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GeoTab ELD Prices: 2023 Costs & Feature Review


GeoTab was formed in 2000 and has its head office in Canada. It is a global telematics supplier for commercial transport fleets of any size, but its customer sales and after-sales support comes from a third-party retailer network. Although the independent retailer sets the prices, the GeoTab rates hover slightly below the industry standard for fleet management systems.

The GeoTab ELD solutions consist of a range of fleet management tools. The hardware is a range of “GO” devices, which plug into the network, while the MyGeoTab software handles the computational and management side of the product.

GeoTab’s policy of only supplying to retailers means that it doesn’t publish prices, fleet management plans, or contact information. Therefore, it’s up to the retailers to handle all that.

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How Much Does GeoTab ELD Cost?

GeoTab, unlike most other ELD providers, sells its products through a network of third-party resellers. Therefore, GeoTab doesn’t publish its prices online, preferring customers to contact third-party suppliers. By doing this, you can get a quote for an ELD solution to suit your business requirements. Furthermore, this arrangement does mean you can find many discounted GeoTab hardware products online if you know where to look.

Item Price
Fleet management software $35 to $100/month/vehicle
GPS tracking $5 to $20/month/vehicvle
Single hardware device $80 to $150/item

*We have compiled this GeoTab ELD pricing data from various online sources. Unfortunately, GeoTab prefers to trade through third-party retailers and doesn’t publish its prices. Therefore, the data is vague and should be used only to start your research.

Also, you will find that you can rent the ELD and accompanying software from some retailers. Furthermore, some add on their own fleet management or integration software and might charge additional fees.

The easiest way to receive your quotes is to complete the form on this page. Then, we can put you in touch with suitable ELD companies selling GeoTab products at a price you can afford.

Potentially, a single hardware unit might cost between $80 and $150, although rental monthly rates might be between $30 to $45/month/vehicle.

Fleet management software is approximately $35/month/vehicle. Still, as we already said, this might vary significantly depending on the provider, as a full version with loads of features can easily extend past $100/month/vehicle. In contrast, a bare-bones version containing only GPS tracking might range from $5 to $20/month/vehicle.


GeoTab ELD Cost Factors

GeoTab ELDs have a few pricing variables, which you might be able to resolve if you look around.

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As we’ve already stated, GeoTab sells its product through a network of third-party retailers. Therefore, you have to shop around to find the best possible deal. Using the form on this page is probably one of the easiest ways to get a range of quotes.


As with all ELD and fleet management systems, the price varies with your chosen features. Furthermore, GeoTab allows resellers to add their own software onto plans and charge extra. Therefore, you might find that similarly named plans have different features and cost more or less.

Contract length

GeoTab doesn’t publish information about contract length or tie-ins. Instead, they leave it up to the reseller to handle these. However, if the reseller network companies follow standard industry practice, there will be discounts if you choose longer contract durations.

Use your own device

GeoTab allows transport companies to run their MyGeoTab software on previously bought hardware from other companies. Therefore, you make considerable savings if you transfer your contract from another provider and use previously purchased hardware.

Contract Lock-ins & Plans

“GeoTab Go” devices use four different plans plus a free trial:

  • Free Trial.
  • Base.
  • HOS.
  • Pro.
  • ProPlus

Your contract is with the independent retailer, who can add extra features to plans. So, each plan’s prices will vary considerably and might contain different elements. The only way to find out the details is to ask the supplier. Also, you will find that the contract durations and their lock-ins vary with the retailer. However, if you buy GeoTab hardware, it comes with a standard one-year warranty, which becomes a lifetime warranty if you purchase the ProPlus plan.

ELD Mandate Compliance by GeoTab

The FMCSA’s federal ELD Mandate aims to improve road safety by reducing road accidents involving non-exempt commercial vehicles. The Mandate enforces Hours Of Service regulations using ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices). The devices record data about the vehicle’s speed, duration of the journey, vehicle inspections, and the number of driver’s breaks to confirm compliance with the associated regulations. This information is available for federal officers to inspect on the roadside in real-time or in retrospect from the transport company’s offices.

GeoTab devices and software are Mandate compliant depending on which options you choose. A compliant vehicle needs Cloud ELD, which is the system that runs MyGeoTab software and GeoTab Drive. The driver app running on a tablet syncs with the GeoTab Go hardware device connects to the vehicle’s diagnostic port.

Most FMCSA certified ELDs also provide fleet management services, but these aren’t compulsory under the Mandate.

GeoTab’s Full Suite of Features

Your GeoTab features depend on how much you intend to pay. The basic plan contains ELD Mandate essentials and other regulatory requirements such as Hours of service, DVIR, and IFTA. However, there are other more advanced features to complete your fleet management requirement if you want them.

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Hours of Service (HOS)

Using “GeoTab Drive” allows your company to meet the ELD compliance by recording Hours of Service, vehicle inspection data (DVIR), and driver ID in a simple to use e-log book.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

The GeoTab ELD system tracks journey distance and the fuel used, thereby relieving your staff of the work involved in manually tracking. The software improves accuracy and produces a report formatted for easy auditing.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

The software allows drivers to carry out vehicle inspections, log and review them, and comment. Also, this allows the company to continuously monitor vehicle health and comply with federal regulations, so wasting less time with off-road repairs.


GeoTab Drive scores drivers on their performance. It allows you to plan additional training for low scores and reward high scores.

Furthermore, there is in-cab feedback too. The driver learns from automated feedback tips while driving.


GeoTab alerts the fleet control room of real-time incidents, so you know what’s happening to each vehicle no matter where it is.

Fuel performance

GeoTab Drive provides reports on vehicle fuel performance. This feature allows you to keep track of fuel consumption and highlight any issues before they become serious. You can monitor idle time, control routes, monitor speed, and follow each vehicle’s maintenance schedules from the data. You can also use fuel cards to easily monitor the purchase and use of fuel.

Fleet Maintenance

GeoTab Drive monitors engine diagnostics and other relevant data to help you plan maintenance issues before they happen.

Business Integration

Probably one of the best features is the ability to integrate different tools. The ELD uses Hours of Service, IFTA, mileage, DVIR, and driver ID to ensure compliance, plus incorporates fleet management, safe driving, productivity tools. It can also use independent software add-ins to integrate with other software suites relevant to your business.


The GeoTab software is an open API system enabling independent resellers to add their unique applications to the overall suite of tools. Furthermore,  the software can use data from hardware made by most providers. This feature allows customers to use pre-bought hardware and be more flexible.

The GeoTab mobile app runs on Android and iOS.

Use Your Own Device

MyGeoTab software runs on a browser or app and uses data collected by any hardware brand, allowing customers to use pre-owned devices bought from other manufacturers. This feature is excellent, especially if you have spent a lot of money buying hardware for other ELD systems. Therefore, you can transfer to GeoTab from another provider simply by canceling your existing contract and using MyGeoTab as your preferred software. So, there’s no need to buy new hardware.

Geotab Cloud ELD

GeoTab ELD uses the GeoTab Cloud to convey information from the vehicle to your fleet manager using a smartphone or tablet with WiFi or 4G connectivity. The cloud-based platform allows your company to interconnect with the software and hardware devices via the mobile device running GeoTab Drive.

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Geotab Drive App for Fleet Management

The GeoTab Drive app connects with the MyGeoTab app via a 4G or WiFi connection. But, f there isn’t any signal, it records the data and transmits it when the signal restores.

The app allows drivers to collect data for ELD compliance and alerts for expected Hours Of Service violations. Thus, giving the driver notice to stop in time for the end of the shift.

Geotab ELD GPS Tracking Hardware

The GeoTab ELD GPS uses the following devices:

Geotab GO9

GeoTab GO9 contains a 32-bit processor, large amounts of memory, and an electronic gyroscope. It’s simple to install; Plug and Play, and it’s running in a few seconds.

The device records data such as :

  • Engine idle time.
  • Ignition.
  • Route distance.
  • Vehicle speed.
  • Dashcam video.
  • Trailer temperature tracking.

Also, it has the unique ability to detect reversing collisions.

Geotab Go Rugged

This device is specifically for vehicles that experience rugged terrain. You can install it on the vehicle’s exterior and under challenging conditions. This device is handy for farm equipment, powered trailers, and heavy equipment.

GeoTab ELD Device Benefits

There are many benefits when using GeoTab devices and software that you won’t find on many other providers’ systems.

Simple Installation

You don’t need special tools or specialist knowledge to install the devices, unlike some other ELDs. All that’s required is to plug into the vehicle’s engine diagnostic port, or if yours doesn’t have a port, there is an adapter available. Therefore you can use this ELD in almost any vehicle.

Ease of Use

The GeoTab ELD system is all about making life easy and streamlining the electronic logging process.

Cloud ELD

This provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for fleet managers and operations departments to monitor drivers and vehicles in real-time. Therefore, your company receives the following advantages:

  • Vehicle inspections and record-keeping are improved.
  • Higher CSA safety ratings.
  • Less paperwork and manual filing. Therefore reduced administration.
  • Fewer on-road violations.
  • Up-to-date e-log book ready for inspection by FMCSA officers.
  • Operates on Android or iOS.
  • Ensures your drivers and vehicles remain ELD Mandate compliant.

GeoTab Reviews has many customer reviews showing that GeoTab is a valuable and affordable ELD solution for fleets of all sizes.

  1. Patrick E. says that his company experienced a very smooth transition to GeoTab.
  2. John P. has been delighted with GeoTab but only gave average marks in the five rating categories.
  3. Mike G. says it’s good to see alerts in real-time when drivers break the rules. But, he sometimes gets false positives. He says that the software sometimes logs an incident when the door slams closed!
  4. James P. states that GeoTab is excellent for tracking and monitoring drivers and vehicle analytics. But, it can be challenging to undo violations if the driver has made an input mistake.
  5. Chelsea H. says that GeoTab is great, and the company couldn’t do without it.

Next Steps

It can be difficult to find the best deals from the many independent GeoTab retailers unless you have a helping hand, as you must ensure that the devices and chosen plan improve your fleet’s operations and efficiency. Furthermore, check your ELD is FMCSA compliant. We can put you in touch with the right companies to help.

If you want to learn more about GeoTab ELD costs, contact us today by completing the form at the top of the page.