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11 Mountains In Florida To Visit In 2023


If you’re looking for mountains in Florida to visit or have a picnic, you’ll be happy to learn that mountains in this state aren’t that tall, which makes them perfect for newbies and families with children. 

Britton Hill. Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr / CC BY NC ND 2.0

In fact, peaks in Florida are very short and major mountains in Florida aren’t as nearly as tall as mountains in some other states.

Since this state is so flat, people often wonder where the mountains are. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the 11 mountains in the Sunshine State.

The table below shows a list of the best 11 mountains in Florida and where to find them: 

NameLocationElevationBest for
Britton HillNear the border with Alabama345 feetHiking during the winter
Oak HillWashington County331 feetHiking
High HillWashington County323 feetHiking
Falling Water HillFlorida Water State Park (Washington County)318 feetHiking and all-day activities at the park
Sugarloaf MountainLake County312 feetPanoramic driving
Camp Lake SouthLake County, near Minneola309 feetOff-road hiking
Danley HillWalton County, near Manning Pond302 feetOff-road hiking
Iron MountainPolk County295 feetHiking and sightseeing (Bok Tower Gardens)
Sand MountainWashington County250 feetHiking
Chinsegut MountainHernando County169 feetHiking, popular because of its historical significance
Mount TrashmoreBroward County225 feetWaste disposal

1. Britton Hill

This hill is the highest natural point in Florida, standing at an elevation of 345 feet above sea level. 

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Just to show how low and flat Florida is – Britton Hill, the state’s highest natural point, is also the lowest state highpoint in the country!

Britton Hill is located in the northwest, very close to the Alabama-Florida border. Despite how short it is, Britton Hill is the best winter hiking spot in Florida.

2. Oak Hill

The second tallest hill in Florida, Oak Hill, is 331 feet tall at its highest point. Located in the northwest, not that far away from Britton Hill, Oak Hill is located in Washington County. 

This hill isn’t to be confused with Oak Hill, a city on the eastern seaboard of Florida.

It is ideal for leisure hiking and Sunday picnics, as well as a good climbing spot for beginners.

3. High Hill

High Hill reaches a peak at the height of 323 feet, making it the third tallest peak in Florida. 

Just like Oak Hill before it, High Hill is also located in Washington County, and if you’re planning on finding all mountains to climb in Florida, these two are very close together.

4. Falling Waters Hill

Falling Water Hill is actually part of Florida Waters State Park in Washington county. By now it’s become pretty clear that Washington County is the place to be if you’re looking for the tallest mountains in Florida.

This hill peaks at 318 feet, and it might be the most interesting entry on this list. Its height contributes to the creation of a natural, 73-foot waterfall called Falling Waters Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the entire state.

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Additionally, the state park built around the peak and the waterfall is one of the more enjoyable state parks in Florida. You can follow an organized trail to the top of the hill!

5. Sugarloaf Mountain

The first entry to actually be called a mountain, Sugarloaf is 312 feet tall and it’s located in Central Florida, in Lake County. Even though it’s actually a hill, it’s been dubbed a mountain because of its abrupt rise from flat terrain.

Since it’s Florida’s tallest ‘mountain’, the state developed a scenic byway called the Green Mountain Scenic Byway, coming around the eastern side of the hill.

If you drive down this road, you’ll get to see the best natural panoramic view spot in Florida.

6. Camp Lake South

Camp Lake South stands tall at 309 feet and you can find it in Lake County, near the small town of Minneola. 

This hill is still mostly unexplored and neglected, and access to it is mostly disorganized; a thing that makes Camp Lake South a great off-road hiking spot in Florida.

7. Danley Hill

A hill in Walton county, Danley Hill’s highest point is 302 feet. It’s very close to the border with Alabama, especially near Manning pond.

Like Camp Lake South, it is a great spot to explore if you like off-the-beaten track experiences.

8. Iron Mountain

Standing at 295 feet above sea level, Iron Mountain is located in Polk County, very close to Lake Wales City. The mountain is also home to Bok Tower Gardens, specifically the famous tower of the gardens.

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The mountain also offers a 3/4-mile hiking trail, easy enough for any hiker, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. It’s one of the best all-day trip spots in Florida because of the various activities it offers.

9. Sand Mountain

A 250 feet-tall mountain, this sand mountain in Florida is located in Washington county (yet again!), very close to the town of Wausau – easily found via State Road 77.

Created for recreational purposes, this spot is an ideal choice for hiking or picnics with family and friends.

10. Chinsegut Hill

Standing at 169 feet, Chinsegut Hill is located in Hernando County, near Brooksville. 

Despite it being a hill, Chinsegut is mostly popular because of its political and historical importance, especially in local history.

This makes it one of the more famous mountains in Florida, popular with historians.

11. Mount Trashmore

The final entry on our list, Mount Trashmore, was renamed to Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park in 2011. This is a 225-foot-tall landfill in Broward County (between Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach).

It’s impossible not to include this in the list, as it perfectly summarizes just how flat Florida actually is. One of the tallest hills in the Sunshine State is a landfill!