made three times more money with the toys than the film.

Manufacturers must recoup these costs, so they raise the retail price of the toys.

2. Supply Vs. Demand

Dinotrux is a popular animated series available on Netflix. Kids watching it can easily fall in love with the hybrid characters.

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Many of these children then want to play with their favorite creatures and give life to their own fantasy worlds and adventures. 

Thus, they pressure their parents to buy them a hybrid dinosaur. The only problem is that Mattel seems to have discontinued the line of Dinotrux toys.

While there is no official news about it, the fact that Mattel doesn’t mention the franchise on its website confirms the rumors. 

A discontinued line means that there will be no new Dinotrux toys coming up – at least, none that are original. This determines retailers to charge more for the toys still in stock.  

When these playthings were first released in 2015, Toys “R” Us was the official and exclusive retailer. Today, only a few Toys “R” Us stores around the world carry Dinotrux toys.

However, you can still find some bundles and characters in other stores, including Walmart and Amazon.

3. Character

Another factor that affects the final price of Dinotrux toys is the character.

Like all shows, Dinotrux has more popular and less popular characters. The demand is often higher for the ones kids like the most, and these are more expensive.

The design complexity also influences the price – larger or complex toys require more material or lengthier development procedures. 

For instance, two toys with similar characteristics and size have different prices; Dinotrux Reptool costs around $54, whereas Dinotrux Revvit is more expensive, at $75.

4. Bundle Vs. Single Character

Not all retailers sell Dinotrux toys in bundles, but those that do enable you to buy multiple toys at a more affordable price. 

Generally, even if bundles are more expensive upfront, they are cheaper than all characters bought separately. 

However, considering that the Dinotrux toy line has been discontinued, bundles are only available from very few resellers. 

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5. Manufacturing Costs 

Something that makes Dinotrux and all other toys from Mattel expensive is their quality. 

After going through a huge toy recall back in 2007 due to loose magnets and lead levels in the toys endangering children, Mattel updated its safety testing and quality strategy.

The company worked to improve compliance protocols across its factories and adheres to all required ISO standards

From material selection to toy development and safety, Mattel spends a lot on the manufacturing and quality control processes.

This is reflected in the price of the toys, which are more expensive than toys from brands that don’t adhere to these standards. 

6. Toy Size

Dinotrux toys are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from around three inches to 14.5 inches in height. 

By manufacturing the toys in different sizes, the brand makes it easier for children of different ages to play with them – Dinotrux toys address kids three years and up. 

As you can imagine, the larger the toy, the more expensive it is. 

7. High-Tech Features 

Dinotrux toys are accurate representations of animated characters. However, not all Dinotruxes were created equal. 

Some of these playthings feature battery-operated motors and remote control operation. These options are more expensive than manually-operated characters.

8. Educational Toys

“Educational toy” is a fancy name for objects of play that stimulate learning. This category includes numerous playthings designed for toddlers and preschoolers, including wooden blocks, puzzles, pegboards, construction toys, and more.

As far as Dinotruxes are concerned, they help children develop and discover the world in multiple ways. 

Due to their hybrid nature, Dinotrux toys teach kids about dinosaurs and trucks alike. The moving parts help children develop their fine motor skills. Imaginative play also aids in expressing creativity and stimulates the mind. 

Educational toys, including Dinotrux, are generally more expensive than regular playthings.

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9. Peak Seasons

An indirect factor that affects the price of toys is the season. More often than not, retailers raise the price of toys before Christmas – sometimes by as much as 18%

Season aside, inflation also has an impact on the toy market. Combined with a declining purchase power, the current economic situation can make Dinotrux toys seem expensive. 

10. Collectible

Since it was founded in 1945, Mattel has been a creator of franchises beloved by children and collectors around the world. 

Not only do they have a Creations line designed specifically for collectors; the vast majority of their toys become collectible in time. 

Considering that the Dinotrux toy line has already been discontinued, but the show is still popular, these playthings have a high collectability potential.

Since retailers don’t hesitate to monetize on everything, potential included, these toys are expensive. 

11. Resale Value 

Lastly, Dinotrux toys are expensive because they have a high resale value. Due to the franchise being discontinued, there are only so many new models on the market. 

Parents who want to buy a Dinotrux for their child can find second-hand ones, generally on marketplaces. 

Prices here vary from seller to seller, but they aren’t a lot cheaper compared to a new toy.

For instance, a pre-owned Diecast Rollodon can sell for around 25% of its original value. However, when adding up shipping costs, the price goes up to about 50% of its original value.

But not all Dinotrux models are as easy to come by as the Rollodon. 

One of the rarest models is the Diecast Hydrodon. Finding a new Hydrodon is hard, and pre-owned prices vary widely depending on the condition.

The model, in good working order but without original packaging, costs around $50. A collectible item in its original packaging can cost three times as much.


Dinotrux toys are expensive because they are officially licensed and collectible products. Since Mattel doesn’t manufacture them anymore, retailers charge higher prices for the toys still in stock. Factors like the manufacturing costs, toy size, character complexity, and the time of the year when the toy is bought can also drive the price up.