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Groovefunnels Pricing 2023: How Much? (Free & Lifetime Deal)


Groovefunnels, which is now known as, is a CMS and CRM with 17 different apps.

The application itself is an attempt at a full-service approach to online marketing and customer relationship management. But, Groovefunnels’ pricing plans can be confusing at best. If you’re confused, this guide is here to simplify that for you.

Groove.CM Pricing Plans & Packages: Overview

Below, we’ve given a quick comparison of Groove.CM pricing plans:

  Free GroovePages Pro+ Platinum 
Products Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
Customers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Leads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Affiliates Once per  Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Emails Transactional  Unlimited Unlimited
Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Affiliate Emails Yes Unlimited Unlimited
  Yes (20% commission)   Yes (40% commission)
GroovePages™   Unlimited  
Websites /Custom domains 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Share Funnels 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Shared Funnels 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Import Pages 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Contacts 500 500 25,000
Emails 5000/month 5000/month Unlimited
Contact Import No No Yes 
Memberships 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Members 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Videos 15 Unlimited Unlimited 
Encoding No Yes Yes
Storage No 100GB 100GB 
Bandwidth No 100GB/month 100GB/month 
Upload Size 5GB 5GB 5GB
  No No Yes
Payment Processing 4.95% + 30c$ 2.85% + 25c$ 2.85% + 25c$ 
External Payment Processing 2% 0% 0%
  No No Unlimited 
  No No Yes
Blogs/Custom Domains 1 1 Unlimited
Posts Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
  No No Yes
Webinars Yes   Yes
Canned Responses Yes   Yes
Surveys Yes   Yes
Polls Yes   Yes
GrooveSDK™ No No Yes
GrooveAutomation™ No No Yes
Cost Free $497  $1997

Accepted Payment Methods

Groove Funnels / accepts most major credit cards. However, the platform does not accept any other form of payment. This means you can pay with:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard

You may be able to use other debit and credit cards. However, it’s not guaranteed.

Groove.CM Free Plan
Groove.Cm offers a basic, free plan, which you can use without a credit card or payment. Additionally, the free plan offers limited access to many of the apps. You also get full access to some apps. While free, the plan is good enough for most small businesses. In fact, with a web builder, membership plans, and video support, many small businesses won’t even notice the limitations on the account.

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Groove Sell – Groove Sell is a shopping cart and customer management app similar to SamCart or ThriveCart. The app offers product management, upsells, affiliate sales, lead tracking and more. In addition, you can set up customer emails to confirm orders. Plus, you get abandoned shopping cart emails, although these are limited for the free version.

GrooveMail – GrooveMail offers email automation, list segmentation, etc. Here, you can have up to 500 contacts, with a maximum of 5,000 emails per month. That’s also ideal for smaller web shops and businesses, which might not have more than 500 contacts anyway.

Affiliate Sales – You get a 20% affiliate bonus when people use your referral link to make a purchase.

GroovePages – GroovePages is a drag and drop website, page, and funnel builder. This app was GrooveFunnel’s first full service. That also means it’s their most developed app. Here you also get access to dozens of templates and pre-built layouts. The free version also allows you to have up to 3 websites and custom domains.

GrooveMember – sometimes removes this from the free version of the site. However, you can normally set up a single membership program for up to 100 members, for free. This includes member management, specific perks, and a custom domain.

GrooveVideo – GrooveVideo allows you to natively upload videos to the platform. Here, limits all uploads to 5GB. Additionally, the free version of the app only allows you to have 15 videos.

GrooveKart – Groove.Cm also offers a shopping kart and store manager. This includes support and integration for drop-shipping, third-party logistics, and others. However, the free version includes a 4.95% + 30 cent fee on all transactions. You can choose to use your own payment gateway instead, however, GrooveKart leverages a 2% fee on top of all sales. If you upgrade to the premium version, this goes away.

GrooveBlog – You can set up and publish one custom domain blog. However, there are no limitations on the number of blogs you can publish to the custom domain. Additionally, offers many of the same features as WordPress. However, you do not get plugins.

GrooveWebinar – currently allows you to upload and schedule webinars. However, you cannot currently host them life. On the other hand, the platform has live and hosted webinars in pending release. Currently, Groove does not list a cap for webinars in the free edition. Additionally, you can add surveys, polls, and questionnaires to your webinars. Unfortunately, they are not as interactive with the free version.

GroovePages Pro+

GroovePages Pro is a something of a half-way between getting the full account and the free account. This was previously known as Gold. The smaller package costs $497. That’s a good step up for most businesses, because it unlocks limitations on many of the services you might want. For example, you get:

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GroovePages – You get the basic application. Additionally, you get all custom web page templates. Finally, there are no caps on web pages or custom domains.

GrooveKart – GrooveKart’s premium version is the same as the free version, except you have no caps on emails. In addition, you get a lower transaction rate. For example, the cost per transaction drops to 2.85% + 25c. Additionally, you pay no extra fee for using a third-party payment gateway.

GrooveSell – The premium version of GrooveSell includes unlimited emails and funnels.

GrooveAffiliate – The premium version of GrooveAffiliate unlocks a 40% commission fee rather than a 20% comission fee.

GrooveMember – You unlock unlimited members, memberships, and custom domains for any membership plans you want to set up.

GrooveVideo – You also unlock unlimited videos. However, there is a 100GB storage cap. On the other hand, you can upload 100GB per month. Additionally, you can encode videos. That means you get a lot more room to upload, share, and stream video, whether webinar or regular video.

Groove Platinum

Groove Platinum is the only way to purchase the total collection of apps. It’s also the only option to lock in rates for all future apps, including those in development and beta. Here, the largest differentiators for the apps out now are email, blogs, and some extra apps. also states that the Platinum package will be available for $299 per month when they leave beta. For now, you can purchase it with a:

  • 1 time payment of $1997
  • 2 Payments of $999 spread over 2 months (total of $1998) 
  • 3 payments of $699, spread over 3 months (total of $2097) 

This makes Groove Platinum a great choice for brands that know they want the extra apps. You might also want to choose platinum if you definitely need email. Platinum offers everything from the GroovePages Pro+ and:

GrooveProof – Collect social proof and add it to your site and web shops to increase conversions.

GrooveDesk – Integrate all helpdesk and customer service into your backend platform

GrooveAutomation – Implement logic-based rules into email, funnels, and upsells.

GrooveMail – Unlock up to 25,000 contacts, with no limits on emails, for any reason.

GrooveSDK – Get access to the GrooveSDK and design your own integrations/apps for it.

In addition, Groove.Cm has many apps in development, which are intended for the Platinum plan. These include but are not limited to:

FunnelMapping – Map and track funnels across your environment

GroovePipe – Sales CRM

GrooveSurvey – Create and share surveys in addition to webinar surveys

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GrooveCalendar – Build booking and scheduling automations, with the calendar integrated into your website

GrooveConference – Set up and make conference calls and web streams.

Related Questions

If you still have questions about GrooveFunnels or its prices, these answers should help.

Is GrooveFunnels worth the money?

If you’re looking at and wondering if it’s worth it, that depends on what you do with it. The Platinum or Lifetime deal is definitely intended for users that know they need the apps. However, the free version is a great fit for smaller web shops, SaaS, and other sales platforms where you might want to build a few websites and manage sales around those. Eventually, does have strong offerings at every price level. On the other hand, you should always look at what you actually need before investing. For example, if you don’t need email, automation, or customer support, you probably don’t need the Platinum deal.

Should I Purchase Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal?

In most cases, that depends on your brand and business needs. If you can sit down and track a direct use for each app, then likely, it will save you a lot of money to go for the lifetime deal. That’s especially true over sourcing the apps from different services. is one of the only solutions to attempt to provide a full-service digital marketing solution for everything. And, that can be extremely convenient if you want to simplify costs and your interface. On the other hand, you might be relying on more advanced or different tools from other vendors. In this case, assessing whether you “should” go for the Lifetime deal probably requires more assessment.

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

GrooveFunnels or offers a free account. However, this account does not include all of the apps. In addition, it heavily throttles email, customer databases, etc. And, if you drive a large volume of sales, you’ll quickly find that the 2% added transaction fee adds up. For example, if you make $100,000 in sales, the cost savings over using the free version would already pay off. So, you can choose the free version. However, it may not be the best choice for you depending on total sales volume.

GrooveFunnels Pricing: Summary

Groovefunnel prices vary significantly depending on what you look at. For example, GrooveFunnels currently offers a lifetime Platinum deal. This allows you to get all of the apps for $1997. With lifetime access, that could save you considerably. says that eventually, this will cost $299 per month. You can also choose a free plan.’s free plan is heavily throttled. It also doesn’t include all of the apps. Or, you can choose a middle ground, with the Pages Pro+ option. This costs $497 for unlimited access to several apps.

Hopefully this guide helps you decide if is the right choice for you.