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Does Starbucks Accept EBT? [2023 Guide]


If you’re a SNAP participant, you probably know that you can use your EBT card at various authorized retail stores. EBT cards are often used to buy groceries, snack food, and soft drinks. 

Starbucks sells some products that are usually covered by EBT, such as cold beverages and bakery items. This might make you wonder whether Starbucks accepts EBT.

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Standalone corporate Starbucks stores do not accept EBT, and you cannot add your EBT card to the Starbucks app. However, some Starbucks cafes and kiosks located in licensed stores like Target and Safeway do accept EBT. Still, not all non-corporate Starbucks locations accept EBT, and you can only purchase cold beverages and bakery items at those that do.

Read on to learn more about whether Starbucks takes EBT and if you can buy Starbucks energy drinks with food stamps. We’ll also discuss the items that can and cannot be purchased using EBT cards.

Does Starbucks Take EBT?

Starbucks takes EBT at some cafes and kiosks located in licensed or non-corporate stores. However, company-operated Starbucks stores do not take EBT.

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For example, there are small Starbucks kiosks inside grocery stores like Target, Fred Meyer, Publix, and Safeway. When you visit a grocery chain that accepts food stamps, you can typically use your EBT card to buy SNAP-eligible items at the Starbucks kiosk.

Because not all Starbucks kiosks and cafes in grocery stores accept EBT, it’s smart to call ahead of time to double-check.

Does Starbucks Accept Food Stamps?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was formerly known as food stamps, but the two are essentially the same thing. You can now use your EBT card to make the same purchases as you would with the old food stamps. 

Thus, some Starbucks locations accept them, whereas others do not. 

Which Starbucks Items Are Eligible For Purchase With EBT?

If you’re visiting a non-corporate Starbucks location that takes EBT, eligible items include cold drinks and bakery items. You cannot purchase hot drinks or food with your EBT card because SNAP benefits don’t cover items that are hot at the point of sale. 

Some of the specific items eligible for purchase with EBT include iced teas, Frappuccinos, cold coffees, and refreshers. You can also purchase the Pink Drink, Star Drink, and Dragon Drink using EBT. 

Untoasted bagels, cake pops, cookies, brownies, and croissants are also covered by SNAP benefits as long as they aren’t hot at the point of sale.

Can You Buy Starbucks Energy Drinks With Food Stamps?

Generally, you can purchase energy drinks with food stamps when they are sold as food and have a “Nutrition Facts” label. Some energy drinks are sold as supplements and have a “Supplement Facts” label. These energy drinks cannot be purchased with food stamps.

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When it comes to Starbucks energy drinks, you may be able to buy them with food stamps depending on the location. If the Starbucks location is a small kiosk or cafe inside a grocery store, it will likely accept EBT payments.

Not all non-corporate Starbucks locations accept EBT, so it’s a good idea to call and check before you go.

Standalone corporate Starbucks locations do not accept EBT. Therefore, you won’t be able to buy a Starbucks energy drink with food stamps at a traditional standalone Starbucks.

Why Does Starbucks Accept EBT At Some Non-Corporate Locations?

Starbucks products sold at kiosks inside grocery stores fall under the umbrella of grocery items. Products purchased at standalone Starbucks stores, on the other hand, are considered luxury items. You cannot purchase them with EBT because the standalone Starbucks locations are not authorized SNAP retailers.

Can I Add My EBT Card To The Starbucks App?

You cannot add your EBT card to the Starbucks app.

Payment methods that you can add to the app include Starbucks Cards (gift cards), credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal accounts.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Bakkt App can be used to reload the Starbucks Card within the app. However, you can’t pay with them directly through the Starbucks app.

What Can You Buy With EBT?

You can buy most food items with your EBT card. These food items include bread, cereal, snack food, and dairy products. You can also purchase meat, poultry, and fish using your EBT card.

Fruits, vegetables, and non-alcoholic beverages can also be purchased with EBT. Finally, EBT covers seeds and plants since they can be used to produce food for the household.

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What Can You Not Buy With EBT?

You cannot buy alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and liquor with EBT. Cigarettes and tobacco are also not covered by SNAP benefits.

Supplements, medicines, and vitamins can’t be purchased with EBT. Any item with a “Supplement Facts” label does not qualify for SNAP coverage.

Other items you cannot buy with EBT include nonfood products, such as paper products, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and cosmetics. You can’t buy pet food or live animals with EBT, either.

Lastly, food that is hot at the point of sale cannot be purchased using an EBT card.


Some non-corporate Starbucks locations, such as kiosks and cafes located inside grocery stores, accept EBT. However, not all of these non-corporate locations accept EBT, so be sure to call and ask beforehand to find out for sure. 

Traditional, standalone Starbucks stores, also called corporate locations, do not accept it either.

If you’re going to visit a Starbucks that accepts EBT, remember that items that are hot at the point of sale are not included in SNAP benefits. You’ll still be able to purchase cold beverages and bakery items with your EBT card.