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Omnitracs ELD Price: 2023 Cost & Feature Review (Qualcomm)


Omnitracs, previously Qualcomm, has provided ELDs for more than 15-years to over 12,000 customers. But that’s not all; Omnitracs ELDs operate in more than one million trucks in over 70 countries.

But why are Omnitrac ELDs so popular?

The company provides an affordable fleet management package for everyone from small commercial fleets to large multinational trucking companies. The company’s ELD solutions provide a fleet package with excellent pricing, and you can add whatever additional features you want to the plan. It ensures your drivers and vehicles remain compliant with the ELD Mandate and operate efficiently to make money for your company.

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How Much Does Omnitracs ELD Cost?

Omnitrac provides a few different packages designed for varying requirements. However, Omnitracs ELD pricing is vague, leaving it up to the customer to contact them for customized plans and associated costs.

Item Minimum Monthly Rates per vehicle Features
EOBR Plan $24 Hours of Service & ELD Mandate compliance. Plus GPS tracking and XRS website access.
Compliance Plan $27 Essential EOBR features plus DVIRs.
Performance Plan $27 GPS tracking, driver messaging, driver performance reports.
Premium Plan $35 Features include all those mentioned in cheaper plans, plus use the XRS Relay using a smartphone.
Free Trial for Premium Plan N/A There is a free trial period or money-back deal for the Premium Plan. Contact Omnitracs for details.
Omnitracs IVG ELD The hardware costs $799 to be paid upfront.

*Each transport company’s requirements are unique depending on their requirements and the size of their fleet. The prices were correct at the time of writing but may have changed. Therefore, use this information as a starting point for your research into ELD companies.

Let’s look at each product in a bit more detail.


The Omnitracs IVG ELD costs $799 as a one-time upfront payment. It plugs directly into the engine diagnostic port to retrieve its information and can pair with a smartphone or tablet. The device is fully FMCSA compliant, provides data for DVIR and IFTA, and operates as a GPS navigation device with touchscreen and voice controls. The IVG connects to the cloud using  LTE, 4G, WiFi, or Bluetooth.


This plan provides the data suitable for ELD mandate compliance. It takes over from the old Electronic On-Board Recorder that only logs driving time. There are no frills or features, and it exists solely to comply with the law. But, managers have access to the XRS host website to view GPS tracking and monitor driver hours. It’s the cheapest at $24/month/vehicle.

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Compliance Plan

This plan includes the essential features found in the EOBR Plan, plus Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). Paperless DVIRs ensure the inspections get done without the associated paperwork. It costs from $27/month/vehicle.

Performance Plan

This plan allows companies that don’t need HoS compliance, either because they’re exempt or because they use another provider. It comprises GPS tracking, driver messaging, and driver performance reporting. It starts at $27/month/vehicle.

Premium Plan

This plan comprises all the features already covered, plus it allows your company to use Omnitrac’s XRS system. You can automatically send GPS, log data, and diagnostics from the XRS Relay device to your operations office via a tablet or smartphone. This ensures continual compliance and real-time visibility. Plans start from $35/month/vehicle, but customers need at least five vehicles to meet this plan’s criteria.

Omnitracs ELD Price Factors

As Omnitracs ELD and fleet management solutions are customizable, the price you pay depends on a few different factors. The company only advertises its lowest price in each plan, and it’s up to you to add on the various features you need.

  • The free trial allows you to try out the Premium Plan before committing to its features. However, once you sign-up for a specific plan, it’s difficult to opt-out without severe penalty payments. So be sure to choose the right plan for your circumstances.
  • You can choose two or five-year contracts. If you are new to Omnitracs, choosing the two-year duration is probably better until you know it’s the one for you. However, selecting the five-year option reduces the payments.
  • Choosing the right plan is essential for any company. You shouldn’t pay for anything that won’t benefit your business. So, speak to an Omnitracs representative to find the best deal. Remember too that if you’re an owner/operator, you might end up paying for more than you want.
  • Look at the various plans and prices that Omnitracs offers its customers. If all you need is ELD Mandate compliance, choose the EOBR Plan. If you want compliance plus the added advantage of DVIRs, choose the Compliance Plan. In comparison, if you’re going to use everything, choose the Premium Plan.

Overall, your spending limit depends on what you want from Omnitracs. The minimum prices shown in the table are per month and for one vehicle. So, the total cost will vary depending on the size of your fleet and can escalate quickly. Complete the form on this page, and you’ll receive quotes from Omnitracs for the coverage you need.

Contract Length Agreements & Clauses

Omnitracs offer many services that can be customized to suit each customer’s requirements, with a corresponding price change. Please realize that Omnitracs primarily targets commercial fleets, so single owner/operators might end up paying more than necessary.

Also, customers must take out two or five-year contracts. You can end your contract early, only by paying large penalty payments. Therefore, you stay in the package you initially chose, even if your company requirements change.

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ELD Mandate Compliance

The FMCSA operates the federal ELD Mandate to help reduce road traffic accidents and improve road safety.

The Mandate does this by encouraging electronic logging devices (ELDs) to enforce Hours Of Service regulations, thereby reducing driver fatigue. This, in turn, minimizes road accidents and creates a safer environment for commercial drivers and other road users.

Non-exempt commercial drivers must log their journey using an FMCSA certified ELD to prove they comply with the Hours Of Service (HoS) and other commercial vehicle regulations. Also, Omnitracs is a certified ELD provider whose products support the data transfer protocols used by the FMCSA.

Omnitracs Solution Offerings

Omnitracs features many solutions to the problems of running a cost-effective, safe, and compliant commercial transport company.

ELD Mandate Compliance 

Omnitracs ELD is certified by the FMCSA, which, together with its software, records commercial drivers’ Hours Of Service. Logging these automatically prevents inaccurate entries. Therefore, your vehicles won’t breach compliance protocols, and you can keep an accurate record of operating costs, productivity, and efficiency.

Hours Of Service Logging

The primary purpose of the Omnitracs IVG is to maintain ELD Mandate compliance by logging Hours Of Service. Accurate and timely HoS logs maintain your vehicle’s and company’s credibility, as the FMCSA Officers know that the data is automatically logged and outside the driver’s control.

Vehicle Inspection Reports

Your driver can accurately report vehicle and trailer status inspections, and drivers and your fleet manager can access them at any time. The software also notifies of any DVIRs with outstanding defects. This feature streamlines your company’s quality and safety inspection process, ensuring your fleet’s safety compliance.

Vehicle Fault Monitoring

Organizing planned preventative maintenance is always tricky when vehicles are on the road continuously. Omnitrac IVG monitors the vehicle’s fault codes and provides continuous diagnostic data, so fleet managers know when problems occur. Therefore, managers can diagnose issues before they become dangerous and take early action, thereby lowering roadside assistance costs, reducing repairs, and simplifying maintenance.

GPS Navigation

Omnitrac’s ELD provides a built-in GPS navigation system, rated one of the best truck routing systems available. The IVG receives high-speed software updates ensuring the mapping is always up-to-date and highly responsive. The maps are customizable, have a user-friendly interface, provide visual and spoken directions, and have real-time speed limit alerts.

Critical Event Reports

The ELD logs any hazardous driving on the journey, including hard braking, sharp turns, and unnecessary acceleration. Therefore you and your fleet manager know which drivers are risky and which are safe. The reports provide essential data to insurance companies when you want to reduce the fleet’s insurance premiums.

Weigh Station Bypassing

Omnitracs IVG incorporates Drivewyze’s Weigh Station Bypass into its software. Therefore, your vehicles can bypass up to 98% of weigh stations they may meet on the road, including pop-up stations. This reduces time spent waiting at weigh stations, wasted fuel, and frequent stops.

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Sharing Media

Omnitrac provides a way for fleet managers to communicate important information with their drivers. The application shares PDF, video, and audio files allowing a reliable communication bridge between drivers and managers.

Trailer Tracking

The Omnitrac IVG ELD locates trailers anywhere in Mexico, Canada, and the US. But, it’s not only location information that’s shared. It also notifies when the trailer doors are open or closed and whether the trailer has cargo or not. The software reduces the problem of trailer and cargo theft, enhances efficient trailer use, and provides real-time asset visibility.


Omnitracs can provide a dual-facing dashcam as part of a subscription. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t publish the subscription price or whether you have to pay for the hardware.

The outside-facing cam operates on a continuous loop and records onto a 16GB SD card.  The video then syncs to the cloud using 4G or WiFi. The camera notifies when a critical event occurs, including accidents, collisions, hard-braking, and sharp turns. In contrast, the driver can disable the cab-facing cam.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting 

The software keeps track of distance and fuel cost and automatically provides a report for reporting the IFTA Fuel Tax.

Omnitracs ELD Device Benefits

First and foremost, the main benefit of Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway ELD (IVG) is that your vehicle complies with the law, so you don’t end up with fines or worse. However, the IVG also has excellent benefits when it comes to fleet management.

  • The IVG connects into the engine diagnostic port to log data directly from the source with no signal loss.
  • The inbuilt GPS tracks the vehicle’s location and displays this on its navigation display.
  • Each driver logs into their “area” before starting work.
  • The IVG connects wirelessly with the driver’s app, has hands-free voice commands and a large display screen.
  • Engine performance monitoring to save on service costs and increase fleet efficiency.
  • Removes paperwork and manual filing from your overworked office staff.
  • The fleet-management extras give your company a competitive edge.
  • Provides IFTA reports in an easily auditable format.

Omnitracs Reviews

Many customer reviews on show that Omnitracs is a valuable and affordable ELD solution for fleets of all sizes.

  1. Adam T. gives top star ratings across Ease of Use, Customer Service, Features, and Value for Money. He also says that his fleet has gained efficiencies and produced a safer working environment.
  2. Omar L. gives good overall scoring and says they can now track the actual delivery costs more accurately.
  3. Matt V. suggests the sole reason they used Omnitracs was to comply with the ELD Mandate. Since having tried other providers, he finds that the direct-wired Omnitracs connection rather than Bluetooth to a smartphone doesn’t drop connections.
  4. Cecilio R. gives a full 5-star rating on every category and says that the system is easy to use and monitors whatever your truck does.
  5. Brett M. gives 5-star ratings on each category. His company has used Omnitracs for years and finds that it supplies everything his company needs.

Next Steps

Choosing the correct ELD provider to ensure your truck fleet is compliant can be difficult. There are so many providers, and not all are FMCSA compliant. Furthermore, the features each company offers are difficult to compare in price.

If you want to learn more about Omnitracs ELD costs, get in touch with us today by completing the form at the top of the page.