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Top 10 Best Commercial Copier Companies: 2023 Brand List


Whether you’ve decided to rent or buy, sourcing the right copier for your business often starts with brand. For many electronics, especially office equipment like printers and copiers, that usually means choosing from a range of brands. With dozens of manufacturers in every category, it can be difficult to choose. However, for office use, it’s important to review value, warranty, and technology. You also want to look at integrations. The top commercial copier brands offer dozens of different solutions. However, most are multi-function printers with copier capabilities.

A copy machine is an investment. In fact, most last anywhere from 10 to 25+ years. That means your commercial copier manufacturer has to be able to deliver parts, supplies, and repairs over that period. For that reason, the best copier brands are large, international companies with a long history of building and delivering quality electronics.

Top 10 commercial copier manufacturers in USA:

  • Xerox
  • Brother
  • Sharp
  • Canon
  • Ricoh
  • Toshiba
  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Dell
  • Kyocera
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Xerox is one of the largest copier companies in the world. It’s also one of the most important businesses in computing, having developed the computer mouse and the graphic user interface. More importantly, Xerox invented the photocopier. In fact, its Xerox 914 was the first copy machine on the market and the single most successful product of all time.

Today, Xerox has been selling photocopiers since 1948, the single longest run of any brand. While we no longer call them “Xerox machines”, Xerox is at the top of available options. Most of its current options are also multi-purpose. For example, Xerox’s core line includes the WorkStation, Phaser, and ColorQube. All three are actually multi-function devices capable of print, copy, scan, email, and fax. That’s ideal for businesses setting up workstations and those with multi-functional teams.

Xerox also offers extensive document management and workflow solutions. These include automation tools to forward, save, and copy files as needed. Photocopy files can automatically log to a backup server or forward to the right person. And, most importantly, Xerox offers that as part of its software-as-a-service and with printers. That’s ideal if you’re in the middle of a digitization project, are digitizing workflows, or otherwise want to reduce time spent on photocopy work.

Xerox Website


Brother launched in 1908 and has since become one of the largest business electronics firms in the world. It launched selling sewing machines and is now renowned as one of the world’s best copy machine companies. Brother’s copy machines are also available under white label programs for a wide range of other brands. This includes leasing agencies. That means you could end up with a Brother photocopier – even if you don’t actively choose the brand.

Like most other photocopier companies, Brother’s copiers are all multi-function printers. Most can print and scan thousands of pages per day. However, Brother maintains a small business line alongside its Mid and Enterprise products.

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Brother photocopiers are a great choice if you want to purchase your model. For example, the brand offers low pricing. It’s not “Cheap”, but it is in the lower range for other top competitors. Brother also doesn’t offer much in the way of rentals or print-as-a-service. That means if you want to rent or lease Brother models, you’ll have to choose a third-party supplier.

Brother website


Sharp diversifies into consumer and home electronics as well as business equipment. But, it remains one of the most popular business copier brands. Sharp also stands out with a very wide range of small business and home office photocopiers. However, its lineup includes solutions capable of printing 71+ pages per minute – ideal for even the heaviest use.

Sharp was also founded in 1915. While they were best-known as the founders of the modern mechanical pencil, Sharp’s consumer electronics are popular across the globe. Today, they’re also one of the most popular business electronics solutions, especially in the budget category.

Sharps multi-function printers are highly rated. They’re also produced by a different company than Sharp televisions. In fact, Sharp actually sued Sharp Televisions over producing lower quality equipment than was acceptable for the brand. So, while Sharp has recently acquired a reputation for low-quality electronics, its business line is anything but.

Sharp website


Canon is the second largest of the American copy machine manufacturers on this list. In fact, they come in just behind Xerox, with 20% of the U.S. copy machine market (Xerox has 22%). Canon Solutions America is also almost solely set up to distribute copiers and printers. Like many other competitors, Canon also stands out with a massive digital copy and digital file management solution. This is available for rent or with the copy machines.

Canon is also one of the several options to provide direct-to-consumer printers as a service. That means you can make arrangements to lease printers, supply, and service directly from Canon. This includes a full-service solution with printer software. You also get a digitizing setup. Plus Canon offers virtually any file management you might need alongside the photocopiers.

Canon’s imageRunner professional photocopiers are also one of the most common models found in American offices. Chances are, you have used one before. That makes Canon an easy choice, especially if you want to ensure most employees are familiar with the software.

Canon website


Ricoh was founded in 1936, making it a relative newcomer compared to some competitors. However, it’s one of the largest commercial copier suppliers in the United States. In fact, it’s the largest in the world. If you’ve used Ricoh, Savin, Gestentner, Lanier, Rex-Rotary, Monroe, Nashuetek, Ikon, or IBM printers manufactured after 2008, they were Ricoh. That means Ricoh manufactures several of America’s top multi-functional printer brands.

While Ricoh has a very large brand portfolio, it also offers a large library of software to go with. Ricoh’s copier software solutions include global fax, global copying, and document management. All of these can be used natively from Ricoh copiers. That makes Ricoh a leader in the digitization trend – and ideal if that’s what you want a photocopier for.

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Ricoh is likely going to be a top option if you’re leasing or renting your photocopier. After all, with a massive stable of brands, it can be difficult to avoid. But, with dozens of options and features available, that’s often a good thing.

Ricoh website


Toshiba launched in 1936 and became one of the world’s most successful companies as it invented flash memory. Today, Toshiba builds and sells more types of electronics than nearly any other company. But, its photocopiers dominate the market in much of the globe. Like other commercial copier brands, most copiers are available as multifunction printers. This means you’ll have to choose an MFP to get the copier.

Additionally, Toshiba offers digital print management, digitization, document management, and even digital signature software. This is available “As a service” and for free with the photocopiers depending on the specific solution. With up to 85 pages per minute, Toshiba also has one of the fastest copy solutions on the market.

Toshiba’s printers are ideal for enterprise business. In fact, with printers managing up to 85 pages per minute, it’s one of the fastest print solutions out there. But, with photocopy and scan options, plus digital file management and history, Toshiba is perfect for large-scale office use.

Toshiba website


Hewlett Inc, more commonly known as HP, is the successor of Hewlett-Packard, which was founded in 1939. This company was one of the most successful copy machine manufacturers in the U.S., with printer and scanner sales rivaling Xerox. Today, it’s one of just four major copier manufacturers in the U.S. itself.

Most U.S. businesses can also source printers directly from HP, under HP JetAdvantage. The brand offers printers as a service (you rent hardware, software, and supplies in one package). HP is also unique for many print companies, in that all its devices run on a single driver. That means less hardware, fewer updates, and a lighter load on IT departments. Plus, with some of the best-rated copy and print machines in the world, HP is always a popular choice.

In addition, HP dominates the laptop and business computer market. If you already have HP computers, it’s easy to choose HP printers as well. For example, many include native drivers for the printers and scanners. If you only need photocopiers, HP imaging management is also more likely to function well on HP computers, so it’s a good match.

HP website


Lexmark is one of the largest copy machine manufacturers in the U.S. However, like many other competitors, it has begun shifting attention away from photocopiers and towards digitization software. In fact, you can no longer get a Lexmark Inkjet printer. However, you can get multifunctional laser printers with photocopiers and scanners. Plus, with incredibly versatile document management and digitization software included, Lexmark is a good choice for digitizing brands.

Lexmark’s print solutions are also ideal for businesses printing up to 6,000 pages per month. That makes it a good fit for businesses with photocopier, document management, and print needs, without huge print demands.

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In addition, Lexmark has a large small business and SME line. These include office printers, single-person printers, and models for home use. But, all of them integrate into digitization software with remote and virtual document management. So, employees can scan documents at home or make copies of files in the cloud.

Lexmark website


Dell launched in 1984 and has gone on to be one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. It’s also one of the largest commercial copier makers in the U.S., followed only by Xerox, HP, and Canon. Like those competitors, it offers multifunctional printers with photocopier functionality. Plus, most of the brand’s copier technology is now tied up in software. That means you can purchase software-as-a-service digital photocopying, document management, global document sharing, and other tooling.

Dell’s technology is also extremely popular for small to medium businesses. Dell delivers some direct-to-consumer. However, most of its software and hardware are licensed through smaller distributors and suppliers, who can offer better, local customer service to brands.

Dell website


Kyocera is the fourth largest photocopier brand in the U.S. However, most of its printers are available under other brand names. For example, Copystar, Triumph-Adler, and Utax. Kyocera started as a ceramics company. But it’s one of the highest rated copier brands in the world. In fact, Kyocera’s print and photocopy solutions are one of the most award-winning options out there.

Like many alternatives, Kyocera offers managed print services. You can also source document management and digital copy solutions with the company. Plus, most Kyocera printers are distributed through commercial copier vendors. Kyocera also has a vendor approval program, meaning they vet resellers for quality and services.

That means that if you want Kyocera, you’ll likely have to seek out a local dealer. However, that does mean local customer service. You’ll also get to deal with a smaller business, which usually means more personalized service. While that isn’t a perk for everyone, it is a good selling point for many.

Kyocera website

Next Steps

If you’re looking for copy machines, choosing can be difficult. In most cases, that should involve setting a budget, deciding on features, and choosing a solution. Most businesses should choose the same copiers across their entire fleet. This makes management and maintenance easier. So, it makes sense to look at the top-rated copiers for business when choosing. Megabrands are popular for a reason. They offer warranties, customer service, and guaranteed longevity of repairs. Plus, you’ll always have suppliers available, which is a lot more than can be said of many budget brands.

Eventually, the best photocopier is the one that best fits your specs. Chances are, there will be multiple models from several copier manufacturers. If you want help, let us compare top commercial copier companies on your behalf. Tell us what you need in the form at the top of the page, we’ll request quotes on your behalf, and we’ll send you the top four, so you can choose, or not.