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Top 14 Law Schools in Arizona: 2023 Guide


If you want to become a lawyer, a paralegal, or a court reporter, you’ll have to study law. The state of Arizona has several American Bar Association (ABA) approved schools, but most law schools in Arizona are intended for paralegal, general legal, and other studies. 

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at the Arizona State University. Photo: Tony Webster / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Only four of them offer a Master’s education and only two offer the doctorate you’d need to become a lawyer. 

The following includes the top 14 law schools in Arizona, listed in no particular order:

Arizona State University PhoenixDoctorate, Master, Bachelor, Associate2-4 years 
University of Arizona TucsonDoctorate, Master, Bachelor, Associate2-4 years 
National Paralegal College Phoenix Master, Bachelor, Associate, Certification 1-4 years 
Northern Arizona University FlagstaffBachelor4 years 
Bryan University TempeBachelor, Associate2-4 years 
Phoenix College PhoenixAssociate2 years 
Pima Community College TucsonAssociate, Certificate 6-24 months 
Yavapai College Prescott Associate, Certificate6-24 months 
Rio Salado College Tempe Associate, Certificate 6-24 months 
GateWay Community College Phoenix Associate, Certificate6-24 months 
Arizona Western College Yuma Associate, Certificate 6-24 months 
Mohave Community College KingmanAssociate, Certificate 6-24 months 
University of Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Certificate 6-12 weeks 
Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Certificate 6-24 months

1. Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law 

The Arizona State University is one of the most prestigious public schools in the state, with 7 law programs, including certifications, a bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs. 

With tuition averaging at $32,000 per year, this public university is also more affordable than some of the state’s pre-law private options. 

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law normally has an application deadline on August 1st. Otherwise, admissions are open, with the committee making decisions based on grade point average, grading patterns, previous education, previous public service work, extracurricular activities, and other factors. 

Plus, Arizona State University is frequently ranked as the best law school in Arizona, making it a good choice even for out-of-state students. 

Website: Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law 

2. University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law 

The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law is one of the best law schools in Tucson, Arizona

It’s also one of two ABA-accredited options for studying for your doctorate in law. That means the University of Arizona and the Arizona State University are the only two universities in the state that allow you to study to become a lawyer. 

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The University of Arizona charges around $26,000 per year for its tuition before any other expenses. 

However, it offers bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees, as well as several certification options. In addition, with majors in Tribal and Indigenous Law, it’s the best option to move to from a smaller college with this major. 

Admission deadlines are usually set in December and July depending on whether you’re taking a spring or fall class.  

Website: James E. Rogers College of Law 

3. National Paralegal College

The National Paralegal College is an online law school in Arizona. Currently, it offers 7 academic programs, including an Associate, Bachelor, and Master of Science in Legal Studies. 

The college also has 100+ courses with ABA accreditation. The school is also DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) accredited since 2006. 

At NPC, you can also study a Master of Science in Compliance Law and Taxation, making this an ideal option for students who want to study online before moving into teaching, business administration, or paralegal roles. 

With tuition averaging $10,000 per year, this is one of the cheaper options to get a legal education in Arizona. 

Website: National Paralegal College 

4. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is one of Arizona’s four public state-led universities. While it doesn’t offer a Master or Doctorate program, the university does offer a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Law. 

In addition, you can add on BS studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Indian Country Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Administration, and Politics and Government – essentially meeting the prerequisites for a Master or Doctoral study at another university. 

Northern Arizona University is based in Flagstaff; however, it offers 20+ locations across the state. In addition, you may be able to study partially or entirely online. 

NAU also tops the list of part time law schools in Arizona because you can take its digital program at your own pace. Northern Arizona University charges tuition of $12,000 per year for Arizona residents and $26,0642 for non-Arizona residents. 

Website: Northern Arizona University 

5. Bryan University

Bryan University offers an Associate and Bachelor’s degree for individuals wishing to become a legal assistant. However, these are fully paralegal degrees and not pre-law. 

The Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and Litigation Technologies also includes support for taking the Certified Paralegal Exam by the National Association of Legal Assistants, with the first exam attempt covered by the university. 

Moreover, Bryan University’s offering is fully online. That makes this one of the top online law schools in Arizona

The university also offers full support for high school students and other part time students looking to get started while studying elsewhere. Bryan University’s tuition averages $15,000 per year. 

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Website: Bryan University 

6. Phoenix College

Phoenix College offers an Associate degree and certifications in paralegal studies. The program also includes part time options. However, full-time, you’ll earn 12-18 credits per semester, making this a good preparatory degree for meeting requirements for the following program. 

While Phoenix College is something of a budget school, it still offers internships, externships, and real-world experience. The campus also features a courtroom facility, where you learn how to support lawyers during a trial for better hands-on experience. 

Phoenix College charges a flat rate of $85 per credit hour for Maricopa County residents and $472 per credit hour for non-county residents. This makes Phoenix College one of the cheapest law schools in Arizona. 

Website: Phoenix College 

7. Pima Community College

Pima Community College offers preparatory courses for transferring to the University of Arizona, North Arizona University, and Arizona University. In fact, if you pass Pima’s Associate of Applied Science as a Paralegal, you can normally apply it directly towards a Bachelor at another university. 

While Pima is one of the top Arizona law schools you can choose, the college does not offer a law education other than as a paralegal. In addition, you’ll have to attend the courses in the downtown Tucson campus. However, for in-state residents, you can expect to pay just $1,305 per 30 credit hours. 

Website: Pima Community College 

8. Yavapai College

While small, Yavapai College is one of Arizona’s leading law schools offering paralegal training. However, the school is primarily intended for local residents only. 

Yavapai offers an associate in paralegal studies as well as certificates in justice studies, legal office clerk work, and a legal paraprofessional certificate. 

However, with tuition at just $6,000 per year, Yavapai may be one of the cheapest legal schools in the state. That makes this an ideal choice if you live near Prescott and can attend classes in person. The university also has campuses in Sedona, Verde Valley, and Chino Valley.

Website: Yavapai College 

9. Rio Salado College

Rio Salado is a Maricopa Community College offering both college education and dual high-school programs. 

It has a 2-year Associate in Applied Science for Paralegal as well as a Paralegal Certification. Neither are designed to be applied towards a 4-year university or to be a pre-law education. However, you can apply them towards a BAS as a Paralegal if you’d like to move into another Arizona law school afterwards. 

Like most other Maricopa County colleges, Rio Salado also charges a flat rate of $85 per hour for in-county residents. If you’re not a resident, you’ll pay $401 per credit hour. That works out to just under $6,000 in fees for a Maricopa County resident for the full 2-year degree. 

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Website: Rio Salado 

10. Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College in Phoenix Arizona offers Associate Degree options for Law and Policy and two for court reporting. Both are in Business Office Technology, meaning the focus is more on working as an assistant and less on studying law. 

Gateway also offers an AS on Criminal Justice, giving most students who want to get into law plenty of options. 

Gateway Community College charges tuition starting from $85 per credit hour for in-state residents. Out of state residents will pay $241. In addition, none of these are pre-law studies, meaning you’ll want to choose another ABA approved Arizona law school if you’re looking to move into a doctoral program. 

Website: Gateway Community College 

11. Arizona Western College

Arizona Western College is an accredited law school in Arizona offering an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies and a certificate in paralegal studies. Both program options are designed for helping you move into a career as a paralegal rather than into a 4-year program or doctoral degree. State residents also pay an average of $92 per credit hour while out of state residents pay $2,070. 

Arizona Western College is headquartered in Yuma, but you can often attend classes in San Luis, Parker, Somerton, Quartzsite, and Wellton, depending on the class. 

Website: Arizona Western College 

12. Mohave Community College

Mohave Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. This study is intended to help you pass the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) exam. 

The college  is also an official NALA partner, meaning you’ll receive access to the official NALA courses as part of the study. 

If you take the Mohave Community College Associates course (225 hours) plus the certification which is another 45 hours, you immediately meet the qualifications to sit for the NALA Certified Paralegal exam. 

You can also combine this with any other study at an ABA law school in Arizona to get the same qualifications. 

In addition, with a flat rate of $2,395, the 225-hour course is an extremely affordable way to get started with a paralegal career. However, it’s not a pre-law option. 

Website: Mohave Community College 

13. University of Phoenix Arizona

The University of Phoenix in Arizona offers multiple courses for law and paralegal studies. However, most are graduate level, covering about three credits and costing about $2,000 per. 

The University of Phoenix previously offered a paralegal offering but that has been removed from the tract. 

In addition, the University of Phoenix offers numerous criminal justice educations, including graduate and course level certificates and Associate-Master’s degrees. However, as these are not expressly law degrees, they won’t help you to further most legal careers, unless you already have the legal degree. 

Website: University of Phoenix 

14. Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College is one of the ABA approved law schools in central Arizona, offering certificates and Associate degrees in preparation for working as a paralegal. 

While Scottsdale Community College does not offer a paralegal-specific program, it does offer Associate degrees in Administration of Justice, Emphasis in Criminal Justice, and Law and Policy, all three of which have a paralegal tract. 

Like other Maricopa county colleges, Scottsdale Community College charges $85 per credit hour. 

Website: Scottsdale Community College