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Average Cost of TikTok Lights


For anyone trying to become TikTok famous, LED to light up their space is vital to success. A major reason for their popularity is their relatively cheap price, with lights ranging from $15 to $200. In this guide we walk you through the average cost of TikTok based on different factors and brands. 

Average Cost of TikTok Lights: $36 

According to our bot, the average price of a lawn mower on Amazon is $36. The cheapest lawn mower was $15 while the most expensive was $130. The range of prices comes from a variety of different factors, such as the length and type of light. You can purchase long LED strip lights or multi-color table lamps. Which light is right for you? It all depends on your needs. 

Average Cost of Different Types of TikTok Lights: 

The cost of TikTok lights can vary depending on the type of light you’re going for. We identify three types of mowers, electric push mowers, gas self-propelled mowers and rear engine mowers. These three types range from cheapest to most expensive as well as easiest lawns to most difficult. 

LED Strip Lights: $32

LED strip lights are the cheapest and simplest TikTok light. The lights are able to light up in many different colors while being controlled by a remote control. The main decider of price for these lights comes from the length of the lights purchased. The length of the lights can range from 6ft all the way up to 66ft. In addition, increased capabilities such as mobile phone control can alter the cost. LED strip lights generally cost between $12 and $65. 

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Color Lamps: $40

The color lamps are great for people that do not want lights hanging from their room. Like strip lights, these color lamps can often be controlled by remote control or by connecting to a phone application. The lights are best used for changing the color of videos with solid hues. There is a larger range of costs in this segment, ranging from $20 to $100. 

Smart LED Lights: $40

Smart LED lights have the widest range of both price and product. Ranging from $15 to as high as $200, these lights come with more sophisticated features than the other lights. The smart LEDs can be synced to music as well as being voice controlled. There is also a wide range of shapes these smart lights can take, from simple light bulbs to more elaborate shapes such as hearts. These lights are best for someone who intends to make visuals a major part of their TikToks.

Ring Lights: $62

Ring lights separate themselves from the other lights in primarily being used for regular lighting as opposed to colored. The main use of this light is for TikToker’s to look their best while speaking to the camera. The 360 degree light emission prevents shadows from forming from the perspective of the camera. This helps the user to appear more refreshed on camera. The ring lights range from $13 to $129. 


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