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Top 20 Best Flatbed Trucking Companies: 2023 Comparison


Flatbed trucking can be one of the highest-paid driving jobs available, with oversized load and specialized load drivers sometimes making as much as $4.50 an hour.

That can make flatbed hauling attractive to experienced drivers.

However, you can also start with flatbed loads and work your way up to oversized and specialized loads. 

Signing on to a flatbed trucking company normally means either working as a contractor or an employee and leasing a truck and trailer from them.

You may also be able to bring your own truck as an owner-operator. This varies per company. 

Company Location Established Drivers Indeed Score 
Landstar Florida 1968Owner-Operators3.8
Daseke Inc.Texas 2008Drivers / Owner-OperatorsNA
PS Transportation Alabama 2004Drivers 3.5
Bennett Motor ExpressGeorgia 1974Owner-Operators3.7
ATSMinnesota 1955Drivers / Owner-Operators3.3 
United Vision LogisticsLouisiana 2007Owner-Operators3.5
TMC TransportationIowa 1972Drivers / Owner-Operators3.5
Paige Logistics Canada 2013Drivers/ Owner-Operators NA 
Acme Truck Line  California 1960Owner-Operators3.7
Maverick USAArkansas 1980Drivers3.8 
Mercer Transportation CoKentucky 1977Drivers / Owner-Operators 3.7
Great Western Transportation  California 1993DriversNA 
DVL Express  Illinois2011Drivers/ Owner-Operators 4.7 
ACI Motor Freight  Kansas 1980Drivers 2.9 
CowTown Express  Texas1980Drivers / Owner-Operators 3.8
Schneider TruckingWisconsin 1935Drivers 3.4 
Werner TruckingNebraska 1956Drivers 3.2 
Melton Truck LinesOklahoma 1954 Drivers 3.9
Jaro Transportation Services  Ohio 1980Drivers 3.6
Prime Inc.Missouri 1970Driver / Owner-Operators 3.7

1. Landstar 

Landstar is one of the largest trucking companies in North America, specializing in heavy and specialized loads. The trucking company also services the full U.S. as well as international deliveries in Canada and Mexico. 

Landstar is also a fully networked trucking company. Its fleet is primarily made up of owner-operators with their own flatbeds and step beds.

Here, Landstar has over 11,000 independent owner-operators on its team, in addition to 17,000+ trailers in its fleet. In addition, its network includes 1,200+ agents posting loads to the board – allowing carrier companies to select what they need. 

Landstar also offers the option to post truck location and where you want to go, and have an agent match the truck to the load – simplifying your load selection. 

  • Location: Florida 
  • Full Address: 13410 Sutton Park Drive, South Jacksonville, Florida, 32224
  • Established: 1968 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.8  


2. Daseke Inc.

Daseke Inc. is a family of companies owned by the same brands.

It includes 13 individual trucking companies specializing in flatbed and specialized loads. These include Smokey Point Distributing, Lone Star Transportation, The Boyd Companies, Hornady Transportation, and many more. 

With diverse companies, Daseke offers fairly diverse terms, rates, hiring models, and driver options.

For example, one of its sub-companies, TSH & Co., primarily operates in the American South and primarily hauls steel and industrial materials. On the other hand, Central Oregon Truck Company offers long haul with flatbeds. 

Daseke’s fleet includes over 11,000 flatbeds. It also directly hires drivers, but some companies also hire owner-operators. 

  • Location: Texas
  • Full Address: 15455 Dallas Pkwy Ste 550, Addison, Texas, 75001
  • Established: 2008 
  • Indeed Review Score: NA 


3. PS Transportation

PS Transportation is a flatbed trucking company operating out of Alabama, but with 12 locations across the U.S. The company offers local and long-haul flatbed and step bed loads, including specialty and oversized loads. 

PS Transportation also stands out for drivers, with guaranteed pay rates of 27% of load revenue plus a sign-on bonus. The company also offers a lease-to-own program for drivers and has a policy allowing co-riders and pets even in their owned trucks. 

However, PS does have strict requirements for signing on, including that you can’t have had more than 1 at-fault accident within the past 3 years whereas many companies require no more than 3. 

  • Location: Alabama 
  • Full Address: P.O. Box 2487 Birmingham, Alabama, 35201 
  • Established:  2004 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.5 
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4. Bennett Motor Express 

Bennett Motor Express is one of the largest flatbed trucking companies in the United States. In fact, with 140 locations across North America, the company runs more loads than almost any other flatbed company.

In addition, Bennett offers long- and short-haul, including international trips. 

Bennett Motor Express also hires drivers and owner-operators. For owner-operators, you can get a same-day payout on delivered loads.

In addition, like many other options on this list, Bennet offers no forced loads, meaning you choose what you’re carrying and where. 

Bennett’s network includes 3,000+ owner-operators and 400+ agents, mostly specializing in oversized, heavy, specialized, and flatbeds. 

  • Location: Georgia 
  • Full Address: 1001 Industrial Parkway, McDonough, Georgia, 30253 
  • Established: 1974 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.7 


5. ATS

ATS, formerly Anderson Trucking Company, is a flatbed trucking company based in Minnesota. The company offers flatbeds, heavy freight, and other open-deck shipping solutions, through a combination of its own fleet and owner-operators. 

ATS also heavily invests in training drivers, with lease options and lease-to-own contracts for drivers. ATS also hires owner-operators.

In addition, you can choose if you’re driving regionally, locally, or internationally. And, ATS’ training program means you can work your way to earning more by training to transport different types of cargo. 

  • Location: Minnesota 
  • Full Address: 725 Opportunity Drive, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 56303 
  • Established: 1955 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.3


6. United Vision Logistics

United Vision Logistics is an owner-operator fleet primarily focused on flatbed, heavy, and oversized loads.

The company is based in Lafayette, Louisiana, but its owner-operator model means its fleet is spread across the U.S., offering long-haul and regional delivery. 

UVL also offers hot shot trucking, ideal for individuals looking for shorter driving stints. In addition, while UV Logistics requires a minimum of 2 years of experience driving (no training is offered), it doesn’t require a clean record like some other companies. 

  • Location: Louisiana 
  • Full Address: 400 East Kaliste Saloon Rd, Suite 3500, Lafayette Louisiana, 70508
  • Established: 2007
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.5 


7. TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation is a fully employee-owned trucking company specializing in flatbed solutions. The company also works with drivers with its own equipment, owner-operators, and carrier partners – all of whom deliver across the U.S. 

In addition, TMC offers significant driver training including in securing and tarping loads.

TMC is also primarily a short-haul company, meaning hauls are normally less than 500 miles. That makes this company ideal for drivers who want weekday work days and weekends off. 

The Employee Stock Ownership Plan also means that employees who stick with the company gain additional benefits through stocks earned over time. 

  • Location: Iowa 
  • Full Address: 6115 SW Leland Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa, 50321 
  • Established: 1972
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.5


8. Paige Logistics 

Paige Logistics is an international logistics company specializing in the international movement of shipping containers, including flatbed hauls over land. The company has drivers from Mexico to Canada.

In addition, with 80+ terminals, a network of carriers, and a combination of owner-operator and lease options for hiring on, Paige is a good fit for drivers looking for high-volume and consistent work. 

However, Paige primarily specializes in international and long-haul freight. This means it’s very likely that routes will be from the U.S. to Canada with few or no short-haul options. 

  • Location: British Colombia, Canada
  • Full Address: 19102 27 Ave #2, Surrey British Colombia, V3Z 5T1 
  • Established: 2013 
  • Indeed Review Score: NA 


9. Acme Truck Line

Acme Truck Line is an employee-owned trucking company offering everything from hotshot loads to FTL freight including flatbed, oversized, and heavy loads.

In addition, Acme is also one of the few trucking companies on this list that owns no trucks at all. Instead, it fully relies on owner-operators, of which over 1,000 are with the company. Acme also leases trucks for drivers who don’t have their own. 

However, owner-operators get paid for the miles they make as well as the miles the truck makes. That increases the value of every load delivered – because you’re also paid for the vehicle.

Plus, with locations in 15 states, Acme makes it relatively easy to pick up loads to and from delivery destinations. 

  • Location: Louisiana
  • Full Address: 200 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, LA 70053
  • Established:  1960
  • Indeed review Score: 3.7


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10. Maverick USA

Maverick Transportation LLC is one of the Maverick USA group trucking companies, which includes trucking, freight, and cargo. The company offers long, short, and dedicated haul opportunities for drivers.

However, it does not hire owner-operators, meaning you’ll have to be willing to sign on to a lease. That’s often because Maverick heavily brands its own vehicles. 

Maverick does offer considerable on-the-job training, making it ideal for individuals looking to get licensed and to get driving experience. Maverick also has 7 locations and terminals across the U.S. with local and international delivery options. 

  • Location: Arkansas 
  • Full Address: 13301 E Valentine Rd, North Little Rock, Arkansas, 72117
  • Established: 1980
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.8


11. Mercer Transportation Co.

Mercer Transportation is one of the nation’s largest flatbed and dry van transportation companies. In fact, with its own fleet of 1,300+ flatbeds plus over 2,200 owner-operators, Mercer carries more cargo than many other competitors.

Mercer is also one of the largest government and military flatbed haulers in the nation, meaning drivers almost always have guaranteed work. Mercer does not hire or train its drivers; you need your own truck and you need to have experience. 

In addition, with 500,000+ loads handled by the company per year and no forced loads, you’ll almost always have plenty of options to choose from. Mercer also leases trailers and dry vans if you don’t have your own. 

  • Location: Kentucky 
  • Full Address: 128 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40203 
  • Established: 1977
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.7 


12. Great Western Transportation 

Great Western Transportation is a logistics company based in California, offering flatbed freight on a national and international basis. Here, Great Western primarily hires drivers with a lease, however, the company may also hire owner-operators. 

Great Western is a relatively small company; however, it offers short and long-haul trucking jobs, including a great deal of specialized freight. 

  • Location: California 
  • Full Address: 500 Pleasanton Ave, Suite 145, Pleasanton, California 
  • Established: 1993 
  • Indeed Review Score: NA 


13. DVL Express 

DVL Express is a trucking company based in Illinois. While relatively small with just 300 drivers on staff, it offers opportunities for beginners, drivers, owner-operators, and contractors.

DVL also offers a bonus program based on training, driving record, experience, and performance – with a maximum bonus of an increase in pay by up to 8 cents per mile. 

DVL Express also stands out with minimum pay guarantees. If they can’t provide the hours, you still get minimum pay.

In addition, you can train with DVL to learn to move higher-paid loads and trailer types, including heavy and specialized loads from flatbeds. 

  • Location: Illinois
  • Full Address: 2064 W 167th St, Markham, Illinois, 60428 
  • Established: 2011 
  • Indeed Review Score: 4.7 


14. ACI Motor Freight 

ACI Motor Freight is a transportation company offering flatbed, dry van, and hazardous material freight across Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

The Kansas-based company also offers overnight and early AM deliveries to the full delivery area, meaning that you can earn extra by doing overnight runs and working odd hours. 

ACI Motor Freight does not work with owner-operators. Instead, you’ll have to hire on as a contractor or an employee and will have to use ACI Motor Freight trucks.

However, the limited delivery range means you’ll almost always be doing hauls of 500 miles or less. 

  • Location: Kansas 
  • Full Address: 4545 S Palisade, Wichita, Kansas, 67217
  • Established: 1980
  • Indeed Review Score: 2.9 


15. CowTown Express 

CowTown Express is a domestic freight company offering flatbed, hotshot, oversized, and specialized load opportunities for drivers.

CowTown also relies on a network of its own fleet and owner-operators and carriers – making it an attractive freight company for most types of drivers. 

While CowTown Express does not offer driver training, it does offer good opportunities for experienced drivers looking for high-paying freight opportunities. However, it also offers short-haul and over-the-road opportunities as well. 

  • Location: Texas
  • Full Address: 7050 Jack Newell Blvd S, Fort Worth, Texas, 76118 
  • Established:  1980 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.8


16. Schneider Trucking

Schneider Trucking is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, with over two-thirds of all Fortune 500 companies using its services. It also offers a significant flatbed freight line, with oversized and specialized freight options. 

Schneider primarily hires full-time drivers for its own fleet. With over 10,000 company trucks, most drivers lease Schneider trucks. However, the company also may also hire owner-operators. 

  • Location: Wisconsin 
  • Full Address: 911 Glory Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54304 
  • Established: 1935
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.4 
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17. Werner Trucking 

Werner Trucking is a freight and logistics company and one of the largest in the U.S. With over 13,500 employees and revenue of over $2.7 billion in 2021, Werner is a large and very stable truckload carrier.

It also primarily hires drivers, meaning this is not an opportunity for owner-operators. 

In fact, Werner owns 8,000+ trucks and 24,000+ trailers. It also offers CDL training, with a sign-on lease agreement locked into two years. That makes it a good place to get training and on-the-road experience for new drivers. 

  • Location: Nebraska 
  • Full Address: 1407 Frontier Road, Omaha, Nebraska 
  • Established: 1956 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.2 


18. Melton Truck Lines

Melton Truck Lines is one of the largest flatbed trucking companies in the United States. It’s also one of the most transparent about pay, with public per-mile rates and bonuses.

Melton also offers training, including for students, helping drivers to achieve a CDL and driving experience with trailers of their choice. 

Flatbed drivers carrying oversized loads also get a 16c per mile bonus plus $100 per tarp pay (the industry standard hovers around $40).

However, Melton primarily only uses its own trucks, which means you will have to lease with Melton and this is not an owner-operator opportunity. 

  • Location: Oklahoma 
  • Full Address: 808 N 161st E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74116
  • Established:  1954 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.9


19. Jaro Transportation Services 

Jaro Transportation Services is a relatively small flatbed trucking company based in Ohio. However, it services a 750-mile radius, delivering aluminum.

It also offers some of the best rates based on gross available, with drivers starting at 26.5% of load revenue and owner/operators at 75%. 

Jaro’s small delivery radius means you’ll have to be local to work for the company. However, it also means you’ll largely be home daily, making this ideal for drivers who don’t want long-haul jobs. 

  • Location: Ohio 
  • Full Address: 975 Post Road, Warren, Ohio, 4483 
  • Established: 1980 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.6 


20. Prime Inc.

Prime Inc. is a full-service delivery and freight company offering nearly every type of delivery. This includes flatbed, oversized, and specialized delivery. In addition, the company services the full United States. 

Prime also offers a training program to help drivers get their CLD. You can also hire on as an owner-operator or lease with Prime. Plus, with pet and co-driver policies, Prime is ideal for drivers looking for long-haul opportunities. 

  • Location: Missouri 
  • Full Address: 2740 N Mayfair, Springfield, Missouri 
  • Established: 1970 
  • Indeed Review Score: 3.7 


Requirements To Lease With A Flatbed Trucking Company 

Most flatbed companies require that you have the training to drive a flatbed. Often, that’s because flatbeds have more load management requirements. You may also have to be able to strap and tarp your loads.

However, many will also offer significant training to ensure you can drive flatbeds and specialized loads safely. 

Most also have requirements like: 

  • Must be 22 to 24 years of age or older
  • 1-4 years of driving experience with a Class A driver’s license 
  • 0-6 months of flatbed experience
  • 1-3 DWI/DUI maximum in the last 3 years
  • 1-3 at-fault accidents in the last 3 years 
  • Drug screen/pre-employment physical exam

These requirements will vary from company to company.

However, drug screening is required by the Department of Transportation. 

Related Questions

If you still have questions about driving a flatbed truck, these answers should help. 

How do I lease at a flatbed trucking company? 

Most companies have hiring policies where you hire on and sign a contract for X amount of time (1-5 years). You pay a lease on the company truck, which is normally per mile or per month.

Some companies also offer lease-to-own contracts, although if you leave the company you may lose the lease. 

Are flatbed and hotshot trucking the same thing? 

No. Hotshot trucking has normally smaller loads and often on smaller trailers. However, it can be on a standard flatbed.

In addition, hotshot normally entails relatively short haul loads. Flatbed hauls can be long or short. So, while there are some overlaps, the two may be completely different. 

Do you need a CDL for flatbed trucking? 

You need, at minimum, a Class A commercial driver’s license for flatbed trucking. However, you may be able to train for your CDL with the company you hire onto. 

If you do so, however, you’ll normally either pay for your training or you’ll sign a minimum employment term with the company and pay for your training if you break the contract. 

Next Steps 

Whether you’re looking to train for a CDL, gain driving experience, or have experience and are looking for a good company, this list should help. Flatbed trucking normally entails specialized or oversized loads, which often means higher rates per mile. However, that isn’t guaranteed, and actual rates and offers vary quite a bit from company to company. Hopefully, this list is a good starting point for your research into a flatbed trucking company to lease with.