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What Is Amazon Digital? 2023 Ultimate Guide


Maybe you’ve stumbled upon the Amazon Digital page on the Amazon website, or perhaps you noticed a charge from Amazon Digital on your bank statement.

Either way, you might be wondering exactly what Amazon Digital is.

Amazon Originals on television. Photo: ajay_suresh / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Amazon Digital is a collection of digital services that include Amazon Music, Amazon Photos & Drive, Prime Video, Kindle Content, Amazon Kids, and more. An Amazon Digital charge on your bank statement may be related to any of these services. Some Amazon Digital services are included with Prime, but Amazon Prime and Amazon Digital are not the same.

Read on to discover all of the digital services that fall under the Amazon Digital umbrella. We’ll also cover why you may be getting billed for Amazon Digital services and how Amazon Digital differs from Amazon Prime. 

Finally, we’ll discuss how to return and cancel Amazon Digital services.

What Is Amazon Digital?

Amazon Digital is a collection of digital services from Amazon. These include:

  • Alexa
  • Echo
  • Fire TV
  • Smart Home
  • Prime Video
  • Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Music
  • Kindle E-Readers
  • Kindle Apps
  • Kindle Content
  • Amazon Halo
  • Amazon Glow
  • Amazon Kids
  • Freevee
  • Amazon Astro
  • Amazon Luna
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Software & Games
  • Key by Amazon
  • Amazon Photos & Drive
  • Amazon Luna Controller
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From this page, you can get support with any of the items in the list above.

You can also view and cancel your digital orders, manage your devices and digital content, install or remove apps, and change your digital and device settings.

What Is Amazon Digital On My Bank Statement?

An Amazon Digital charge on your bank statement can be related to any Amazon Digital service. 

For example, if you purchased or rented videos through Prime Video, you’ll see an Amazon Digital charge on your bank statement.

The same applies to subscriptions to services like Amazon Music and Amazon Photos & Drive. Each service has its own price point, which can vary widely. For a full list of the services that fall under the Amazon Digital umbrella, see the section above.

Why Am I Getting Billed For Amazon Digital Services?

If you’re getting billed for Amazon Digital services, then you’ve purchased or subscribed to one or more of Amazon’s digital services.

These include popular services like Prime Video and Amazon Music, as well as others like Freevee, Kindle Apps, and more. 

Noticing unknown charges on your bank statement can be alarming. Amazon explains multiple situations in which this might happen.

  • Your yearly subscription to Amazon Prime was renewed.
  • Your bank placed an authorization hold for orders that were recently changed or canceled.
  • A friend or family member with access to your payment information placed an order on Amazon.
  • An item that was pre-ordered or back-ordered shipped.
  • An item that was part of a gift order shipped.
  • You placed an order outside of the Amazon website using Amazon Pay.
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Is Amazon Digital The Same As Amazon Prime?

Amazon Digital is not the same thing as Amazon Prime.

Amazon Digital is a collection of digital services offered by Amazon. It does include Prime Video, which is often the source of the misconception that Amazon Prime is a part of Amazon Digital.

However, Prime Video and Amazon Prime are two separate services.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that comes with various perks. The most notable is free shipping with two-day, one-day, and same-day options.

Also included with Amazon Prime are various reading, streaming, and shopping benefits on the Amazon website. There are numerous Prime-only discounts and deals.

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you receive access to Amazon Channels, Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Prime Gaming.

There are additional perks and benefits to Prime as well.

Is Amazon Digital Included In Amazon Prime?

Some services that are part of Amazon Digital are included with Amazon Prime.

For instance, Prime Video and Amazon Music are both included in Amazon Prime and fall under the Amazon Digital services umbrella.

However, not all Amazon Digital services are included in Amazon Prime. Alexa, Echo, Smart Home, and more are not part of Amazon Prime memberships.

How To Return A Digital Order On Amazon

A digital order on Amazon could be one of many different services. The way you go about returning or canceling these services varies.

Return A Kindle Book Order

Amazon Kindle e-reader tablet. Photo: Wildlife Terry / Flickr / CC0 1.0 (Public domain)

If you accidentally ordered a Kindle book, you can cancel it within seven days. Start by going to the “Your Orders” page and navigating to “Digital Orders.” Find the title you want to return and click “Return for Refund.”

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Next, choose the reason for return and click “Return for Refund.”

If you have a history of submitting many return requests, you may not be able to return your Kindle book order for a refund.

It’s also possible to prevent accidental purchases by setting parental controls.

Cancel An Amazon Prints Order

You can cancel Amazon Prints orders within one hour of placing the order.

The first step is to go to “Your Orders,” locate the Prints order you wish to cancel, and click “Cancel Items,” then “Cancel Selected Items In This Order.”

Cancel A Prime Video Purchase

You can cancel Prime Video orders within 48 hours as long as you haven’t downloaded or watched them. Go to “Your Orders” and select the order you want to cancel.

Click “Cancel Your Order” and select your reason for cancellation. Then, click on “Cancel This Purchase.”

You can turn on parental controls within Prime Video Settings in order to prevent accidental purchases in the future.

How To Cancel Amazon Digital Services

You can cancel Amazon Digital subscriptions by going to the “Your Memberships and Subscriptions” page. Next, click “Manage Subscription” for the subscription you want to cancel.

Under Advance Controls, select the link, and the main subscription page will open. You can end your subscription from this page.


Amazon Digital consists of various digital services, such as Kindle Content, Prime Video, Amazon Photos & Drive, Amazon Music, and more.

If you see an Amazon Digital charge on your bank statement, it could originate from any of the services that fall under the Amazon Digital umbrella.

Even though some of the Amazon Digital services are included with Amazon Prime, these two Amazon programs are not the same.