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Do You Tip AAA Drivers & How Much? (2023)


You’re probably used to tipping your waiter or bartender, but when it comes to roadside assistance, expectations are a bit murkier.

If AAA comes to save you when you’re locked out of your car or have a flat tire, is it necessary to give the driver a tip?

You’re not obligated or expected to tip AAA drivers, but it can be nice to offer a tip in especially challenging situations. Since you pay for a yearly membership and AAA employees are paid fairly, there’s no tip requirement. A tip of $5 to $20 is a great way to show your appreciation if your AAA driver was particularly helpful.

Keep reading to learn more about tipping AAA and whether it’s customary to tip for various services. We’ll also talk about the average pay for AAA employees and other related professionals.

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Should You Tip AAA Drivers?

It is not required to tip AAA drivers. Those who work for AAA are usually paid hourly. According to Indeed, receivers earn an average of $14.52 per hour, while automotive mechanics and technicians make nearly $70,000 each year.

Still, you may wish to tip your AAA driver in some situations. For example, a tip could be the perfect way to express your appreciation if they came to help you out in the middle of the night, dealt with heavy traffic, or faced terrible weather.

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Even so, tips are still not mandatory, even in the scenarios mentioned above.

People have mixed opinions as to whether or not you should tip AAA. Some people believe it’s a kind gesture, and others think it’s not necessary as you’ve already paid for AAA services.

Those who do give tips report that they usually give between $5 and $20. 

Is It Customary To Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

It’s not necessary or expected to tip tow truck drivers, but many people do. If you contact the company a tow truck driver works for, they will tell you that tips are not mandatory.

However, if you’d like to give your driver an extra “thank you,” then a tip will suffice. The average tow truck driver earns close to $100,000 each year, so a tip is not necessary, but it would surely be appreciated.

Do You Tip Someone Who Changes Your Tire?

Tipping the person who changes your tire isn’t customary, but you’re welcome to tip if you’d like. Mechanics don’t usually receive tips, but everyone enjoys earning a little extra money now and then.

Offering a tip is a good way to show your gratitude for a job well done or a job that was completed very quickly.

However, you may run into some car shops that have no-tipping policies, so your tip won’t be accepted.

The median salary for mechanics in 2020 was just over $44,000, with salaries ranging from $32,570 to $58,330.

Should You Tip For Roadside Assistance?

You’re never obligated to tip for roadside assistance. If someone comes to help you out in the dead of winter or spends hours digging you out of a ditch, a tip can show them you appreciate them going above and beyond the call of duty.

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Those who work for roadside assistance companies typically get paid hourly and do not expect tips. Helping people out is one of their job responsibilities that they do on a daily basis.

But if you’d like tipping, feel free to do so.

Will AAA Put Air In My Tire?

Yes, AAA will put air in your tire.

Although none of the AAA Membership levels specifically mention putting air in tires, this FAQ clears things up. It states that AAA memberships cover you in situations when your tire needs air.

If airing up the tire doesn’t solve the issue, then AAA will install your spare. If you don’t have a spare tire, then they will tow your car to your desired repair location.

Aside from airing up your tires and installing spares, there are many other services included in the AAA Classic Membership.

AAA will tow your car up to five miles, jump-start your car and provide other battery services, and deliver emergency fuel if you run out of gas.

Other perks are AAA member-only discounts at various locations and member-only hotel discounts. AAA also provides identity theft monitoring and vehicle lock-out service.

There are two other levels of AAA membership: Plus and Premier. Each of these comes with additional services and costs more than the Classic Membership.

Do You Tip AAA For Battery Replacement?

You are not required to tip AAA for battery replacement. In fact, you’re not required to tip AAA for any of their services.

Since you pay for a yearly membership and each AAA employee is paid a fair hourly wage, tips aren’t necessary.

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You are free to tip AAA if you’d like, though. Tips are always appreciated, especially in particularly challenging situations. 

For instance, if the road is extremely busy, making it dangerous for the AAA driver to get to you, you might consider giving them a tip.

If the weather is bad, you need help in the middle of the night, or the driver is very nice and helpful, those are also potential reasons to tip.

At the end of the day, your choice of whether to tip or not is completely up to you. There’s no expectation or requirement to do so, but it’s always an appreciated gesture.


It’s always a relief when you can call AAA to come help you out in a time of crisis. Even though AAA drivers are incredibly helpful, you aren’t required to tip them. Still, if you’re especially appreciative of their help, a tip of $5 to $20 is a good way to show your gratitude.

The reason you’re not obligated to tip AAA drivers is that you’re already paying for a yearly membership with the company. In addition, AAA employees are compensated fairly. Therefore, tipping isn’t necessary, but it is welcomed in tough situations.

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