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Hyster Forklift Prices List: 2023 New & Used Cost Comparison


Hyster is one of the leading manufacturers of forklift trucks worldwide. The company produces many different fork trucks and can provide a materials handling solution for almost any business.

The wide variation in fork truck specifications and their prices means you can buy a used Hyster forklift in a popular model for as little as $8,000 or as much as $30,000. Furthermore, although Hyster doesn’t usually publish their new models’ prices, a popular forklift can cost from $350,000 upwards depending on size, model, and load capacity. Also, remember that there are more expensive Hyster forklifts for sale depending on what your company needs. 

How Much Do Hyster Forklifts Cost?

Remember that when looking for a Hyster fork truck to improve your company’s efficiency, you must look at all the features available on the machine. Generally, Hyster forklift pricing varies depending on its age, truck model, and lifting capacity. However, we’ll talk more about pricing factors later in the guide.

First, let’s consider some used models and notice their wide price range.

Used Hyster Forklift Prices

The data below shows used machines advertised for sale on various industrial equipment websites. The dealers advertised these models when we compiled this guide (September 2021). Therefore, please don’t assume that the particular models and their prices are available now. Only use them as a guide in your personal research.

First, let’s look at those used machines for sale at less than $10,000. Generally, these tend to be older models, which often can be ideal for your purposes.

Hyster E80XL Forklift

Manufactured in 1998, this machine has a load capacity of 9,000lbs. The E80XL is an electric fork truck, and even though these machines are over 20 years old, the advertised models have prices around $8,000.

Because it is a battery-powered forklift, we recommend that you don’t use it outside where there is a risk of rain. 

Hyster M30XMDR2 Deep Reach Forklift

This truck was manufactured in 1999, so it’s also over 20 years old. It has a load capacity of 3000lbs and has an electric battery. The advertised models cost around $5,000.

This forklift doesn’t have a heavy load capacity, but its low price reflects this. Many companies don’t need to lift heavy loads. So, in this case, one of these would be ideal. However, as it’s a battery-powered forklift, we recommend you not use it outside in the rain.

Hyster H50XM Diesel Forklift

Built in 2002, the H50XM has a load capacity of 5,000lbs. It uses diesel oil as fuel so the operator can use it outside. A typical pre-owned price for this machine would be under $10,000.

As you can see, there are many suitable pre-owned Hyster forklifts available to buy for under $10,000. Now let’s consider the more expensive models.

Hyster H50CT

This advertised forklift, built in 2016, uses LPG as a fuel source. Furthermore, it has a load capacity of 5,000lbs. Usually, a machine sold at this price would have between 1,000 and 2,000 operating hours on the clock. A typical forklift built around this time went on the market for $25,000. However, more recent models sell for up to $400,000.

Hyster H80XM

One of these, built in 2006, was recently on the market for $15,000. The model is diesel-powered and has a load capacity of 8,500lbs. Furthermore, this particular model had 10,000 operating hours on the clock. However, more recent models as young as 2017 with 300 hours on the clock sell for between $200,000 and $250,000.


What you find on dealers’ websites and the prices they sell for always depends on what is available at the time. It’s a good idea to monitor the trade sites and see what is available at what price.

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New Hyster Forklift Pricing

If you’re looking for a new fork truck, you will find it challenging to find an accurate price by looking on websites. Hyster, and most of the other forklift truck manufacturers, do not advertise prices. This is because they often sell through dealers who always put their commission onto the wholesale price. The manufacturers prefer you to contact one of its authorized dealers directly.

If you prefer to buy through high-quality forklift truck suppliers, complete the form at the top of this page, and we will put you in touch with authorized dealers who can provide competitive quotations.

Hyster Forklift Types & Ranges

Hyster produces many forklift truck models to suit various applications in many different industries. No matter the circumstances in your premises or warehouse, Hyster will have a fork truck to suit. Let’s look at the types of equipment Hyster produces, and you can see for yourself.

Hyster manufactures over 130 different models using electrically charged batteries or fossil fuels (internal combustion or IC engines). Furthermore, they have load capacities ranging from 2,000lbs for lightweight fork trucks to 115,000lbs for heavyweight models. 

Hyster categorizes its products as follows, and each category has various models with their individual price ranges:

  • 3-wheel electrically powered forklifts.
  • 4-wheel electrically powered forklifts.
  • Container handlers – These lift and move empty sea containers.
  • High-capacity fork trucks.
  • High-capacity tire fork trucks.
  • IC trucks with pneumatic tires.
  • IC trucks with solid cushion tires.
  • Order picking trucks – These lift the operator to shelf height to select an item.
  • Pallet stacking fork trucks – also known as Walkie Stackers allow the operator to walk behind the Hyster stand-up forklift rather than sit in a cab.
  • Pallet trucks or pallet jacks (manual or electrically powered)– Hyster pallet jacks operate manually by pumping an in-built jack with the steering handle. Electrical models use an electric motor.
  • Reach trucks – These work mainly indoors and can extend their forks into the shelving in ways that regular forklifts cannot.
  • Tow tractors.
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks.

Factors Influencing Hyster Forklift Prices

Hyster fork trucks’ prices vary depending on many factors. As such, you’ll find that the factors are no different from any other type of heavy equipment.


The various attachments available to increase your fork truck’s versatility will cost more to buy. However, they will also allow your truck to work on a broader range of tasks or make the existing tasks more efficient.

Typical attachments include:

  • Fork extenders.
  • Side shifters.
  • Layer pickers.
  • Man cages.


Whether you purchase a used or new fork truck will determine the price. Pre-owned machines will always be cheaper than new models, as with anything else. However, Hyster offers a different category. The company’s Approved Use Program offers refurbished models, and you can buy them with a finance agreement if you prefer and if you’re eligible. The program gives you peace of mind knowing that before you buy the machine, Hyster-trained technicians have refurbished the pre-owned fork truck using approved parts. There are also three grades of refurbishment, allowing you to choose the right one for your company based on age and price.

Engine Type

Internal combustion engines produce more powerful fork trucks. Therefore, you’ll find that their purchase price is more than an electrically powered machine. However, an electrically powered model will have more upfront purchases because of the extra accessories. Typical accessories include:

  • Batteries.
  • At least one spare battery if your warehouse works 24/7.
  • Battery chargers
  • You will also need space to install the battery chargers.
  • And pay for the charger installation.

But, you will find that although they cost more in setting up costs, electrically powered fork trucks cost much less to run than those using fossil fuel.

Recently, Hyster has started to move away from its traditional engine types, although they are still available. Instead, the company is concentrating on fuel cell technology. This has the benefits of delivering high productivity levels, low ownership costs, and reduced engine emissions.

Lift Capacity

We’ve already said that Hyster fork trucks can lift between 2,000 and 115,000lbs, depending on the model. However, those with higher load capacities will be more expensive than those with lower lifting capacities. The reasons being they have more powerful engines and have more robust bodies.

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Lift Height

All Hyster forklift trucks have a range of heights to which the truck can lift. You’ll find that trucks with high lifts will be more expensive than low lift machines.


As with many items, whereabouts you live in the country has a significant impact on how much things cost to buy. You will find that:

  • Pre-owned prices reflect the local supply-and-demand factors, as does the availability of specific models.
  • Some special offers and discounts available on new fork trucks might be regional and not offered in your area.

Tire Type

You have a choice between pneumatic and solid cushion tires. Generally, pneumatic tires cost more than cushion tires. You also have the added costs of checking tire pressures daily and providing puncture repairs if necessary. However, pneumatic tires provide greater traction and give a smoother ride. Therefore, they are more suitable for use outdoors and on uneven ground.

Benefits of The Hyster Brand

You might ask yourself why my company should choose a Hyster forklift truck? 

There are many benefits to using a Hyster truck. Not least, the fact that the company is one of the world leaders in fork truck manufacturers. 

The company started to produce forklift trucks in the 1920s. But, since then, its worldwide approach to design and manufacture has increased its available product range to incorporate just about every type of materials-handling machine you might need. But, the company still allows its regional companies to develop solutions and charge prices to suit local needs. As you can imagine, this means that Hyster forklifts have a wide range of prices.

Questions & Considerations

Before you decide to buy or rent a Hyster forklift truck, you must research the information needed to solve your logistical problems within your company. This can be as simple as a checklist or as sophisticated as hiring a consultant to conduct a feasibility study.

In this section, we want to show you which types of questions to ask.

New or used?

You can buy or rent a new or used Hyster forklift from various dealers. Furthermore, a pre-owned model will be much cheaper than a new forklift. However, if you buy a new machine, you will have less maintenance and repair costs than a used forklift.

Long or short-term use?

If you intend to use the forklift truck all day, every day, it’s better to buy a new or used Hyster fork truck or enter a long-term lease agreement. Each of these methods has its benefits, and you should weigh the pros and cons depending on your company’s circumstances. Alternatively, if you need one for only a day or so, or even for a period up to a few weeks, it usually makes more sense to rent. Renting means you can place it off-hire when you want, and if there are any breakdowns, the rental company is responsible for repair.

Which lift type?

Only you know what you want the fork truck to do. Therefore, make sure you choose a suitable machine for the job. It might seem obvious, but why buy or rent a powerful diesel forklift when a small, manually powered pallet truck will do the job adequately? The only way to determine which Hyster model you need is to determine the items you want to carry and how high you want to lift them.

What load capacity?

The answer to this question depends on the weight of the items you wish to carry. It would help if you determined this value using the weight of the heaviest pallet. If you underestimate the pallet’s weight, you risk damaging the forklift, and more importantly, putting employee’s lives at risk.

The load capacity of the fork truck is the specification you need to watch out for. Make sure you choose a truck with an appropriate load capacity range. For example, if your heaviest pallet weighs about 10,000lbs, it will be hazardous to use a machine rated at 3,000 to 7,000lbs. Conversely, if your heaviest pallet weighs only 400lbs, it would be a waste of company resources if you bought a heavy-duty forklift for lightweight pallets. 

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Although you need a safety margin to allow for variations in loads and future stock increases, buying a fork truck with a high load capacity for a small pallet weight will be a waste of money. However, if, in the future, you occasionally need to lift heavy loads, you can always temporarily rent a more powerful machine.

Load dimensions and weight distribution

Know the dimensions of your load and how the weight distributes on the pallet. Many manufactured goods, especially engine parts, have irregular shapes and a large volume, with most of the weight concentrated at one end. The variations in these load dimensions and specifications can alter the forklift’s load capacity, so ask a professional’s advice. Generally, you should keep the weight of the load as close to the front wheels as possible to prevent the forklift from toppling. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

Safety Requirements

Forklift trucks are heavy machines, which in untrained hands can cause property damage or even prove fatal. That’s why your company and operators must follow all safety requirements.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), one of the US federal agencies, states that only a qualified person, having had professional training and been certified by an instructor, can operate a forklift truck. Furthermore, the operator must be trained to use the class of vehicle you want them to drive. And must have a further assessment every three years to maintain their certification, or if they operate the machine in an unsafe manner. The OSHA website contains many valuable pieces of information to help you make correct decisions. Moreover, OSHA Standard 1910.178 contains all the applicable standards, and we recommend you read the appropriate sections.

Overall dimensions

There are other factors that you need to take into account when choosing your Hyster forklift. After all, it’s no use buying one that won’t fit between the racks in your warehouse.

You should take note of the: 

  • Fork length – the length of the forks varies depending on the type of lift you require.
  • OAL – the overall length determines where you can use your fork truck and whether it is too long for the aisles. This dimension also determines the turning radius of the machine.
  • Lift height – you need to know this so that the forklift can reach the highest shelf. However, remember that you must have enough clearance within the roofspace when lifting and through doorways when moving to accommodate the forklift’s mast.
  • OAH – The overall height is the distance between the ground level and the highest part of the forklift. This distance lets you check whether the truck interferes with doorways, sprinkler heads, and lighting fixtures.
  • Forklift width – This measurement is also known as OAW and is the measurement of the fork truck’s widest part. This distance allows you to gauge its maneuverability between racks and through doorways. Many different brands take this measurement in different places. So, be sure you ask the dealer where they’ve measured.
  • Ground surface – Will the fork truck operate on concrete, asphalt, packed earth, mud, sand, or uneven ground? Is it likely that there will be small obstructions such as pieces of wood in a timber yard or rocks on a construction site? Check that your truck is compatible with the expected ground conditions.

Compare different dealers

Various dealers offer fork trucks at different prices. It’s essential to shop around and don’t let the salesperson bully you into buying the first machine you see.

Negotiate a price

Many dealers can adjust their prices to suit a sensible negotiation. Therefore, if one dealer won’t budge on a price, negotiate with another. Sometimes, even the knowledge that you intend to go elsewhere mysteriously allows the fork truck price to drop.

Check that everything is correct

Don’t be rushed into buying a forklift before you’ve checked that the machine is suitable for your business, will physically fit between the aisles, and has a suitable turning radius. Only sign the contract when you are completely satisfied that everything is as it should be.

Next Steps

When choosing the correct forklift truck for your business, you must look at all the aspects of the chosen machine, not just the Hyster forklift prices. You can easily be convinced that a fork truck has everything you need if you aren’t careful who you deal with.

That’s why it makes sense to use a Hyster forklift truck dealer that you can trust. Complete the form on this page, and we will put you in touch with new or pre-owned Hyster dealers who can give you a competitive quotation and know what they’re talking about.