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Used Construction Office Trailer Costs: 2023 Price Comparison


Sometimes, almost every US business needs temporary office space to do those necessary administration tasks. A used construction trailer gives the site manager, team leader, or foreman a clean and noise-free zone. It’s a place to hold regular team meetings, speak on the phone, inspect blueprints, and meet with clients and suppliers. Also, in addition to the standard office furniture of desks and chairs, we can supply trailers with internet access and phone lines, an integral kitchen area, and fully ADA-compliant bathrooms, to name but a few.

You can utilize a used mobile office trailer for just about any job that needs temporary office accommodation. Large-scale construction projects sometimes last months, and if you have a used construction trailer on the job site, the facility will considerably increase your productivity, efficiency, and employee well-being.   

Hence, you can use our used mobile office trailers in many other ways: 

  • Temporary residential and recreational space. 
  • Conference rooms. 
  • Portable classrooms. 
  • On-site temporary medical space. 
  • Alternative office space. 
  • Storage units. 

We supply used and affordable mobile office trailers for sale or rent. And, we also have purchase financing deals available if you prefer not to pay the full cost up-front.  

Generally, when you place an order, you won’t have to wait very long. We can deliver our affordable solutions to any US state, usually within two working days. Enquire now to lock in your quote. 

How Much Do Used Office Trailers Cost? 

Used job site trailers are very affordable and will earn their costs many times over. A typical 8ft x 32ft trailer in fairly good condition with heating, air conditioning, and furniture starts at around $3,000. But, the price can reach up to $8,000 depending on features. Although this might sound expensive, they are many times cheaper than the cost of a new trailer or a permanent bricks-and-mortar substitute. 

Alternatively, a double-wide construction trailer (24ft x 44ft) in good condition might cost from $8,000 to $20,000 in good condition. Finally, a very large triple-wide trailer with bathrooms, offices, a kitchen, and phone hookups can cost from $15,000 to $20,000. 

If you’d rather rent or lease a construction site trailer, prices range from $150 to $800 per month. Specifically, a small trailer measuring 8ft x 20ft might cost $150 to $450 per month. Whereas, a medium-sized trailer ,measuring 10ft x 40ft might cost $300 to $550 per month or a large single-wide trailer (12ft x 60ft) can cost $500 to $800. Remember, mobile office availability varies by region and time of year. So, check with us before deciding. We can deliver for free, and you’ll usually receive it within two working days from placing your order. 

Typical Trailer Amenities 

The price of a used modular office varies with several different factors. Namely, the trailer’s size (we’ll talk about these later), its age, what condition it’s in, and what amenities or customizations you want. Remember, all our trailers comply with the appropriate plumbing, electrical, and ADA codes. Also, small office trailers might not contain all the amenities listed below. 

  • Bathrooms. Obviously, these won’t literally contain a bath. However, they will include ADA-compliant toilet and washing facilities. And, some are available that have showers. 
  • Generally, all our kitchens provide those features you would expect for fully functional food and beverage preparation areas. You will have countertops and cupboards, a sink with hot and cold water, and power sockets for microwave, coffee maker, etc. 
  • Usually, heating and air conditioning come as standard, even with our lowest priced units. 
  • Electrical wiring, as you would expect, is always installed to US electrical codes. 
  • All windows are double glazed. Most are fixed, but some will open. 
  • The furniture you’d expect from a mobile office. Such as desks, chairs, and filing cupboards. The amount of furniture depends on the size of the office and the number of people using it. 
  • Phone jacks allow the installation of standard landline phones.  
  • Data wiring allows your router to serve the office’s computers or connects to the main office building’s IT network. 
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The Benefit of Purchasing Used Office Trailers 

Purchasing used trailers comes with several benefits that you wouldn’t get from buying new or renting.  

Purchase price 

The cost of buying a used trailer is significantly lower than the price of a new one. However, there is usually no noticeable difference in quality between them. We take a used trailer and completely recondition and redesign it, so it appears to be brand new. Therefore, in effect, you are buying the equivalent of a new construction site office for the price of an old one.  

In comparison, if you decide to rent a trailer, consider how long you intend to hire it for. In the short term, a rental is usually cheaper. However, if you rent a used office trailer for more than six months, the total rental payment cost would be at least the same as the purchase price for an equivalent trailer. So, for any hire periods longer than this, it’s worthwhile purchasing. 


When you buy one of our pre-owned field office trailers, we can assure you that the quality will be comparable to a brand new one. We ensure that every used trailer arrives at your site after having rigorous passed safety and quality checks. We make sure that all our trailers comply with the relevant federal and state regulations, and in some cases, exceed them. Therefore, each office trailer will stay safe, sturdy, and weatherproof for many years. Furthermore, a good-looking office space is important if you want your corporate image to remain intact and appear credible compared to your competitors. 

We want your company’s staff and visitors to feel as safe and comfortable in one of our purchased office trailers as they would in a conventional brick and mortar building.  


Our modular and purchased offices give your company the highest level of flexibility. They can be disassembled and moved to another location whenever you need to. Therefore, you won’t need to hire temporary offices ever again. Instead, transport them to whichever city or state you need them to go to. Then, when they’re needed elsewhere, dismantle and transport them to the next job site. 

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Construction speed 

Our used single-wide office trailers arrive at your premises fully assembled and equipped. All they need is to be placed onto a concrete slab and connected to the outside utilities. The only exception to this is if you decide on a double or triple-wide trailer. In these cases, you must join the sections to provide a completely watertight unit. Even so, this will take far less time to assemble and commission, compared to many weeks waiting for the completion of other types of office construction. 

Previously owned job site trailers are the ideal solution to the problem of temporary office premises. And, they’re convenient and affordable too.  

Should You Rent or Buy? 

There are advantages for both renting and purchasing a used construction office trailer. It’s up to you which method you prefer. Let’s look at some of the pros of each. 

Purchasing a pre-owned trailer: 

  • You own the trailer outright and can modify it as you please. 
  • Ideal for long-term office premises as you don’t have continual monthly payments. 
  • Trailer offices are an inexpensive way of providing safe and dry working premises for your staff. 
  • Your office space can grow along with your business. When the time comes to expand, buy another pre-owned construction job trailer and add it to your complex. 

Renting a second-hand trailer: 

  • Maintenance is usually the supplier’s responsibility. 
  • You might qualify for tax benefits. Discuss this with your tax advisor. 
  • You don’t have to store the units when they’re “between jobs” and not being used. Rental means you can return them to the supplier when you want. 

Standard Office Trailer Sizes 

Our used office trailers come in three standard sizes, making it easier to give you the office floor area you need. Generally, using a rule of thumb means each occupant requires a minimum of around 100 square feet. 

Single-Wide Mobile Office Trailers 

Single trailers come in various sizes, shown in the table below. If you need a specific size, speak to our team, who can advise you on what will be suitable. 

Dimensions  Floor area  Maximum number of occupants 
8ft x 20ft  160 sq.ft.   
8ft x 28ft  224 sq.ft.  2 
8ft x 32ft  256 sq.ft.  2 
8ft x 36ft  288 sq.ft.  2 
10ft x 40ft  400 sq.ft  4 
10ft x 50ft  500 sq.ft.  5 
12ft x 32ft  384 sq.ft.  3 
12ft x 44ft  528 sq.ft.  5 
12ft x 56ft  672 sq.ft  6 
12ft x 60ft  720 sq.ft  7 
14ft x 45ft  630 sq.ft.  6 

Double-Wide Mobile Office Trailers 

This type of trailer consists of two single-wide units welded together. Usually, these have four separate areas and can include a kitchen and break area. 

Common dimensions of double-wide units include: 

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Dimensions  Floor area  Maximum number of occupants 
24ft x 44ft  1,056 sq.ft  10 
24ft x 56ft  1,344 sq ft  13 
24ft x 60ft  1,440 sq.ft.  14 
28ft x 70ft  1,960 sq.ft.  19 
28ft x 74ft  2,072 sq.ft.  20 

Triple-Wide Mobile Office Trailers 

This type of unit is less common than the other two types. As you’d expect, a triple-wide unit is made from three single-wide units welded together. However, many customers prefer to buy two double-wide office units rather than one triple-wide unit, as they can work out as a much more flexible arrangement.  

The most common dimension of a triple-wide office building is: 

Dimensions  Floor area  Maximum number of occupants 
42ft x 76ft  3,192 sq.ft.  31 

Fully Custom Trailers 

Remember that these standard sizes aren’t the only sized units you can have. We can customize our range of office units and tailor them to provide a solution to match your specific requirements. Typical features include kitchen and dining areas, changing and locker rooms with showers, large open conference areas, toilet, and washing facilities. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss this, and we can provide a quote.  

Used Construction Office Trailers For Sale & Rental 

We have used office trailers for sale or rent to fulfill the requirements of your company. They are the perfect solution for providing temporary and semi-permanent workspaces on a remote site or your business premises. Our design and fabrication teams can customize your choice of trailer to suit your type of business.  

Our solutions can be used for a variety of purposes: 

  • Design offices. 
  • Sales offices. 
  • On-site construction offices. 
  • Portable training and classrooms. 
  • Conference rooms. 
  • Swing space. 
  • Temporary medical office space. 
  • Electrical substations. 
  • Employee recreation rooms. 
  • Security office. 
  • Document storage. 
  • And many more. 

If you decide to consider purchasing or renting a used office trailer reach out to our team, who will be happy to advise you on the best available solution. 

Our Delivery Process 

We will usually have the type of trailer you need in stock already, so we can generally deliver free of charge within two days of your order. However, remember that customized units will take longer, depending on which modifications and features you want. 

We deliver the unit and install it onto the pre-prepared space ready for you to use. We can also provide a skirt around the base, together with stairs, ramps, and decking to make access easier. Furthermore, if you prefer, we can also supply plumbers and electricians to connect the trailer to the utilities. 

If you’ve rented or leased the trailer, we will come to collect it once the rental term is over. Just leave it to us. 

Next Steps 

Purchasing or renting a used construction office trailer is ideal for providing extra space for your employees. You might be working on a remote site and need office space, locker and bathroom facilities, or a kitchen and lunch-break area. Alternatively, you might need all these on your company premises as your business expands. 

Get in touch with us today as we have plenty of inventory on our used office trailers for sale list. We can offer both purchase and rental options to suit your business requirements. We can also usually provide finance deals to help with a purchase.