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Why Are Crocs So Expensive? (9 Reasons Why 2023)


Crocs, aptly named after crocodiles for their ability to function on water and land, are a popular trend that is not going out of style any time soon. Celebrities, kids and teens, nurses, teachers, gardeners, and more wear Crocs daily.

Crocs store inside Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida. Photo: Phillip Pessar / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Crocs are expensive because they are a well-known brand made out of a special material called Croslite™, are durable, promote longevity, and are in popular demand. Crocs also offer a large variety of styles and colors and sales to boost revenue. Additionally, the company touts the positive health benefits and environmental impact of its products.

Let’s explore the reasons why Crocs are expensive. These may help you decide if you want to buy your first pair or stock up more in your shoe closet.

1. Croslite™ Material

Many may think that Crocs are made of rubber, but in fact, they are not. They are constructed of Croslite™, which is a unique material that is only made by the Crocs, Inc. company. 

This closed-cell material is unique for footwear in that it is non-toxic and prevents odor-producing bacteria from building up. 

It is soft and molds to the users’ feet with repeated use, and is lightweight and flexible. 

Crocs (without liners) require very little maintenance, just soap, and water, to keep them clean. 

This special material “recipe” of crude oil polymers is only used by the business. This high-quality and unique material is what consumers expect of the brand. So, this recipe will not change to reduce production costs. 

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As a result, this creates higher production costs to make Croslite™, while trying to earn a profit. In turn, this is going to elevate costs for the consumer.

2. Durability And Longevity

Crocs last a long while due to the material that they are made out of, and are suitable for use on various surfaces or terrains. They are resistant to water, wear and tear, and do not deteriorate easily. 

Even when used regularly, Crocs tend to last several years longer than the traditional shoe. This may be appealing to the consumer who may be willing to pay more upfront knowing that the shoe will last longer.

If Crocs last a long time for the consumer, the company may raise prices to compensate for fewer purchases over time. 

That being said, they are likely to offer promotional items and other Croc gear to get people to buy more and increase revenue.

3. Demand And Popularity

Crocs originally were marketed to boaters and outdoor enthusiasts as a comfortable and waterproof shoe to give support for long days on foot. 

Other Industries

However, other industries such as healthcare and restaurant businesses, found these shoes desirable as well. 

For people that don’t find the bulky appearance of these shoes appealing, celebrities and teens demonstrate that “ugly” is in style. Or, “ugly” is something to be ignored when the comfort is excellent. 

Celebrities, and teens, can influence the spending habits of others. Crocs partners with high-profile people as a way to advertise and get consumers to buy the product. This broad appeal leads to high demand and popularity. 

When demand is high, so is the cost.  


Seasons can also affect demand and pricing. Summer is a popular time for croc sales with prices potentially higher, 

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However, other Crocs with warm liners or boot designs are increasingly becoming available in the off-seasons.


Adding on charms that attach to the holes, make them customizable. These may include phrases such as “Class of 2022” for graduation, and many other options for ways to show your style day-to-day, at a wedding, prom, or other events.

4. Company Growth

Inflation locally and globally can affect prices, but ultimately, the company must make a profit to grow.

Crocs, Inc. announced in September of 2021 that it expects to surpass five billion dollars by the year 2026. 

They also acquired a footwear brand called Hey Dude

These are signs that the company is growing and selling at prices that give them profit and success.

5. Brand 

When demand becomes high and Crocs become popular, the brand makes a name for itself.

As a result, other off-label shoemakers will make Croc-like products. However, due to the particular recipe of Croslite™ and the design of the shoe, nothing else is quite like it. 

Therefore, a brand-name product is going to cost more than imitation ones.

A selection of Crocs footwear on display in the storefront of a Crocs outlet in Clinton, Connecticut. Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The brand name has also extended to other products in the shoe line such as sandals, wedges, flip-flops, and slippers. 

Also toting the brand name are accessories such as clothing, hats, sunglasses, and more. 

Limited edition Crocs and Croc accessories such as charms for the holes can increase or add to the overall cost as well.

6. Sales

Crocs, Inc. offers discounts to members of their Crocs Club, as well as student, teacher, military, and healthcare workers discounts. 

Often, when people buy things on sale, they are likely to buy more, which increases revenue for the company. 

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Accessories and other styles may cost more to counteract the sale prices.

7. Health Benefits

Not only do Crocs keep bacteria at bay, but some doctors feel that the shoes offer benefits for those with foot problems related to plantar pain, bunions, diabetes, or arch issues. 

The 13 holes in the top of the classic Croc design allow for airflow, keeping moisture out, and the foot dry and fungus-free.

While not all doctors may agree that Crocs are for their patients, the increased attention to Crocs and the comfort and foot support they provide make them desirable.  

Again, with higher demand, the cost of the product will go up.

8. Environmental Impact

Since Croslite™ cannot be recycled, like many other shoe brands, the company has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. 

As of mid-2021, they announced the use of a new ECOLIBRIUM™ Technology that allows them to use sustainable products to create comfortable Crocs with much less carbon in a bio-based Croslite™ material.

Additionally, the company is looking for alternatives for its packaging and ways that consumers can participate in donating worn Crocs and other initiatives. 

They are transitioning to renewable energy usage in their distribution centers and offices.

Making changes in production, energy usage, and staff to oversee it all can lead to increased business costs. This in turn affects the sale prices.

9. Collector’s Item

Since Crocs, Inc. releases limited designs and a large range of colors, some may collect them as a hobby. 

Some will even resell highly sought designs for a higher price. 

All of the above reasons in this article can drive someone to create a special place at home for a collection of Crocs. This shows that people are willing to pay higher prices to have them.


Crocs are a popular shoe brand that people of all ages and in all industries like to wear. 

These shoes made out of comfortable Croslite™, offer wearers comfort, customization, durability, and longevity. 

The company strives to offer a quality product and positively impact the environment, while making profit. 

All of these conditions create a more expensive sale price.